One for every occasion…Which one is your favorite?

P.S- Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister!!! I love you and wish I was celebrating with you today! :(

Un par para cada ocasión…¿Cual es tu favorito?

P.S- ¡Feliz cumpleaños a mi hermanita adorada!, Te amo y desearía poder celebrar contigo hoy :(

1. Burberry Wedges
2.Black Manitobah Mukluk boots to shelter my feet from the cold.
3. Leopard boots (bought at a small store in Florence)
4. Avatar Sneakers from District 5 in Berlin.
5. Wooden heel boots from Shampalove

189 thoughts on “NEW IN “NEW YEAR, NEW SHOES”

  1. Amazing shoes, Andy! I'm completely in love with the wooden heel shoes. J'adore. I have similar wooden heels that I left behind in Europe, hopefully I will have them shipped soon.Happy weekend! :-)

  2. The first and last pairs are my faves. Those wooden heel boots look a lot like the chloe sevigny for opening ceremony boots from a few seasons ago, loved those to bits!xOh'

  3. My favorite ones are definitively The Burberry Wedges :O wow I mean I LOVE THEM! beautiful shoes andy ;)

  4. I like the burberry wedges, but i dont love them, I think there are better ones. and the others nope i dont think so :/

  5. Andy, I hace a question 4 u… have u heard about the soup bill (Stop Online Piracy Act)? do you think it will affect the blog? just want to know what you think…thankspd: love all of the shoes… i envy u (in a good way) so much right now

  6. I would like to see how you will wear this. I am not a huge fan of the look. Then again, I didn't like the Isabel Marant sneakers but after seeing 'Style Heroine' and 'The Blonde Salad' wearing them I sort of changed my mind.Hope you don't mind my honesty.www.lovestyleblogging.blogspot.comLSBxoxo

  7. THose are VEEEEEEEERY BEAUTIFUL shoes!!! oh myyyy!!!! I sooo want them!!!! ehuhaieahiuahhey, loved the necklace in the girl on your banner, ok?! If you wanna now about the hottest fashion trend in bracelets you can come to my blog:, we're havving a special week with 7 posts about it! I'm brazilian and would love your visit! If you like, please follow! BYE!

  8. Those Burberry's are my fav. In a close running for first place are the wooden heeled boots! Super cute new shoes.xoxo

  9. MADRE MÍA QUÉ CANTIDAD DE BOTAS!!!!Con las que tienen tanta plataforma cuánto mides??? 2 metross???Un besazo enorme Andy!!Espero que tengas sitio en casa!!!!jajajaHERMANAS BOLENA

  10. I love the burberry wedges and the alexander wang look a like heeled shoes!!! i love how u bring out the affordable side of items for us so that we can go hunt for ourselves !!! cant wait to sssee how u wear them x x

  11. purely shoe loving over them!! I like the leopard boots the best. usual print, but chic as design~ the first pair of booties are so high 0.0" but Im liking the texture :D

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