Pics by Richard Nicholls from my trip to NY last February

Well well well, even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to explain how excited I am about heading to NYC for Fashion Week again this season. It has undoubtedly become my ultimate favorite destination, I could never ever get tired of NYC and yes, I have to confess that I am the proud owner of I ♥ NY mugs, t-shirts, fridge magnets and all cheesy memorabilia that resembles NY in any way.
Speaking of NY Fashion Week, I am super happy and excited to announce that I will be a panelist at the IFB conference at Milk studios on the 8th of February. You can check all the info regarding the schedule for the conference and other panelists HERE , cant wait to meet you!

No se imaginan lo emocionada que estoy de mi viaje a Nueva York en una semana y media. No es novedad que estoy un poco -mucho- obsesionada con esta ciudad y que se ha vuelto mi destino favorito. Nunca me cansaría de Nueva York y tengo que confesar que soy dueña de un sin fin de tazas, camisetas, imanes y toda aquella “memorabilia” cursi que me recuerde a NY.
Hablando de Nueva York, estoy super contenta de anunciar que voy a ser panelista en la conferencia de IFB en los estudios MILK el 8 de Febrero. Puedes checar mas information sobre la conferencia AQUI .

191 thoughts on ““NEW YORK, HERE I COME”

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  2. hola andy!! me encanta tu estilo!! el otro dia me desvele muchisimo viendo tu blog!! eres una inspiracion para mi! yo estoy empezando mi blog!! y seria increible que lo pudieras ver! xoxo Mitsue ♡http://airedevainilla.blogspot.com/

  3. Hola Andy, tambien you soy una de las che has descrito, completamiente loca por NY, me encanta esta ciudad y estoy super hiper ansiosa para que llegue abril para poder visitar esta ciudad que tanto nos encanta.www.myurbanclothes.com

  4. NYC looks beautiful. As always! The white fur coat looks so great on you! Love the bright pink top and the gloves!xohttp://hautecouture3.blogspot.com

  5. I love your NY style choices, it's funny you seem to adapt depending on the city you are in. Your style seems to shift ever so slightly to make your style absolutly perfect and appropriate no matter where you are.

  6. Oh, I am so jealous! New York is my dream!check my new blog out :)georgiaellenmay.blogspot.comgeorgiaellenmay.blogspot.comgeorgiaellenmay.blogspot.comgeorgiaellenmay.blogspot.com

  7. Loving all the outfits. So suitable and fresh – especially the braided jumper and the outfit with the pink shirt!! NY attire well chosen and accomplished I´d say ;)! Btw pls tell us which New Yorker Café does serve such cutie hearts with the chocolate/coffee?? As someone totally just starting in blogging I am inspired and keep trying to get better…! I love the pictures.(http://quoquoverso.blogspot.com/)

  8. I love all these photos, I can't tell you how much I wish I could go to NYC at the moment, I was planning on going in June this year but my boss said I am not allowed to take any leave until next year! It's cruel! Anyway, I love all the photos it warms my heart! Good luck at the conference and I hope I can watch your presentation!www.lovestyleblogging.blogspot.com Big Love,LSBxoxo

  9. I remember lat year, when I totally fell in love with these pictures of you and NYC! Can;t wait to see your posts form Big Apple!

  10. Great photos! NYC is such a magical place to visit. You're my inspiration for cold weather dressing!xx from Montreal,Sarahhttp://ibleedfashion.com

  11. wow, Andy :) I like the first picture of this post soo much, can't explain why I just love how you're standin there. Love, love, love :**

  12. it seems like you will have a reaaaally reaaally good time!!!: )NYC is waiting for you ; )i´m looking forward for all photos from this years fashionweek!have an amazing Sunday!

  13. "New York, here I come" – same for me this year, I heading to New York at the automn, so excited!!! Thanks for your photos!!! <3www.fashiondrums.jimdo.com

  14. Al amazing pictures! You are always looking inbcredible. Wish to go to NY some day too. Have fun! Can't wait for the pictures!www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com

  15. Wauw Andy, these photo's.. make me SOSO jelous.. Hope you'll have a great time, and, New york once I will love there!xoxowww.jazzybelleslife.com

  16. Hey Andy, qué onda, me imagino estás enterada de la actual situación con respecto a la ley SOPA, y cómo está a punto de afectar la forma en la que navegamos en internet; Me gustaría saber que una persona con la influencia que tú tienes compartiera este video explicativo. Que estes bien, saludos de Sonora. http://youtu.be/Q3oemF67iPk

  17. how great! NY should really be a dream and join this the fashion week …Good trip! and then shows us all the photos!bisoushttp://kat-maries.blogspot.com/

  18. Aw that would be so awsome, I would just love to go back there since it was a while ago since I lived there. And as you say, its a city you never get tired of! Xxx Linda from Sweden

  19. Congratulations on your amazing work…obviously the results are fantastic! I love all your photos, you sure are pure inspiration to new fashion bloggers!xoxo,Fashionhypnotised girl

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