Ever since the first time I went to New York 10 years ago, I always wanted to walk down the Brooklyn bridge but for some reason I never really found the time to do it. This time I promised myself to go there and shoot some photos for the blog and even if it was super cold and packed with people, I am happy that I can scratch this off my list or, I might go back next summer ;)

Siempre había sido mi sueño caminar por el puente de Brooklyn, desde la primera vez que fui a Nueva York hace 10 años, pero por falta de tiempo nunca lo había podido hacer. Esta vez me prometí tomar fotos para el blog y a pesar de que estaba haciendo un frío horrible ya lo puedo borrar de mi lista, o tal vez regrese en el verano ;)

Boot: Alexander Wang / Jeans: J Brand / Necklace: Giia / Coat: Shampalove / Bag: Rebecca Monkoff


  1. One of my favorites spots in Nyc – The Brooklyn Bridge!!The necklace makes the true Fashion Statement!To all the Fashion-Minded girls and boys:Follow my bloghttp://spottedwithstyle.blogspot.com/

  2. Your necklace is so beautiful.That bridge is really something, congrats!KissesGiveaway – $30 voucherhttp://omeueularanja.blogspot.com/2012/02/chose-what-ever-you-want-giveway.html

  3. what a necklace!!!! gorgeous!! i love the brooklyn bridge is my favorite spot in new york! me and my hubby got married at the brooklyn bridge park, overlooking both the manhattan bridge and the bk bridge, it was amazing!!!xohttp://stylegod7.blogspot.com

  4. Increíble el collar y el abrigo, perfectos para darle vida a un look minimalista! de más está decir que tu blog ha sido uno de los que me inspiró a empezar el mío: p4fashion.blogspot.com

  5. Very cool! I've never been there either but it looks really pretty. I love the neon necklace, kind of makes me want to get crafty and do a DIY.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  6. A, famous Brookln Bridge, for walking, but great choice of fur coat and bag in chilly conditions. Mainly at this bridge to Brooklyn. I love your acid green necklace.www.entrefashion.com

  7. awesome photos!!And ah ya, I just started my scrapbook business, dear.. Take a look the catalog on my blog and order it if you're interested. :)xoxo kelimutu

  8. Your outfit is fabulous, especially that necklace it's killer! The Brooklyn bridge is my favorite place in all of Manhattan, it always speaks to me as corny as that sounds. These are some great shots of both you and the bridge!

  9. Oh my God, I love everything about this look!! That coat is just amazing, and also the necklace and the bag!!! You are my style icon :)Hope you'll find time to visit my blog too!best wishes,Sarahttp://shesconstance.blogspot.com/

  10. Dear Andy,Do not scratch that off your list, go back there next summer! haha! Pretty pictures, love it and beautiful angle as well. Not a cityscape fan but judging from your pictures, it's a great place to check in..Sincerely,Rebecca @ styleantagonist.blogspot.com

  11. Brooklyn Bridge is my favorite place in New YorkGIVEAWAY ON MY BLOGhttp://selenaycoser.blogspot.com/2012/02/giveawaylancome-hypnose-drama-and-bath.html

  12. the bridge looks nice, good background for pics :) ..you did not wear this necklace for a long time, so Im glad to see it on you! :) such a perfect color :)

  13. Great photos! I still can't believe I did not get a good pics of the Brooklyn Bridge on my last trip to NYC. Next time, I guess. Love love love you jacket!☮ Lisa Annwww.sugarcoatedstyle.com

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