There is nothing but grey and cold days in Holland lately, but I am not too bothered about it because I promised myself I would escape winter this year and I managed to do it for a whole month in Mexico, but not only that, oh no, it seems like I will be spending the rest of the winter far, far away from here, where the sun does shine and where I wont need to carry a jacket around, but more on that later…

Estos últimos dias han sido grises y fríos, pero no me deprimiré por que me prometí escapar el invierno este año y todo indica que mi plan me saldrá a la perfección. Lo mas seguro es que me pase lo que queda del invierno en un lugar muy lejos de Holanda, en donde si sale el sol y en donde no tendré que andar cargando con una chamarra para todos lado, luego les contare mas sobre esto…

Coat: MANGO / Shoes: Shampalove / Bag: Proenza Schouler / Sweater: Stine Goya

213 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “WOODEN SHOES”

  1. Dear Andy,You look marvelous and i love everything there is to be with jacket & coats.. enjoy the cold while it still lasts..Sincerely,Rebecca @ styleantagonist.blogspot.com

  2. Three words: Fa-bu-lous! That wooden camel coat you have is tres beautiful as it makes you tres chic this winter. Nice shades, too. I like the way you layer the white top and that grey cable-knit sweater. Just stylish!

  3. those wooden shoes are amaaaazing !! they have such a cute colour for the platforms and heels – light beige. make sure you take good care of it hehe^^ this is such a personal outfit look. inspired by you Andy :)Style Hostess

  4. I just moved to Holland this week! The weather is so much wetter and more grey than what I'm used to in Canada and Mexico, but I'm excited to be here! Hope to see you on the streets or traversing the canals in Amsterdam soon.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! Especially that grey sweater.Booties are so sexy but I can't imagine what it might feel like to actually wear them.. probably not the most comfortable of footwear :)Anneli xxwww.quiinest.blogspot.com

  6. andy you look very nice!!! But i dont like the shoes :S its to high!i know you dont look in my blog :( and yo not follow me :(make me happy and follow me :)cheers

  7. Love that coat! Amazing look as always :) In my case I can't wait to escape from the hot summer we're spending in Argentina haha :P

  8. Andy!!! siempre espectacular :) Aunque donde yo vivo estemos en verano, me dan muchas ganas de probar la combinación de tu ropa!!!Un beso… me encanta tu cabellooooohttp://the-fashionside.blogspot.com/

  9. me encantan tus zapatos y tu jersey!!!he reabierto mi blog, por si te quieres pasar! no se si te acordaras de mi :))dnd te vas a vivirr????

  10. Love this outfit! It's perfect for the grey wheather in Holland. On the news they said it will become colder and colder these days :(xIrisirisistible-iris.blogspot.com

  11. I love this outfit!!its always so great to get inspiration as to how to create warm outfits! living in norway most of the time im covered up in hundred layers of wool, so its hard to change it up! thankslove K

  12. I love this grey jumper! Have you tryed it with leather skirt/trousers? I am sure it would look fabulous ;)By the way, you look amazing.. I am definitely gonna go to the gym today!! Xxhttp://murmureparis.wordpress.com/

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