Ever since I was about 8 years old, I have been collecting all sorts of small notepads. My Mom says I am obsessed with them and she recently found a box I packed before moving out from my house in Mexico FULL of small notepads in all colors and designs. I normally take really good care of my belongings so even if these notepads are many years old, they are still in top condition, the funny thing is, not a single page has been used.
Today I realized my Mom was right, I am indeed obsessed with buying small notepads but the curious thing is that even if I am a grown up now, I still have a thing for childish looking ones. I always think to myself; “I could really use this one! Bring it in my purse everywhere I go and write everything that comes to mind!”. I can tell you that has never happened, but maybe, just maybe, this is the notepad that will finally get me to write on it, I mean, its pink and its has hearts on it! How can I resist? :)

Desde que era chiquita me da por coleccionar libretitas. Mi mama dice que estoy obsesionada y hace poco encontro una caja de las que empaque antes de venirme a Europa, llena de libretitas de todos tamaños colores y diseños. Normalmente cuido muchísimo mis cosas, así que aunque estas libretas tienen años y años, siguen como nuevas, lo mas curioso es que en ninguna he escrito, todas las paginas están en blanco.
Hoy me di cuenta que mi mama tiene razón, ciertamente estoy obsesionada por comprar libretas pero lo que mas me llama la atención es que a pesar de que ya no soy una niña, las libretas que mas me gustan son las que se ven mas infantiles (No me refiero a ninguna con la cara de Bob Esponja, no me vayas a mal interpretar :P).
Siempre me digo a mi misma: “En esta libreta si voy a escribir, es mas, la voy a meter a mi bolsa y la voy a llevar a todos lados, nunca sabes cuando te va a llegar la inspiración y necesites escribir”.

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  1. Yo solia hacer las mias, compraba hojas de colores, las cortaba y pegaba, y las forraba con un material mas resistente xDEsa libretita que pones me recuerda a Romero Brito, amo su estilo de diseños♥

  2. I totally understand ypur pbsession girls.. For those who love beautiful notebooks, visit this page. You won't resit! But please, do use them, they are great at keeping our memories and thoughts!..Hecho a mano en Españahttp://roxandsan.com/roxandsanjournals.html

  3. Tienes un serio problemita hahaha, mi hermana mayor es igual, pero con las hojas de las libretas, esas que tienen algún diseño bonito en algún lado. Está bellisima esa la de la foto. Parece de Agatha Ruiz de la Prada junto al lapicero, quizás te gusten sus diseños porque son así, coloridos e infantiles. Xoxo

  4. I have the same kind of obsession! I kept buying little notepads and books just because they were cute, but I kept them in boxes unused. I don't buy that much anymore but I can't help it whenever I see the cute little things.

  5. Haha I think a whole lot of people understands you! I have the obsession to! (and I always smell to the new notebook paper, weird huh!)Xoxo Alechttp://awkward-a.blogspot.com

  6. A mí las libretitas, boligrafos y demás me encantan! Siempre que veo alguno que me gusta por determinada cosa me lo tengo que comprar!Un besote guapa!www.elmundodelaia.blogspot.com

  7. I totally understand as I have the same obsession myself! I collect notebooks especially pink, red and orange ones and I never use them. Everytime I say to myself ''I'll buy this and I'll certainly use it this time.''

  8. I was the same, as I child I would buy notepads, and agends, but never use them lol. But now I can't live whithout them both!And now I'm on the hunt for a 2012 agenda!

  9. Aaww that's so sweet! The colours of the notepad are so pretty:) can totally understand your obsession with these notepads!Xx Jorien – fab-by-me.blogspot.com

  10. omg that's confirm what I think you're the best I feel a sort of connection with u.P.s I had and have the same obsession…xoxoGiuliahttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/

  11. Oh my god I suffer the exact same obsession!Every small cute notbook with high quality paper I see I compulsivly buy, promising myself I will use it again and again, keep a diray, right spontanously on it while in the metro etc… An I never do.

  12. Aww! Thats a really cute one!! I have a similar obsession, only instead of notepads I pick up coin purses!!! everytime i see a cute one, its mine!! :D

  13. I too carry a notebook with me everywhere in case I think of something or see something that I want to remember later (because if I don't write it down, I'll forget LOL) My notebook isn't as cute as yours, though :)

  14. I'm a notepad nerd too. I would buy notepads and journals. I wrote in every single one of them, but never completed each page. Then I would just buy another one and repeat. I bought mine because my journalism professor taught us to always keep a notepad in hand in case a story broke. :) And I love writing utensils and notepads.

  15. I really recognized myself in this post, I love all kinds of small notebooks and planners, and I always say I'll keep it in my purse and look like an organized person, but I rarely do :)http://angeladissected.blogspot.com

  16. i really have the very same obsession like you. the difference is i always write them. almost all of em, and when i grow up, i laugh at what i did write. hahah. have a good day :)http://juzijuz.blogspot.com

  17. Si te sirve de ayuda, yo la llevo en el bolso, para apuntar detalles de la gente que me llaman la atención, un pantalón, una camisa, un trend, como una clase de"coolhunter notebook", me sirven de mucha ayuda en las clases, y sobretodo si me viene algún diseño a la cabeza(soy diseñadora),puedo esbozar por encima, antes que se me olvide, y cuando llegue a casa, plasmarlo en el Dina 3. ;-) Espero que te ayudeBsosAnieBhttp://lahabitaciondelaspequenascosas.blogspot.com/

  18. I have the same obsession but I never keep one for a longtime because I don't write so many thing and it's not practical, but I still buy it.. lolThepeppymay

  19. Yep yep, I know the disease. Have them too, but with me they are always full!! I write to much, have em next to my bed in my purse, on my desk with my computer and ideas just come rushing in the whole time and I write them down:)All love Lolaxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxohttp://fashionrecession.blogspot.com/

  20. yo tambien coleccionaba libretitas cuando era niña! y tambien las tengo empacadas en casa de mi madre. tambien cuido mucho las cosas desde siempre. me siento identificada contigo. Y tambien intento meter e mi bolso una libretita para apuntar aunq al final acabo cambiando mil veces de bolso y acaba en algun bolso que ya no uso jajajaja. besos

  21. I've been buying these notepads since I was little, too, and never wrote anything inside. This year I bought a new one, and, now, after 20 days, I realized I started to write little things inside… Since I have few little project going on (connected to my work, my hobbies, my travel plans), I find myself quite often to write inside little ideas that jump into my mind while on train or somewhere not close to my computer! And-yes, it's pink and too sweet! (and I am 24 year old and working full time serious job!), but I have a big le sac where I can hide it from my bussine colleagues (mostly men)!So, perhaps, who knows, this pink beauty will maybe actually be useful one day!

  22. :))) I know what you mean, I still have all my pinkish notepads in a drawer…And every year I plan to do something with them, but I never got round to that.And I can't really use then know, because everyone else on my research is sooo serious and boring:(

  23. Sounds familiar! I have the same obsession, but I did write in them (only a few pages) and then they are just lying in my drawer (for a long time)! So we're having the same 'problem' here! Yours is lovely :) May many thoughts be written in it!S.

  24. I have the same obsession! An entire drawer full of notepads :) but I usually use them for a day or two and then forget about them :p It's kind of funny to see what I've written through the years though!ekatya.blogspot.com

  25. I think I share this obsession. I can keep myself from buying the booklets now, but especially really soft paper (think moleskine`s) really attracts me ;) . I just learned that always just buying notepads that I won`t ever use won`t do my wallet any good.

  26. I understand your obsession! Sometimes when things look so pretty, I get this urge to buy it then later think "what am i going to do with this?" haha :))http://januarygypsy.blogspot.com/

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