When I am not on holiday, I am listening to music pretty much 80% of the day, which means almost all day long and it drives my roommate crazy because I play songs over and over and over again. That’s when a good pair of headphones comes in and for me, the bigger the better so huge thanks to Rocking Residence for my 2 new pairs :D


  1. lovely headphones!! i want a pair in white!deberias escuchar a Hello Seahorse! son de Mexico y son super genial. mi banda favorita

  2. nice, i am a complete music freak, do you the chinese man records and amon tobin? you might like it… they have some great pieces, not rock and roll though… still nice.hope you are still enjoying your holidays!

  3. Those are so cool! Really like them. I have the same problem, because i like loud music, headphones are a lifesaver! :) Brigita

  4. haha, this is gonna sound creepy! I read your blog pretty much everyday(only commented once or twice before) I listen to music everyday as well and I was thinking that it's time to get some cool headphones. This morning in the train on my way to work I was listening to the radio and it slipped my mind… Pictures of Andy with big, bold ,cool headphones. That would also save me a lot of time searching. And there it is! These are super! Thanx

  5. Cute photos! Me too, I listen to music around 75% of the day haha, at least you can do it stylishly!

  6. awww cute headphones! I totally want to buy new headphones because I ruined my ipod ones by stepping on them…natalie

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