As promised, here is a small preview of the “Behind the Scenes” for the Werelse shoot in Barcelona last Sunday. It was a very long day that started with a Hair & Makeup call time at 5:45am, a very early morning photo shoot for one of my favorite magazines, followed by a trip to a remote location to film a video which is something completely different to what I have ever done and I am so intrigued and excited to see the end result…Sorry for being so secretive about this but we cant say a word about this project yet.
Speaking of Werelse, as some of you know, we have been nominated for the Bloglovin’ Awards this year as “Best blogger business of the year” and it would mean the world to me if you could help us out and vote for us HERE.

Como ya les había prometido, aquí están las fotos del “Detras de Camaras” en Barcelona el Domingo…Me encanta trabajar con un equipo tan profesional y me hubiera gustado poder aprender uno o dos trucos de maquillaje y cabello pero como siempre, me la pase distraída y no aprendí nada :S
Por cierto, como [email protected] de ustedes ya saben, Werelse es uno de los nominados a los premios de Bloglovin’ en NY y necesito de todo su apoyo votando AQUI. 

134 thoughts on ““BEHIND THE SCENES”

  1. Congratulations! You are so lucky to be apart of something like that! you look so beautiful!xoxohttp://officialmirandacastel.blogspot.com

  2. You are beautiful, but this makeup is not good. Not your fault, the makeup artist didnt do a good job. You can look fabulous with lots of makeup, but the artist kind of… messed up.

  3. Amazing pictures! The make up is very different from what you're normally wear but I really love it! Looks gorgeous on you!Have fun in Barca and hope you can tell us more about your project soon, I'm curious!Xx Jorienwww.fab-by-me.com

  4. I love your smily and sparkly side that we normally see in your pictures.However, this look isnt right for you… it makes you look fierce and masculine. Not my favorite :(

  5. can't help but smile when I saw the fourth photo. you look genuinely so happy xoxothe Mac girls did an excellent job for the eyeliner! (but I would be a tad too scared when they put that the brush THAT close to my eyes..and I would go teary =P)Style Hostess

  6. holanormalmente me encanta tu blog a pesar de tener estilos muy distintos..pero tanto "secretismo" es un poco aburrido ya, a chiara le pasa lo mismo, publicitar las cosas una vez pasen, o nombrarlas para crear algo de expectacion, pero toooodos los dias con el "ya vereis" buf…y por cierto, me gustas más con flequillo! has probado a rizarte el pelo alguna vez?un saludo

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