I have been long obsessed with quartz necklaces, so its not surprising that when I saw this one at Boticca I was instantly in love. It might have something to do with the gold dripping on the sides of it or maybe just the beautiful color of the amethyst, now I just have to get me the white quartz version and I am all set :)

Desde que era niña me han obsesionado los cuarzos así que no me sorprende que en cuanto vi este collar de amatista en Boticca, me enamore de el, ahora solo me falta el de cuarzo blanco y sere feliz por siempre :P.

Quartz necklace: Jung ee eun via Boticca


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  4. That's so lovely Andy! It will be more beautiful when you wear it! ^_^by the way, Andy you have won the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD in our blog.Please visit us to check it!ヅ! ヅ – wrey

  5. Todo lo que nos rodea es precioso, lo que pasa es que siempre hay cosas mas preciosas aún, como lo que nos muestras, Andy eres una crack =) precioso, quiero uno ya =)Kss from MunichLA Vie

  6. This is sooo pretty I want it now, the gold drips look great! I'm already following, maybe follow me back?? x xxx

  7. This is cool. I love how they got the gold to drip down the sides, it makes it more edgy and fun.xoxo

  8. lovelyyyQ!GIVEAWAY

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