Don’t be fooled by the sunshine my friends, I am completely surprised I didn’t turn into a human ice cube while shooting this look of the day, considering there was a “real feel” of -15 Degrees celsius and no, I didn’t go out the door looking like this, absolutely not, in fact, I took the warmest -zebra print- blanket I have + the warmest coat I have and wrapped the blanket around my waist and legs. Yes, I agree, I looked ridiculous, but as ridiculous as I looked, it actually worked and it kept me warm until I had to take them off for 10 minutes to shoot these pictures, thats when the -15 degrees really hit me and decided that from now until I take my flight to New York, I am hibernating…Laters!

Que no los engañe el solecito en las fotos, si no supiera, diria que se veia como un dia primaveral pero no, es mas, me sorprende el hecho de que no me converti en un cubo de hielo, considerando que estábamos a -15 afuera (en mi defensa, no lo sabia hasta que sali por la puerta). No vayan a pensar que me sali así, oh no, de hecho agarre la cobija mas calientita que tengo -de estampado de zebra he de agregar- y decidi amarrarmela en la cintura y piernas -tipo maxi falda- para salir a tomar las fotos. Lo se, me veia ridícula pero al menos no pase frio, lo malo es que no me duro mucho el gusto por que en cuanto me la quite para empezar a tomar las fotos, es cuando los -15 grados me pegaron con todo y fue en ese momento en el que decidi hibernar hasta el momento en el que salga mi vuelo a Nueva York.

Ipad sleeve worn as clutch: StyleScrapbook for Kipling / Wishbone ring: Jewel Mint / Leather vest: H&M Trend / Mint pants: ZARA / Shoes: Alexander Wang

222 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “SIBERIAN WIND”

  1. I love how this outfit is made up of whites and pastels rather than black – definitely different and amazing at the same time (:xx Nicolehttp://www.higherthanthestars.net

  2. Oh God! Just loved the look! Love the pants and the mix of colors… Amazing!xxMy Sweet Pearls(www.mysweetpearls.blogspot.com)

  3. I'm absolutely in love with this look of the day. The pastel tones go so well with your dark hair and considering the fact that snow and ice are everywhere, the colours match pretty well with the nature, too ;)XXit's not just a bag

  4. Te entiendo perfectamente porque yo tambien estoy en Holanda con este frio de muerte :S pero este ultimo outfit que pusiste merecio muchisimo la pena :D En serio no te vas a hacer mas fotos hasta que vueles a NY? seria una pena que no te hicieras unas fotos con la nieve de fondo y algun look en plan reina de las nieves, quedaria precioso! :)

  5. Ha! You are having real winter weather! I agree -15 can be really hard to handle, and skii coats tend to ruin an outfit! Love the color of your pants though. You look like an ice queen.

  6. 2 DAYS! It took me two days to check out allllll your posts! Haha I discovered your blog yesterday, and needless to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it !!!!!!! Seriously your blog is soooo awesome :DLove from Paris

  7. LOL that's such a great shoot, I can actually tell that you are cold cause you are hunching your shoulders! In saying that, you look really great! I love those jeanswww.lovestyleblogging.blogspot.com.au Big Love,LSBxoxo

  8. Great outfit!! Love to see ones with more light colors at this time of the year.The pants are perfect, I love them!xxx- Laurahttp://ucouldbemysomeone.blogspot.com

  9. Siempre me he preguntado como hacen para tomarce fotos con esas temperaturas y aveces hasta con falditas :O yo moriría de frío las admiro jajajjajaCariños Andy desde Chile acá estamos en pleno verano :)

  10. Simplemente hermosa!!!Me encantan todos tus look y te sigo desde hace tiempo.Qué orgullo que seas mexicana!!saludos desde el D.F.Paolaporquesi-paolis.blogspot.com

  11. i follow u.And i immediately love ur style <3 :))) visit my site :))fashionbytuti.blogspot.comfashionbytuti.blogspot.comfashionbytuti.blogspot.com

  12. it's more humid climate in Holland, that's why it's so cold even if it's -15. For example, in Russia when the weather is -15 it's not as cold as in Holland

  13. justo hoy mi tía me envió fotos de su casa en suecia… 20 grados bajo cero y todo nevado!! si que está frío por allá!! muy bella como siempre! divinos los cases y bags que hiciste para Kipling! :)besotes!! Jannuhttp://FashionistArg.blogspot.com

  14. really like the colors of your look especially the pants in mint..and yes it's damn cold outside!!♥ AmunaCHECK OUT MY BLOGhttp://soul-seele.blogspot.com/

  15. If you were cold, then why didn't you show us a really warm look? you (and fashion blogs in general) are supposed to be an inspiration for people's outfits…and I'm afraid this is not! at lest not for this weather!So we expect more realistic looks from now on! :)

  16. I'd be glad if we had -15 celcius. Today it's -26 celcius here… and it winds also. :—–D I'm not leaving my home before i run out of food. This is crazy…

  17. Oh! You're dressed up like in Spring! I have the same trousers but there's no way I can wear them right now because of this horrible freezing weather.

  18. Love your outfit, the trouser and the shoes are my favorites! You're crazy by shooting this with -15C ! You should find a warm spot inside to shoot ;) haha! Looking forward to your next post!Suzannehttp://becomethefashion.blogspot.com

  19. Love this bright outfit!Normally I wear more darker colors in winter but I should give lighter colors a try too.And the mint pants are absolutely gorgeous!♥http://style-chameleon.blogspot.com/

  20. Great look and love the color of your pants! Admire the fact you are wearing these shoes with these kind of temperatures right now ;)You collection for Kipling is stunning bye the way!!!Www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com

  21. I absolutely love the whole look! The vest is gorgeous, the pants are awesome and the I-pad sleeve…very well done :) Happy hibernating :)

  22. wow, you're so brave to shoot in such light clothes when it feels like -15 degrees:))you look cool, btw)xxSashahttp://perfectionistsdiary.blogspot.com

  23. true, it's freezing cold. your outfit is great, and the first thing I thought when I saw these photos was indeed how did she manage to take these photos in the cold? but when I read your text, I was calmed – seems like everyone is freezing, hibernating might be a good idea. xxx Anita

  24. We also do have minus 15 degrees for a week now in germany and i find it really diffiucult to move outside to shoot the outfits… my trick is to use invisible layering, so I started to wear thights underneath the jeans and basic long-arm t-shirts underneath the "real" outfit. and it does help a lot… maybe you don't need the blanket anymore then :)

  25. wonderfully styled in cute, mint and white shades :) ouch…it must be TERRIBLE the split second you took off your zebra jacket for this shoot. but I guess it's worth it in the end. I like how everything looks so cool, casual and sweet, but also so detailed!! Love those shoes by the way~ you've always got the best personal fashion strike ever !!Style Hostess

  26. HAHA such a great post, beautiful outfit and funny! It's something crazy with the weather lately! We have +10 here in Israel and I'm complaining but after your post I have no right to do this anymore!Ocean Wind

  27. In Italy we say: chi bella vuole apparire un poco deve soffrire. That means that if you want to look beautiful, you have to suffer a bit.But do not get sick for it, please :) Anyway, nice look and amazing shoes!www.glutofthoughts.blogspot.comwww.dietstateofmind.blogspot.com

  28. Lol this is funny :)It's impossible to go out these days looking fashionable! Still I had a crush on your rings which matches perfectly with the Chanel nailpolish :)xxx

  29. when I saw this pics I was amazed. You haven't worn all white in a long time, so this was surprise, very beautiful surprise. georgeus outfit :)betweenracks.blogspot.com

  30. I know what you mean! it's so cold outside is't crazy! But well you don't look cold at all, I love the colour of your pants!

  31. You look great but why can't blogger where wollsocks and a big scarf. Your hands and feets look ice cold. Normal person can't identify with you because normal people would not where those shoes when it minus 15 outside.

  32. Don't worry girl! We're all in the same situation these days! When I was shooting pictures for my latest post it was -10 outside… :o)Anyway, you look FABULOUS!!!x

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