Extreme Fun times in NYC where I got to party with a lot of my friends who are normally spread around the world, so its amazing having opportunities like these to get together…I LOVE Fashiolista‘s parties, specially the New York editions. Picture a really small Barber Shop in the middle of the East Village but once you get into a back door, you get to this amazing secret little bar with -may I add- Super hot bartenders! ;)…This was yet again another amazing party so HUGE thanks to my friends over at Fashiolista and for having me! ♥

P.S- You can check the rest of the party photos HERE.


  1. Looks like it was really fun! love to see so many bloggers that I like together, like Bruna, Chiara, Keiture, Nicole,Jessica,Love you all.

  2. The back of that barber shop looks like a sweet place for a party. Looks like you guys had a blast!**Come by for my giveaway!!xoxo

  3. Amazing! It seems so fun! Do you know if anyone can come to their parties or need to be invited? Because I wanted to go to the London one but was afraid that needed an invitation.

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