I just landed in Paris but once again, I left my heart in Mexico…I am at Paris airport waiting to board my flight to Amsterdam but I am feeling a knot in my throat and every now and then I feel like I am going to shed a tear. I can’t believe I was with my family in Mexico few hours ago and now I am across the ocean.
This is just a quick post to let them know how much I love them and even tho I moved to Europe to chase my dreams, I think about them every single day. Hope you are close to your loved ones and if you are, go give them a hug, I would give anything to be able to hug my family right now.

Acabo de aterrizar en Paris y otra vez he dejado mi corazón en Mexico…Estoy en el aeropuerto de Paris esperando para abordar mi vuelo a Amsterdam, con un nudo en la garganta y a punto de derramar una lagrima. Todavía no puedo creer que hace algunas horas estaba con mi familia en Mexico y ahora estoy del otro lado del oceano.
Quería escribir esto para hacerle saber a mi familia cuanto los amo y que a pesar de haberme venido a vivir a Europa para seguir mis sueños, no hay día en el que no piense en ellos. Espero que tu estes cerca de tus seres queridos y si es asi, ve y dales un abrazo, no sabes lo que yo daría por poder darle un abrazo a mi familia en este instante.

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  1. Entiendo perfectamente lo que escribes, aunque mi situación es al revés. Yo soy de Bélgica y vivo en Bélgica, pero antes vivía en México. No pasa ni un día, ni siquiera una hora, sin pensar en mi México lindo! Animo guapa! ♥

  2. Tranki Andy… yo se como te sientes… es super dificil estar lejos de la familia pero :/ asi es la vida… y hay que seguir para 'lante! Sigue siguiendo tus sue~os! Besos desde New Orleans!! rdy4wknd.blogspot.com

  3. Ay! Tus palabras me hicieron llorar paisanita! Te mando un abrazo desde tierras mexicanas y ánimo! :)xxEhttp://byebye-blondie.blogspot.com/

  4. Just think about your amazing life in Amsterdam, and how your loved ones will in a way "be there with you" no matter where you are.

  5. No sabes lo que te entiendo…Los días de Navidad que he estado en mi casa, no he hecho otra cosa que dar achuchones y besos a toda mi familia. Cuanto les echo de menos!!Besos y ánimo Andy!!

  6. Oh…I'm feeling exactly the same right now!! We latinos are pretty "familieros", am I right?I'm sure Florence will keep you pretty busy, so you won't be thinking of it much.Cheer up :)Besohttp://www.petitekarinne.wordpress.com

  7. Te entiendo muy bien andy!! Yo también soy de Chile y vivo en Francia… Los billetes son tan caro que desde el año 2000 he ido solo 2 vecez a ver a mi familia… Me encanta Europa pero cuanto daria para poder estar un poco mas cerca de ellos… Besitos y stay strong ;) Sé lo dificil que puede ser la vuelta a la realidad…

  8. i hear you. i live in newyork and whole my family lives in japan. so so far away.sometimes i wish i could live in japan so that i can close to be my family but i have to live my life too…all we can do is go home everytime we get chance. it's only 14 hours flight away!xoxo

  9. Stay strong dear! Just remember all the good things you've done together when you stayed there and start planning your next trip there! Than you'll have something to look foreward too. In the meantime, we're all very proud to have you as such a great blogger living in the Netherlands!

  10. yeah. kinda got the same feeling too :'( but you'll met them soon right? and you can tell them all your adventures in Amsterdam, and you can cherish every single moment together like usual <3 give them skype calls often hehe^^ :DStyle Hostess

  11. Siento mucho que te sientas asi Andy! Se perfectamente lo que es echar de menos a tu familia y tener el Atlantico de por medio, soy de Rep. Dominicana, e vivo en Europa (Lisboa y luego Madrid) desde el 2002 y no sabes cuanto me hacen falta. Piensa que tu has tenido el privilegio de haber pasado estas fechas tan especiales con ellos, yo no las paso con mi familia desde hace ya 9 años. Besos Se fuerte

  12. Living abroad from your family is one of the hardest things that I've faced over the past two years. It's never easy but it definitely makes you stronger as a person. Good luck :)

  13. I know the feeling :S Just left my family for the third time back in Canada. It is the hardest thing in the world. Stay strong, and remember how easy it is to hop on the next plane and fly back over :) And we have Skype… there's no way I could do this without the knowledge of those two things! xx love from Aus xx Kailee

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  15. DECIDIR ES RENUNCIAR :)"No hay opción, decidir es renunciar, y si lo vemos como cantidad siempre perdemos más de lo que ganamos, nos quedamos con una opción entre tal vez miles.Entonces, ¿vale la pena?, indudablemente si, porque con el paso del tiempo todos nos damos cuenta de que tenerlo todo no es posible y que si no escojo uno, la alternativa es ninguno (de lo que sea)… solo hay que cuidar que esa opción sea la mejor para mi en ese momento y comprender que cualquier decisión pude rectificarse, modificarse, matizarse, pero que si me quedo inmóvil entonces renuncio a vivir mi vida, y el tiempo que pierdo de esta manera es imposible de recuperar"

  16. I have never realized how hard it must be to leave far away from your own family!!! But you are incredible and strong, you don't just get alone, you succeed!!! Kisses and Hugs from Israel!!!Ocean Wind

  17. It's so sad that you have to miss your family all the time, but I admire you for chasing the dreams:) And that is something valuable as well. I am sure your family knows how much you love them. This post touched my heart for sure. Have a safe flight back

  18. i've been living away from my parents for 10 years now, and i can just imagine the way you feel every time you have to leave your family. i always try to convince myself that i'm going to see them again very soonhttp://www.vasilievablog.com/xx

  19. andy, i luv u :)u are an amzing person lso if i dont know u!a big kiss from italy , if it helps:)CHANEL GIVEAWAYhttp://ontomywardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/12/xmas-giveaway-chanel-nailpolish.htmlCHANEL GIVEAWAYhttp://ontomywardrobe.blogspot.com/2011/12/xmas-giveaway-chanel-nailpolish.html

  20. OMGOSH!!!! Just finished reading your post!! in spanish it was so…Emotional OMG, a tear just came streaming down my face :(!!!! Because I did the same as you following my dreams here in England, and I miss my family so so much awwww <3 Hope you get to see them soon <3 best wishes Andyyy So proud of you being Mexican.

  21. awww Charles de Gaulle!!! <3 I remember when I landed at paris so cuuute, you should of taken lots of pictures :c I just got one or two haha :c with my carte d'embarquement and Mexican Passport <3 so beautiful Andy!

  22. oh andy, soy del df y vivo en Varsovia, eso sentia cuando mi mami me visito solo una semana :( pero europa nos ama y aqui es nuestra nueva casa Fuiste muy afortunda al estar en estas fechas en Mexico, Yo no puede por segunda vezUN BESOOOOTEEEhttp://mojdompolska.blogspot.com/

  23. poca veces eh visto que pones traducción, es duro pero las personas jamas se van denuestro lado si no dejamos de recordarlas.:)mis mejores deseos para 2012http://princesaenquiebra.blogspot.com/

  24. Te entiendo, me pasa exactamente igual, por suerte también pude pasar las fiestas en México, y este sabado de vuelta a Amsterdam!Espero que puedas visitarlos pronto! Mientras tanto no hay mas que disfrutar y aprovechar cada momento estés donde estés :)Beso

  25. Que triste por un lado, y que feliz por otro.A veces es dificil tomar decisiones porque hay que escoger y dejar algo de lado.Exitos en tu sueño y lo mejor para ti!!Te admiro!Besos!Lulu

  26. Don't worry, you will see them soon :) I am sure that they miss you twice more that you do :))http://adelinwonderland.blogspot.com/

  27. Oh, I know exactly how you're feeling, i'm from Portugal but live in England and it's so hard everytime you have to leave. Just stay strong!!!xxLucianahttp://lucelove4fashion.blogspot.com/

  28. I can't talk about stay away for family, but I can talk about mexico. I visited your country for the first time this years and is a really special country. I was so sad when was time to go that I cried! I hope come back soon, mexico is really amazing.Strong!

  29. Your family knows how much you mean to them. Stay strong, I know that being far away from them it's hard. But always stay positive. :)http://linastyle.blogspot.com/

  30. it iis always sad to leave family and friends behind even for some time… but may be it also make us appreciate those relationships more… anw everything is done for the best! Good luck!

  31. I understand you, Andy! but think that the distance is making your dreams come true… and I admire this. I live in the same town than my family and having a house is one of my dreams, but I can't go far from them… I like to have them near me… so I live in a little flat in a suburb and not in a house…For this reason, I say "you arethe best"!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  32. I know how you feel, Andy.My family also lives far away.And when I visit my hometown, it feels like I'm burning away.stay strong!ps. I love you're blog, read it every day :)

  33. I love how you are still so..full of feelings. I love how your blog is not only about fashion but how every now and then feelings slip through :-) makes it so much different to all the fashion blogs out there! stay strong, i miss my friends and family too, eventhough it only takes me 3 hours to get to them by plane. it is always worth chasing your dreams, i am doing the same by studying in London and leaving everyone and everything else behind xx

  34. You're so sweet, Andy :) When I'm at college I just see my family at weekends and I already miss them :( So I can't imagine what you're feeling right now. But you are chasing you're dream and remember all the great things that have been happening to you. And I'm sure your family loves you and are really proud of you :) Stay strong, Andy :)

  35. Yo también conosco ese sentimiento. Soy Morelos y me vine a estudiar al DF porque aquí voy a cumplir mi sueño pero muchas veces extraño muchísimo a mi familia . Aveces podemos parecer fuertes y otras nos derrumbamos como un montecito de arena. Te mando un beso.

  36. just stay strong and have the best memories in your mind:)in fact i'm also far away from my family (in same country, but it's still like i can't see them everyday) so i kinda understand your problem. hugs, have a safe flight!

  37. I know the feeling, I'm still with them, but I'm leaving in a few days, and it kills me to even think about it!Your family knows you love them and they're happy that you are happy! :)http://callme-jo.blogspot.com/

  38. Siento lo mismo que tú, me encantaría estar con mi familia en Perú, pero estoy aqui en España para terminar mi carrera y esto se hace eterno :( Besitos Andy y Feliz Año 2012!!

  39. Remember why are you here (in Europe) and the reason (your dreams) will make this easier! I bet your family don't wanna you sad… Neither we! You're lucky enough to be able go there for Holidays! I have a friend, who is from Cabo Verde and is studying in Portugal, that in 5 years only went there once! :/

  40. Your family is part of you, so you will always bring them in your blood and heart, wherever you go! I completely understand this feeling….God bless you Andy,www.ademodee.blogspot.com

  41. That is so sweet.. Stay srong! You are chasing your dreams and you are truly inspiring and I'm sure your family loves you the same way you do :)

  42. hi Andy.i have it the same way.. the same feeling being away from my family. I try to see them as often as I can..but it's not that easy when Im living 9 hours away.. and you are even further away from yours…wish you all the best love your blogx

  43. I feel you Andy, I'm in the same situation. I will be leaving my family on sunday to go back to the USA, it's going to be really hard.Stay strong, hugs.www.notesofstyle.com

  44. ahhh i remember this exact feeling the first few years i lived away from home!! airports are the worst place to miss people! :-( keep your family close to your heart and follow your dreams! i'm sure they are so happy and proud of you!! xo

  45. I know what you are going thru. I moved to England to become a stylist and know how hard it is to be without your parents and siblings. It's not enough to see them once a year but you have to keep strong and remember why you chose to come to Europe to make your dreams come thru. Keep them in your heart and remember you will see them soon again. :)

  46. Oh Andy stay strong!!! I know exactly what you mean..i also live in Europe and my family in Brazil, I know how hard it is to leave them….You`ll get through it!!! :) I`m sure and hope you`re going to see them very soon again :) xoxo Giohttp://giostylebook.blogspot.com/

  47. I know the feeling..at the end son unas por otras! sacrifices my dear, thats how dreams come true! But be excited for what´s coming! xo

  48. i just left my home and family today back to greece and flew to germany and i wont see them for the 9 months or more.. I know how it feels , but stay strong cause its worth it :)munichstreetstyle.com

  49. I am on my way back to London as well. I moved ther to chase my dreams and I am so so so sad that I am going back today :( I know exactly how you feel & I miss my family….x

  50. Beautiful how you love your loved ones! I'm sure they are proud of you :) You're great Andy!!!Xoxohttp://lauralexo.blogspot.com

  51. Aww stick with it. You're making people smile everyday and I'm sure your family is beyond proud. Happy and safe travels! xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  52. I totally understand what you mean. Spain is not as far away from England as Amsterdam is to Mexico, but I miss my family every single day. It's so hard to move away from one's country.Stay strong! xxxMaríahttp://littlemissshoeshine.blogspot.com

  53. hi andy, don`t be sad i know how hard it is to leave family and friends behind to chase your life… dont be sad, i think it belongs to life… but it sucks sometimes to be without the beloved ones…enjoy getting home and being at zour place, taking a shower, this is sooo nice! to be home again! eventhough you have departured from your home.xx annaliveonbeauty.ort

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