I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Kelly Cutrone in the past few days as she was also a speaker at yesterdays TED conference. All I can say is that after spending a bit of time with her, I am completely sold!. 
She is such an awesome woman and the perfect example of Girl Power…She might have been represented as a tough cookie in The City and The Hills, in my experience, I found her to be such an inspirational, funny and interesting woman and of course, the perfect example of a 21 century business woman, so hats off to her!

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  1. Is she really cool? In The City she really came off like a big …ch. But I guess you have to meet people in real life before judging them as TV gives you a false representation!

  2. i must say your ted talk was really inspiring. i listened to it just now and i was catched. i really love the striking points you mention, how you made ur blog so sucessfull. i think ego blogging is a really great way to connect with people, but i tried to mix it up a little, because i am dreaming of being a journalist one day. so i write a lot about interesting topics and on the other hand show some pictures of myself and what i am wearing, because it makes people get to know me a litte. http://thisishowwerule.blogspot.com

  3. Have you seen her own show, Kell on Earth? It shows what it's like to work with her. You didn't mention it in your post so I figured you hadn't seen it.

  4. i can't believe you got to met kelly cutrone i am so jealous. i would love to work for her one day. her first book was so inspiration i couldnt put it downXXVi from Cali

  5. Wow, this is amazing :). I watched your speech and it was amazing! I learnt so much from it and thought you did so well! I would of been so nervous, I get nervous enough talking when doing a presentation!Love your blogChloe xoxohttp://lovingfashionstyleandart.blogspot.com/

  6. I loved you talk on TED. It's a great inspirational story for so many people out there. You're an example of never giving up your dreams. Somehow, if you keep trying, they'll come true!

  7. Oh I think Kelly is SO AMAZING ! I would love to work for her, she's so full of experience, so smart.. Like you said, the perfect business woman anno 2011!

  8. I AM BEYOND JEALOUS!! I've always dreamed of having to work for her ever since The Hills-nice to know by the way that you watched it, I love Lauren Conrad and when I discovered your blog you instantly reminded me of her! I idolize the both of you ;) Anyway, you're so lucky! I hope I get to meet her too someday and maybe work for her, will def chase my dream!PS: Where can I watch the whole TED video?<3,Veronica Pantaleonwww.twitter.com/vdpantaleon

  9. OMG ANDY! That's so cool! You're such a LUCKY PERSON! She's amazing! I LOVE HER, she is so tough, but she is an amazing business woman! Xoxo from Peru

  10. JO ANDY!Cómo me gustaría que tradujeses tus posts al Español!!Al fin y al cabo tu eres mejicana no??Es que aunque mi nivel de inglés no es malo, hay cosas que se me escapan para poder comentar más a fondo!Un besito guapa!QUÉ DISFRUTES DEL FINDE!!HERMANAS BOLENAhttp://hermanasbolena.blogspot.com/(pd.- hoy enseño mi estantería de cosas vintage, espero que te guste!)

  11. kellyy is one of the most inspirational women… i would love to have her as my mentor …. yu are very lucky andy to have the opportuinityhttp://betty-freestylescraps.blogspot.com/

  12. I can imagine how exited you were, I mean Kelly Cutrone is like the ultimate role model…. yesterday I got a package from amazon.com and her "If You Have To Cry Go Outside" was in it. I'm half way and I can't wait to read it, She is such an inspiration…Let us know how you like "Normal Gets You Nowhere"?awww btw Did you know that she have a show on Bravo TV caled Kell On Earth?http://elenadodevska.blogspot.com/

  13. You are so right!! she is not afraid to get what she wants out of life!!The title of her book tells everything:)What was the topic of your TED talk?Urszula

  14. OMG I'm soooo jealous, I remember her so well from the hills and the city (btw adore that show)She's such a confident and powerful woman!You are such a lucky girl to have met her :)

  15. I just saw an interview with her online here on Dutch television. She seemed so fun and cool. And I couldn't help but laugh with her when she was excited by the fact that she could curse on television here. Hahaha.

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