Perfect days during the winter are hard to find, at least in my opinion, but I think this one could’ve easily been on that category. It was a really cold but beautiful sunny day and as long as the sun is out, Im good.
Speaking of a totally different subject, I am on the quest to find new and amazing music because I feel like I have been listening to the same thing over and over again for the past few months. I always pair music to certain moments in my life and as a new year has started and I’m about to start a completely new chapter in my life, I want new music to fill those new moments, so, do you have any suggestions? :)

Desde que me vine a vivir a Amsterdam descubrí que los dias perfectos durante el invierno no pasan muy seguido, pero creo que este día si se puede unir a la lista. Hacia muchísimo frio pero el sol salió todo el día, no llovió y eso [email protected] míos, es suficiente para hacerme feliz ya que en Amsterdam rara vez sale el sol en invierno.
Cambiando de tema, estoy en búsqueda de buena música por que siento que llevo escuchando lo mismo por meses, ya parezco disco rayado. Es inconsciente pero seguramente les pasara a ustedes también que les da por relacionar canciones con ciertos momentos de su vida. Yo lo hago todo el tiempo y siento que como una nueva etapa esta por empezar, necesito nueva música para llenar esos momentos, así que, ¿Tienen algunas sugerencias? :)

Jacket: Helmut Lang via My-Wardrobe / Pants: Monki / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Bag: Proenza Schouler 

249 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “THE PARK”

  1. Great look and the park is so beautiful! :)Te recomiendo Coco Rosie, Colbie Callat i Regina Spektor. No son muy conocidos pero a mi me gustan mucho desde hace mucho tiempo. Espero que encuentres un momento para escucharlos! :)

  2. Los botines están perfectos, y los marrones que tienes en Mexico también.Que arriesgada, no me agrada la combinación de colores tierra con gris, porque no me gusta mezclar el dorado con el gris ni los tierras con plateado. Pero está asombrosa.

  3. Some of my favorite bands:Arctic MonkeysFranz FerdinandThe StrokesThe WombatsTwo Door Cinema ClubThe FratellisThe Drums indie/rock/pop music very very very cool bands, fantastic musicians, awesome singers..you have to listen to them allxx Alice

  4. Great colour in your trousers! I wore a similar one a few days ago in a more springy fashion… Glad to see them look like winter clothes!xx,L.

  5. You look great! Love, Ania.P.s.: There is a really great giveaway on my blog… one of my favourite Berlin's Labels, so look at it if you have time ;)http://aniaanialysis.blogspot.com/

  6. Hey andy.. could you tell me where your shoes are from..? love them so much, they look very cute :)xxwww.thatsonlytrash.blogspot.com

  7. Me encanta el outfit, las botas son impresionantes! Y sobre la música, pues no sé que decirte porque no sé que música escuchas actualmente, pero Adele, Nickelback, James Morrison… quizá te gusten.besoswww.rosabueso.blogspot.com

  8. En mi blog puedes encontrar diferentes recomendaciones de musica… Tiene tambien moda y cine.Pero en mis post de musica puedes encontrar desde The Plastics Revolution hasta Dog is Dead pasando por One night only, The Vaccines entre otros! Espero que algo te guste y si si no dudes en comentar =) Saludos desde el D.F.!Este es el link directo a los diferentes videos de musica en mi blog:http://i-love-cosmo.blogspot.com/search/label/Videos

  9. love the Wang boots!For a chillout-mood***LANA DEL REY – "Blue Jeans", "Born to Die", "Video Games"Brent DeBoer – "You can't love me", "You Win"The XX- "Crystalized"Pumped up music***anything by AVICII !!!!!Deadmau5 "Sofi needs a ladder"Wolfgang Gartner "The Way it Was" "Circus Freaks", "illmerica"

  10. You should come and live to Lisbon, in Portugal! We have a looot of those amazing sunny winter days! Since the middle of December it has been like that! Very nice!

  11. beautiful outfit!:)my latest favourite is lana del rey, but I think you´ve already known her songs like "Video game and born to die" :)

  12. Awesome look. Love how the colour of your pants matched with your bag. And those shoes are also really amazing.Would love to know where your sweater comes form. I really like it because of the longer backside~!www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com

  13. The same thing happened to me, Andy (music wise), until i discovered a music page: http://www.8tracks.com . People, mainly from the U.S. and Mexico, upload their music and create playlists according to their mood and style. I have found a lot of new music thanks to 8tracks. I hope you find new music of your liking in this page. I loved this outfit, I am a huge fan of your blog. Kisses from Mexico.Erika

  14. You look amazing as always :)My music suggestions: Bon Iver, Long Arm, Youth Lagoon, When Saints Go Machine, Summer Camp, BOY, Laura Marling, Blood Orange, Mount Kimbie, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Kisses, Turning Torso,…Well, hope you enjoy!

  15. You should listen to Gold Panda. They are awesome and totally something different! You look awesome by the way.Xoxocelienspot.tumblr.com

  16. great outfit ! <3 . and i bet you hate this music, but i like it so much haha ! you know the band one direction ? i love it, search for 'what makes you beautiful' or 'one thing' :) xx.

  17. I love the look, the colours are all perfect. As for the music, I'm completely obsessed with Franz Ferdinand now, but one of my real favourite bands is Ewert and the Two dragons, they're absolutely amazing!!-PiiaBowtie Diary

  18. Listen to Emeli Sande!! The songs ''next to me'' and ''heaven'' are amazeballs! Maybe James Morrison with ''one life'' is more compatible. BTW you are such an inspiration! Weirdly enough, I've been following for 4 years now, I think (trying not to sound creepy or anything) but you're awesome!

  19. you look gorgeous:)I think you'll like to listen to David Guetta ft. Sia "Titanium", it's really cool!xxSashahttp://perfectionistsdiary.blogspot.com

  20. Amazing outfit!!!I love the pants!I don't know if you like this kind of music but I love Foo Fighters. Listen to "Everlong" or "Wheels" and I'm sure that you will start loving them if you didn't like yet!!!XOXOhttp://foreverfashion-2011.blogspot.com/

  21. Wow! Want those awesome monki pants!You might like Young the Giant, Young blood, the new gavin degraw album Sweeter, the new james morisson album, yeah well I don't know if you like pop/rock/alternative etc etc;)

  22. I really like the length on the sweater. And those boots, die! They're an amazing color, shape and fabric.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  23. I love this outfit, the asymetric hem on the jumper really takes it from casual to super chic! Also love the boots, I've decided I need to invest in more boots of that type, the platform makes them look like they're comfy! For music, check out taylor swift, adele, alkaline trio, ed sheeran. Alternatively I live in the UK and I download the 'UK top 40' its basically 40 songs that are in the charts that month, they bring out a new one each month. Its a good way of seeing whats out there!Love the blogxxxxFredericastylemefreddie.blogspot.com

  24. haha the suggestions made to you could also help me ;) … by the way a fine outfit, quite consistent with the colors of the wintery sunny day ^^

  25. haha the suggestions made to you could also help me ;) … by the way a fine outfit, quite consistent with the colors of the wintery sunny day ^^

  26. Love the look! So simple, but it looks incredible. As for music, my tastes are kind of all over the place. Here are some songs I'd recommend:"Alfabeto" by Gepe"La Fiesta" by Momo"Before the Light Takes Us" by Darkness Falls"Klaxon," "Lovesong," and "Alice" by immi"Girl Panic" and "Mediterranea" by Duran Duran"Carnaval" by Fernando Milagros"Cerca" by Ellos"Madrugada" by Enjambre"Casa Latina" and "Cabros" by Odisea"The Yellow Go" by Mac Donald Duck Eclair"Ceylon" by Madita"The Audrey Hepburn Complex" and "Such a Beautiful Girl Like You" by Pizzicato Five"Glow in the Dark" by Queen Sea Big Shark"Milk tea" by UA"Break It Down" by W&Whale"Golden Luv" by ravex feat. Maki Goto"Glide" by Salyu"No Creo Nada" by Yo Camaleón"La tormenta de arena" by Dorian"Soledad" by Circo"Je rejoins la scène" by Christophe Willem"Ringo no uta" by Shiina Ringo"Sunlight" by Bag Raiders"Cameo Lover" by Kimbra"Corpus Christi" by La Bien QueridaAnd if you want something really different, here are a few bands I would highly suggest:capsule – Japanese electronic duoCasker – Korean electronicaClazziquai – Korean electronicaShiina Ringo – Japanese alt/pop/rock singerSorry, it ended up being a lot of recommendations, but I think the majority might be new to you. Hope it helps! ^^

  27. I just remembered one of my new fav song :Jason Mraz's 'I Won't Give Up'. The official video, lyrics and tune is just so soothing and lovely :)

  28. I absolutely love this look. It's so chic and simple.I really love this two songs: 'Safe & Sound' (by Megan Nicole and Tiffany Alvord) and 'Best Friends' by Jason Chen :D i think you'll like it them too :)

  29. Looooove the shoes!!!About the music, I'm so conservatory :))I listen to the same rock bands since I was 16 so not much from here :)

  30. Hola guapaa mi me pasa igual con la música, pero siempre que estoy en ese punto, acudo a mi grupo favorito "the sounds" te dejo el link por si lo quieres escucharhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xk8UUdlhFw&list=FL73rQN-8orqw9BbAhE1Tedw&index=1&feature=plpp_videobesoshttp://elbauldeladyshira.blogspot.com/

  31. okay, as usually you look ah-mazing, but if we're talking aboutu music…:)since the very beginning of this year (yeah, i know, veeery long time!) i'm listetning to kasabian and the kills. soo rock'n'roll. well, i used to love them a while ago so it feels so good to have them back.but maybe you would like to listen to something more pop, or indie-pop, or whatever you want to call it. try Julia Marcell, for egzample "crtl". this song gives so much energy! probably as much as the rest of her new albumcheers!esc

  32. Love this look! You're so amazing. Have you listen Blue Jeans of Lana del rey? It's amazing, listen to Cults, Beach House, Digitalism, Foals if you haven't I love them! :)

  33. Love this look! You're so amazing. Have you listen Blue Jeans of Lana del rey? It's amazing, listen to Cults, Beach House, Digitalism, Foals if you haven't I love them! :)

  34. Like the pants though I wouldnt were them as I am blonde :)I like listenting to Gotye, Cocorosie, James Blake, Waldeck and of course The Beatles ;)love,dominiquewww.artichaut.me

  35. What are your fav songs lately? I just downloaded a bunch of new songs in my ipod and I find that I kept repeating on Jessie J's song "Domino"! LOL! I guess that's my fav for now.Btw, I like your pants! It's a great color for winter!

  36. The Weeknd – What you need :)I'd never left a comment before but your blog is a real daily inspiration to me and you look gorgeous! Love from France <3

  37. such a lovely colour of jeans! my boyfriend runs a music blog, he posts new stuff practically every day, from indie to hip hop to dubstep and everything in between! i don't know what kind of music you're into but i remember you posting Oh Land who I love so hopefully you'll find something :) My favourite song he's posted lately is this onehttp://the-hot-box.blogspot.com/2012/01/yeo-at-rest-bunterhund-remix.htmlhttp://the-hot-box.blogspot.com/hope you like it! xxxx

  38. Today I'm obsessed with this song. I think it's great! Listen to it and see what you think :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PWGw3iPFdwLove from Portugal!

  39. Hi Andy! ;) Nice outfit, I like it! <3 My favourite band is AC/DC. Not that I'm really into hard rock music, but their music gives me emotions and gets me happy & excited, plus I get dancing like crazy most of the times, and singing. :)! When I cook I listen to guns n' roses. The song welcome to the jungle is nice in my opinion.I also like the swedish band The Knife.The beach boys are great, as well as Rn'B music, for example Natalie Cole, Gloria Gaynor, Witheny Houston…. those songs are DREAMY!:) Hope you read my suggestions.. well if you like french rap (that's the only rap I like to listen to) I reccomend Yelle's music. :)

  40. Regina Spektor music are really cool. Why don't you try listening to Fidelity, Samson, Eet.Also You Got Me by Colbie Caillatand I really really love that shoes!

  41. Hey Andy!! Do you think you can make a post and tell us all the music suggestions you got as a list??? I'd love to get new music suggestions too :) hope u find the time. un bso grande guapa

  42. Well i don't really know the kind of music that is overplayed in your mp3 so i would suggest visiting the birp site!(http://www.birp.fm/) Every month there's a free downloadable (is there any word like this?) list with almost 100(!) songs from new and unknown (why??) indie/rock groups! It's a great site and i -at least- discover new fantastic groups every month! I totally suggest it! =)Great look by the way as always!(Pls check my new blog: inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com)

  43. Andy, this is a gorgeous look – great pants, amazing shoes!! Tres chic!And…what new chapter are you talking about? Did I miss something?xoxohttp://www.petitekarinne.wordpress.com

  44. I like the color of the pants, especially when combined with gray, very impressive … that comes to music, I found an excellent Ben Westbeech – very cheerful music, tunes in a positive way, and I also like Friendly Fires. I would be happy if you like my advice)

  45. I just looooove your jacket and those great Alexander Wang's.You look fantastic as always!I think we are very lucky with the weather in Amsterdam this whole winter… it's not even real winter :)Have fun dearxoxoxo

  46. Cool outfit! Love the boots!I don't know what kinda music you listen to, but I love music, so here is some of my favourite at the moment.- Jessie J- Foo Fighters- White Lies- Biffy Clyro- The Wombats- IncubusThere are so many other bands I love, but these are the ones I listen to a lot lately.

  47. Wauw, mooie kleur! En die schoenen zijn ook echt prachtig.. Ik heb geen idee wat voor muziek je luistert of zoekt, maar wat ik altijd doe is gewoon Spotify.. en dan radio! Verschillende artiesten hebben radiostations met hun favoriete muziek. Natuurlijk is veel al bekend maar af en toe zitten er leuke, voor mij nieuwe, dingen tussen!! Hetzelfde geldt voor Grooveshark.com en dan 'ontdek'! Ik ken het gevoel echt om toe te zijn aan nieuw geluid haha :))

  48. Hola… Te aconsejo Pablo Alboran… tiene canciones shulissimas… y hay una en especial que me encanta: Perdoname… que lo canta con una chica portuguesa, Carminho…Espero q t guste… Beijinhos!

  49. I listen to good old hip hop mainly the 90' rap.. :) for example: lords of the underground, a tribe called quest, de la soul…maybe you like it?!by the way, love your jacket :)♥ AmunaCHECK OUT MY BLOGhttp://soul-seele.blogspot.com/

  50. are you up for any language in music?if so please check out my music sometimes haha anyways love your chic outfit as always!www.pinklemonincrystal.blogspot.com

  51. Hi Andy. I really love music and I'm constantly changing my playlist. Yesterday I downloaded some musics like: – Coldplay ft Rihanna – Princess of China- Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dog ft Bruno Mars – Young, Wild and free- Fun ft Janele Monae – We are young (this music is beautiful) I hope this help you ;P

  52. Oh how I love those Wangs though you mentioned they are killing yoru feet!and for a music suggestion. these days Lana Del Rey is on repeat and is amazing!

  53. I really like the colours of your outfit, the proenza bag with the trousers look perfect!! I am a hudge fan of rock music/indie rock, so let's say:-Phoenix, Liztomania and 1901, really cheerful and make you dance up and down !!- The Strokes wich are my favourite band i suggest you, You only live once, Machu Picchu, Last Nite, Juicebox ! than Franz Ferdinand all their songs, Florence + the machine, MGMT great bands ! i have a playlist of songs that remind me of NYC : Albert Hammond-Hard to live in the city, LCD soundsistem-New York i love you, Youth group-What is a life (check out also Forever Young), Kings of leon-sex on fire and last but non least Peter,Bjorn John-Young Folks. I hope you will check them ! they are my favourite ! Keep rokin' Andy !

  54. Andy you look amazinff as always! I like the sweater so much and also the shoes are very nice! In this period I'm listening to The naked and famous or The Vaccines for a more classical rock! kisses

  55. My year has started with Adele and I'm very happy about that! do u like her??new post onhttp://livinglovingtastinglife.blogspot.com/V.

  56. I am going to give you 4 songs:Grouplovehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ddd70PMxTE&ob=av2eM83http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZbD81QMcY4&feature=fvstKakkamaddafakkahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJD6H-pF0eQ&feature=youtu.beThe shoeshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO4urWHz2ooYou gotta check them and enjoy!

  57. love this outfit! that jumper is perfectly imperfect. As far as music goes, this stuff is a bit old, but so good: Matt Nathanson, Imogen Heap, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and you gotta love Lights. Hope you find some, I'm in the same sitch! xx

  58. I've been listening nonstop to The Weeknd lately, as well as The XX and some good ol' Mumford & Sons. :pYou look amazing as always. <3

  59. amazing outfit for those kind of days! I wish I had shoes like that right now :) I don't know what you like to listen to but I am a huge fan of kate nash, florece and the maschines and feist at the moment. Maybe you want to check some of them out! Have a great day dearX, Annieanniewear.de

  60. lovely shoes. i have been listening to the black keys' brothers album and their later stuff. oh also florence+the machine's new album is pretty good!www.absurdlypeculiar.blogspot.com

  61. loving the entire look and gorgeous photos too, it's true you rarely get bright and sunny days like these in the winter )))http://www.vasilievablog.com/x

  62. I love the mustard in this, great colour combo!Well I don't know exactly what you listen to, but I'm a big fan of the band Angels and Airwaves. If you're at all interested, listen to Call to Arms or the Adventure.x

  63. Well, I´m not sure what to recommend you, because for about two years I´m listening only to Italian (pop)music, which is just perfect for me! (even though I´m not Italian) So maybe I´d suggest to try Tiziano Ferro or Laura Pausini :) Let us know, what you´ve found, it would be an inspiration!And love the colour of jeans ;)Fashion&ChocolateElle ღ

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