Its that time of the season, Firenze4ever has kicked off and so far it has been amazing! … I had my shoots yesterday and I can’t wait to show you the looks that I picked, but for now, I leave you with the pics of the opening “aperitivo” on Thursday night…Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Shirt: ZARA / Shoes: Burberry Prorsum / Coat: ZARA

144 thoughts on “TRIPS “CIAO FIRENZE”

  1. You look great! Can't wait to see your outfit choices soon. Also, where are your pants from?www.lovestyleblogging.blogspot.comLSBxoxo

  2. leather pants are so cute and I am loving them! Cute grunge. And I'm sure it was a pleasure to be able to meet Chiara. She is inspiring. Great post, thank you for sharing!toppedoffwitharedhat.blogspot.comxoxo, A…ArchambaultCheck out my new post!

  3. you look soo chic in that outfit!I finally finished reading all your post I missed starting from september!! It took a few days, but I cant miss any post of yours…your blog is addicting :)happy new years from Canada!x,

  4. looking trendy and chic … cant wait to see ur look :) x x

  5. Heyyy Andy, can't wait to see your Firenze shoot!!Where did you get those leggings you are wearing in this post, are they leather, just simply adore them!And can't really see the Burberry shoes, did you post them before, so I could see them!All LoveLola from Fashion Recession

  6. QUÉ SUERTE HABER PODIDO ESTAR ALLÍ!!!Florencia es maravilloso! y encima en el súper evento que has estado, ya tiene que ser lo más!!!un besazo guapa!!!Home sweet home!!!HERMANAS BOLENA

  7. you look great, as usually :D I love the golden necklace, it made the shirt look completely different – and better ;) looking forward to see your picks! :)

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