February 16, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

Last photo by Zina 

Fashion Week  could easily be compared to a full on workout with days running around from shows, to meetings, to shoots, to events, to get togethers and ending with after parties….I have been trying my best to get my “Looks of the Day” ready every night when I get back to the hotel -even tho I am half asleep and in zombie mode- but I have hundreds of photos from the shows that still need to be sorted, which will probably take all weekend. 

Las semanas de la moda se podrían comparar facilmente con un día entero en el gym, entre correr de desfile a desfile, juntas, eventos, reuniones y para terminar, las “after parties”…He hecho un esfuerzo por tener looks del dia listos cada día pero todavía me falta organizarme con los cientos de fotos de los desfiles a los que asistí y presiento que en eso me la voy a pasar todo el fin de semana.

Pants: ZARA (last season) / Boots: ACNE / Sweater: Monki