As promised, here is the first look I shot for the Firenze4ever styling lab. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a dress like this one, let alone shoes that high but I love trying new things at LuisaViaRoma and feel glamourous for once!…Hope you have an amazing beginning of the week! I am completely exhausted from all the traveling I have done in the past week so I will chill for a bit until I have to catch my next flight, see ya!

Como ya les había prometido, aquí están las fotos del primer look que escogí para Firenze4ever. Jamas me había puesto un vestido tan “expuesto” y aunque me fascina andar de tacones, nunca me había puesto unos tacones tan altos, pero cuando vengo a Florencia para este evento, me gusta experimentar con cosas que tal vez nunca me hubiera puesto. 
Espero que tengan un excelente inicio de semana. Yo estoy como un zombie de todos los viajes que he hice la semana pasada, Mexico-Paris, Paris-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Florencia y por fin ayer regrese a casa, así que no me juzguen si hoy me la paso en pijamas ;), besos!

Dress: L’Agence / Shoes: Versace

219 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “FLORENCIA”

  1. wow, these photos are absolutely gorgeous!! You look amazing and definitely glamourous! The dress and shoes are beautiful! XO /JOANASNOTES

  2. gorgeous!!! but you are 180cm tall right and how tall you are then you use these hight hight heels?:D because i am tall too and i don't dare use heels:D

  3. Not gonna lie, I'm semi jelly that you're there, sounds amazing! That dress is beyond amazing and you look stunning in it. Such a beautiful fabric.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  4. OMG AMAZING! :D You look really mature in that dress. And I absolutely mean it in a positive way! Very sexy and feminine.Love,Lini Xhttp://ascentofrosewood.blogspot.com/

  5. You look gorgeous! Not sure I love the shoes but they look good with the dress. WOW your legs have altitude!www.lovestyleblogging.blogspot.comLSBxoxo

  6. That dress looks amazing on you and that heels are absolutely gorgeous! Great respect that you can walk on them!www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com

  7. OMG I'd DIE for these Versace shoes *_* But I think I won't be able to walk in them, they look really unsual. You look so stunning, Andy. I'm looking forward to you other Firenze4Ever looks!

  8. Oh, wow, the dress and oh, wow, the shoes! I could never pull anything like this off, but you make it look so much more easy! Great combination!

  9. Amazing dress, but for me, high heels are too high.I can't walk with that, expecially in Florence where the streets were made from shingle.

  10. Those shoes are soooo tall and gracious ! love the glitter to this whole outfit. you look so gorgeous and hot Andy! should definitely be happy to post these glam looks in the future X) All the best for Fireze4ever !!Style Hostess

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