I’ve officially become a TED speaker, I cant believe it!!! :D … You have no idea how nervous and scared I was of messing up, but I did it and I am so proud of myself for facing my fear. I believe that very few things can compare to the feeling you get when you decide to face your fears and you succeed.

THANK YOU to all of you who have watched my TED talk and have emailed me, tweeted me and messaged me words of support, I am incredibly happy and honored to hear such a good reaction, I was not expecting so many amazing messages! :)

309 thoughts on “VIDEO “MY TED TALK”

  1. This is video was THE motivation for me to start a blog.
    Since I was 5 years old I really like drawing fashion figures.
    Unfortunately I didn’t learn to sew, but I’m learning it myself and I have already done a course.
    My dream is to inspire people with my fashion illustrations and that’s why I started my blog “everything is makeable”.
    Andy, thank you for inspiring me!
    Xx Jessy

  2. Wonderfully done! You are such an inspiration. I really liked the point about making yourself known and putting yourself out there. A lot of work goes into being found(that’s what I’m struggling with) and I think people forget about that!

    Thank you!

  3. Andy, I'm new to your blog. What a great talk; I feel lucky to have stumbled upon it! What you say is true – especially through your videos, I get a strong sense of who you are, your enthusiasm, and what inspires you to love what you do. I know it must not be easy to stay in touch with the world constantly, but thank you so much for your efforts. You are an inspiration!

  4. I really… really admire you Andy, after I hear you speak about your story of how you went through everything to get where you are now is so amazing and inspirational, to always follow and do what you love and to never give up. Thanks for being such an inspiration to all the bloggers who want to pursue this dream.Xo,Nicole D.The Owl Girl

  5. Hey Andy! Congrats! You were amazing! I was all eyes and ears to this video! You should do this more often!I think I follow your blog since the begining. I don't remember how it catched my eye or how I have discovered it then, but it's almost 2012 and I'm still here! :)I wish you all the best and the most wonderful winter holidays!xoxoxoAtena

  6. Very inspiring! well I'm not planning to be a blogger but i really admire your drive to do what you love even people tell you that you wont make it because its hard to be in the fashion industry.

  7. No sabes lo bien que me han llegado tus palabras, no solo en cuanto a mi blog sino para aplicarlas en mi trabajo de diseniar carteras. Es muy dificil sobretodo cuando recien empiezas pero no voy a rendirme :) Gracias Andy!

  8. WOW!!!this means so much for all of us fashion bloggers!!En serio Andy miles de felicitaciones por este exitazo en tu blog, nosotras somos adictas a TED no puedo creer que tu seas ahora una speaker de ellos!!besos desde

  9. OMG Andy we are obssesed with TED!!we just can´t believe you are a speaker now!! This has taken the fashion bloggers to a whole new level!!congratulations!Besos de Daniela y

  10. Congratulations Andy and thank you for those wonderful blogging tips! ^_^please check out my newest post about HEEL-LESS SHOES @ y0u! ϡ

  11. Great talk Andy! Very inspiring and real! All you say is very true and to the point. Thank you for being awesome! pet x

  12. oh my god! :) we worked with TED-talks in my drama class for a long time and just recently had our final presentations – really like TED :Pwhen i saw your post on bloglovin (and im not a follower) i thought "wow, did she talk on TED or is it just something called the same?!" and now i heard your wonderful story :) really very authentic :)awesome!!! thanks for the awesome tips about blogging :)hugs from germany,

  13. You know what you said about feeling connected to the blogger? Well, this video really makes it! Probably one of my favorite posts on your blog, and you're a great speaker!

  14. you are so inspirational. I love hearing your story of how you became so successful, it really motivates all your readers. I recently did a marketing analysis on blogs and included the items you said…and then I came on your blog today and saw this post. Eres genial! I visit your blog everyday and always enjoy it very much! besos

  15. You did such an amazing job!I really admire you and i must say that this made me like you even more… When i heard where you went through when you where coming to holland; it must have been so hard! you're a really strong women!

  16. Andy! tu charla me ha encantado! eres genial y te mereces todo lo bueno que te pase!eres la prueba de que los sueños pueden hacerse realidad, sigue así!

  17. Andy thank you so much for being SO yourself in anything you do & help out to usANDI'VE STRATED THIS AMAZING BLOG THAT'S GONNA CHANGE YOUR LIFE ;)www.alina-ballerina.comXOXO,ALINA K.

  18. Andy your speech is so inspiring!!!!! Good job!!!check out my travel blog, I've just opened it! (today's post is about Christmas time in Wien…;))

  19. Congratulations!! You were amazing! I'm so proud of you :) You definitely are a huge inspiration for me, not just about fashion but as a person too. I adored your speech, it was really inspiring and motivational for following our dreams, leaving everything behind and go to a new place to follow your dreams. And although the obstacles you didn't give up, fought for what you really wanted and you make it. You must be really proud of you! I admire you so much! :) Thanks for sharing your story and tips and that quote which was really inspiring – I already wrote it on my notebook to always remember :) I wish you the best :)XO /JOANASNOTES

  20. Felicidades Andy, realmente eres un ejemplo a seguir… Suena trillado eso dem si tienes un sueño persiguelo, pero personas como tu, nos demuestran una vez más, que realmente es posible conseguirlo. Besos

  21. Great speech, Andy! I find it really encouraging! :) I would love if you checked out my blog and gave me your opinion! ;)

  22. Wow thanks for this video Andy,I'm so happy for your success and to know more about your story and Style Scrapbook story.I remembered this first time that we met at Jean Charles de Castelbajac Paris Fashion week :)Congratulation !You deserve your success :)xx

  23. I absolutely enjoyed watching your speech. I really like the tone of your voice and the way you speak. You seem very confident, yet humble and sweet at the same time. Great Job :-)

  24. you're a natural!! you didn't even sound nervous, and believe it or not the more you speak in public the easier and better and funner it gets! :) I enjoyed listening to it!

  25. This is the first time I make the effort to post a comment on a fashionblog but you really gave a very inspiring talk which obviously shows your great personality and who you are. +1 (!)

  26. OMG Andy you're such an inspired person!! I wish you the best and keep doing what you do because you do it great!! lost of lovefrom Chile southamerica!Carla.

  27. Hey Andy,You are such an inspiration for all of us. Your blog was one of the first blog I visited when I was thinking of starting one back in 2010. At this moment, I feel so bad since I am currently working on a project and my posting has delayed since nov =( I somewhat feel pressured since I don't want my readers to forget me. Also, I don't wish to write that I am busy or a bad blogger for not writing since no one forces to post. I am so glad that from time to time to read your latest post. My biggest wish is to have a comment… a word of encouragement from your part to tell me not give up. I have had so many opportunities being a blogger. I did a shopping event called FabFemmes, I was guest judge for a web TV reality show and finally a brand ambassador for a fashion online boutique. I never want you to quit. It truly gives me energy to see you out there doing your thing. Hope to meet you one day, Bisou de Montreal, Marjorie

  28. Wow ontzettend goed gedaan! Je leek echt totaal niet zenuwachtig! En wow dat je toch zo ver kan komen met een blog.. dat geeft andere echt moet om verder te gaan denk ik! Ik ben idd heel trots op je! YOU GO GIRL!xoxo

  29. Viendo este video, me he enterado de que eres Mexicana. Yo soy española y aunque solo sea por que compartimos el idoma me siento más cerca de ti. Espero que este comentario no te asuste, solo quería felicitarte por el éxito de tu blog y decirte que me ha encantado el video por que yo estoy empezando un blog y me ha dado muchos ánimos para contiunuar con él :)un saludo :)

  30. very well said. so inspiring. you should do more talks like that. you inspire a lot of people – count me in! :) super love this video! <3 <3 <3xx,thechicswag

  31. Andy! Enhorabuena, tu charla es genial estaba deseando que la publicaran. Quiero que sepas que te sigo desde hace un año, y te visito cada día, no puedo estar tranquila si no veo tu nuevo post.Eres increíble, y mi ejemplo a seguir. No cambies nunca.Love from Madrid <3

  32. Amazing speech!! I'm totally agree if you're not yourself people notice. I always prefer to be myself and not feeling disguised.I'm very happy everthing is going this well for you after all the hard work!xxx

  33. Great job!I've been following your blog for a few month now and every day I am looking for new photos.Thanks for sharing this with us.Nina

  34. Inspiring speech, I'm always very inspired by success stories like yours, it's the proof that will power is everything, that is possible to make things happen.People that discourage you from trying are the most scared by change and uncertainties. Future is often more unclear that what we may think so there is no safe way to follow, we must chase our dreams or we will regret it.

  35. I finally had time to watch it! Thank you for the great advice and it was great to see the development of your blog. Great inspiration!!!

  36. I had no idea you could sew! I recently learned to sew and I think it's really cool when I meet young people who can make their own clothing. I'd love to see you wearing something you made! Great advice, the blogosphere is really getting huge and it's so hard to stand out these days.

  37. Andy u have motivated me so much, like u i come from a third world country where fashion is not an option and therefore i have limited myself to not follow fashion as a career…now i know what i have to do :)

  38. thanks for sharing your path with us. I find it very inspiring!! my desire for fashion wasn't as strong and i studied architecture…and now practicing arch. and now i felt my passion for fashion is unearthing…it gives me hope that i will do something i love for a living.

  39. Felicidades Andy~!!! Estoy contenta por ti! I hope one day to be at the same level in blogging as u!! xo

  40. wow … u are very inspirational and i can strongly say that ur the only "real" blogger translating the catwalk to affordable item.. all other bloggers are really jus in collaoration with designers etc making it too commercial … stay where u are x x x x

  41. You did such an amazing job Andy! I used to think that all these bloggers are so successful from the beginning but it turned out to be wrong. U are not born with all these, u earned them yourself. I'm going through the same problem as you right now, in college, u inspired me so much. But i know sonner or later i will get where i really want to be. Thank you for the talk. And I love your style!here's my little

  42. Wow, your video was such an inspiration to me. You are such a confident and wonderful blogger, and your advice and wisdom is so great to hear. Just like every other blogger, I get doubts about my blog but after listening to your speech I realize it's all a trial to over come to get where I want to be. Thanks so so much for your advice, you really are an inspiration and congratulations for all of the success with your blog over the years. I wish you the best of luck in the future and keep on motivating! :)

  43. OMG it was a great speech, really… I wish I could be so determinate, I mean, I tend to be really sad when things don't come as I expected… and I have to change. It could seem stupid to you but your speech gave me some help… I want to become a fashion stylist and nothing will stop me :)a lot of kisses from Sicilythis is my brand new blog :)

  44. SPEECHLESSS !!!I assume your parents ara proud of you ;-)Your speech was really catchy and confident !!!Thanks for sharing your tips.xoxo from another style lover in BrusselsCéline Mademoiselle

  45. waaaw, Andy!: ) I´ve just watched your speech and it´s been amazing!: )after so much study I did this evening it´s a perfect way how to end this day. your speech has calmed me down and it reminds me that everyone can be succesful : )THANK YOU! and just be who you really are and please never stop blogging!♥

  46. Que genial Andy! hasta podrías dedicarte a dar charlas motivacionales con tu historia.Mis palabras favoritas son "emprender" y "éxito", creo que tu representas ambas de una manera genuina y especial. Eres un gran ejemplo para todas las jóvenes que queremos no solo ser exitosas sino lograrlo haciendo lo que de verdad nos gusta y nos hace felices. Saludos y Abrazos desde Venezuela.<3

  47. Andy no había tenido ocasión de ver el video hasta ahora y me he gustado mucho!!!Felicidades por lo bien que lo has hecho y por lo inspiradora que eres!!!Mil besitos!!

  48. wow you did so well! you are so inspiring and you looked so cute and fashionable!I love your talk as well! Great content! congratulations! xx

  49. every day I admire you more. I am a blog addict and trust me, yours is the best one. Thank you for all the tips you gave at the TED talk :)

  50. i felt really inspired by your words, and since you said it it doens't hurt to give it a try, i would love if you check my blog! it's mostly photography.Butterscotch-sundae.blogspot.comthank you for the video, kiss from portugal

  51. Don´t know if you read all of the comments below every post, but I had to say it: Andy, you´re the best fashion blogger I´ve ever seen! I don´t follow you only for your great posts, but also because you´re nice, lovely and sympathetic person I´ll always want to meet. Keep being awesome! xx

  52. Hey Andy!You did such a great job at the conference! I was super inspired by your talk keep doing what you do!www.lovestyleblogging.blogspot.comLSBxoxo

  53. I'm speechless. The speech was very inspiring and so true. I think you're an inspiration for a lot of bloggers (including myself) and you definitely deserve the best of the world! Hope to see more of this kind of videos:)Xx

  54. Congratulation for this, you were really good and now I'm sure that I'll can have a blog too later! Thank you so much for being yourself and keep it up! xx

  55. For me the things you said were really impressive. you're really honest, I think. additionally you look great, as always !! Looove! Keep going on like this <3

  56. It should have been longer! I could have watched u for hours! There should have been a Q&A part! I love your blog, Andy! You are an everyday inspiration! Besos de MéxicoErika

  57. Buen trabajo, Andy!Me alegro por tí, por que después de tanto trabajo y de los nervios que pasaste, te haya salido bien.Sigue así, porque el día que necesites un empujón, nosotras estaremos aquí para dártelo! Felicidades otra vez y un besazo! :)Nerea

  58. Congratulations! I admire you a lot first of all because you talked front of many people and also because you blog tells about you, about YOURSELF!if you want visit my blog, it's nothing special but my biggest is become someone in the fashion world! Thanks a lot Andy!Love

  59. You say you were nervous but you don;t appear it at all on here – very confident!! It's great to see you talking about something you're clearly so passionate about. And, feeling a little demotivated myself at the moment, I loved the TS Eliot quote you shared!!

  60. Congratulations! Your speech was great. You don't only show has the importance of fashion, but how important it is being yourself, and not a copy of fashion epitomes. Thanks for being to lovely!

  61. Just watched your speech, and I loved it. You were amazing, and your speech was so inspiring for us newer bloggers. Keep up the good work! We love you for who you are and what you do.

  62. I'm crying. That's the amazing speech!! And my tears are the tears of happiness! I believe in feature more now than it was before your speech!! That's my first comment here :)

  63. I was about moving! I found this talk so inspiring, you gave me the same feeling than when I first heard Steve Jobs speech at Stanford. Keep on,baci, Viviana … and as you just adviced, come to see my blog, it's brand new and TOTALLY cool! Hope you'll enjoy

  64. Wow Andy that was amazingly inspiring :)I really love your blog and I will keep following it. I also want to start a blog with my personal fashion style but I'm going to wait because I'm still in high School!

  65. ANDY! enserio que eres una inspiración para mi :) estaba un poco desanimada con mi blog y ver este video definitivamente me hizo recordar por que empece… ERES GENIALISISIMA! JAJAJA deberías venir a Mexico :(!!!BESOS DESDE MÉXICO

  66. Andy, you made a great speech, it was really amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us your experience and knowledge it was fascinating! I have a great appreciation and respect to you! I wish you all the best!!!Hugs and kisses from IsraelOcean Wind

  67. Sometimes when I saw that your post have more that 100 comments I tought that só robe already said what I would say (you look amazing, perfect…) but this post I really need to comment.I'm 15 and this video really inspire me, make me wanna do more and better on my blog. It doesn't seem that you were nervous at all!!!I can't describe how much I love this video and your blog so thank you so much for having this blog that inspire me every single day!I hope one be can be so amazing like you.Thank you for be yourself :)XOXO

  68. Great talk Andy! Te felicito, ahora sé un poquito más sobre vos y cómo lograste este gran blog que te cambió la vida. Ojalá algún día vengas a Argentina. Besos!

  69. Felicitaciones, Andi! Estuvo muy linda la charla- Es dificil hablar frente a un publico no importa si no es muy grande ( a mi me pone muy mal) asi que kuddos to you and once again, congrats ;D

  70. oh, it´s absolutely fantastic! i believe you must be so nervous, but the result is pretty amazing. it inspires me a lot, thank you again for your advices! :)

  71. Oh my gosh Andy that was SO inspirational !! All you said resonated in my head and gave me great advice on how to run my blog. I really appreciate how you stayed true to yourself, you deserve it you are such a talented person !So, as you said : I've just started this AMAZING blog that is going to change your life so go check it out right now !! haha

  72. Great video Andy! I took some much from it. I really wanted to blog about me every day like you. But how much I try I figured out that for me it's impossible. Because I don't have body for those amazing clothes, I don't have any photographer I don 't have any chance. But I really admire your succes! :) You are amazing! :))

  73. Hi Andy!You're super lovely. I've came through your blog so many times, but I've never followed because your style is not really similar to mine, but lately I've been watching your monki tv videos, and this one, and I just felt I had to tell you how amazing you are.I know that people might tell you that everyday, but I found so amazing and brave what you did (the fact that you traveled so far to follow your dreams and the fact that you were alone so many time with no results but didn't give up) that I had to say it.As you said, being yourself really works out, and now you have a new follower. ♥Marley

  74. a watch it again andd again! I'm glad that you have to talk about moving to Holland, I've always wondering about it.xx

  75. I love it Andy! I think I also need to overcome my fears…Congratulations for having achieved everything you wanted without giving up…And by the way I loved your look!Keep Going

  76. I feel totally inspired by this video!! I started my blog about 2 months ago!! And after listening to your speech I feel like I'm in the right track!! Love it!! By the way love that skirt!!

  77. Hi Andy! thanks for this video.Great talk!(And congratulations for being so calm while you gave this speech!)

  78. I love it Andy! My favourite piece of your advice is to be yourself, this is so key for a number of reasons. If your blog or other project/product is just copying others, there's no way to differentiate yourself obviously, as you pointed out. But maybe even more importantly, speaking in your *true* voice will keep you motivated and focused on your path, instead of watching others and trying to do what they do. It will give you personal satisfaction and an outlet for expression, which is what we're all doing this for. Even if I have no readers, I can be proud of my content, because it's true to me. Congratulations on your TED talk, be very, very proud of yourself and putting in the hard work even in the face of obstacles!! You are an inspiration to us all.

  79. Andy you're fantastic!!..Your advices are so good and real!…Please, if you have time…come to see my blog and tell me what you think about it…!You're so smart and bright!!

  80. Hey congrats, great talk! How was the overall event in Amsterdam? I'm myself a huge fan of TED and I was part of the TEDx Brussels staff this year, amazing experience!Have great day! xxLise

  81. Andy, I'm so impressed about your speech.You spoke with your heart, and you've demonstrated that blogging is a serious and wonderful thing.Thank you for sharing your precious tips and thank you for helping all the bloggers who do it with huge passion and hard work to be more proud of be a blogger.As a blogger, I've appreciated a lot what you've said.Congrats and keep going on like you're doing.Sara Ottavia C.

  82. Great talk Andy ! I didn't know that much about you, it's a message of hope you're sending to all the fashion lovers saying that we can find our place in fashion if we're ready to fight, and I also started a fashion blog thinking it could help me, obviously there are much more bloggers nowadays so it's hard, plus I'm don't really look like a model but all you said was right, and I gotta say your English is perfect congrats ! – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  83. This is so inspiring!! Ur absolutely amazing, and u have such success!! I really do admire you. Such a talented girl. Keep up the good work :) xoxo from Norway

  84. Andy!!!! sos lo mas!!! me encanta tu blog y adore todo lo que dijiste porque los tres tips los percibí desde la primera vez que vi tu blog y comencé a seguirte, sos una gran inspiración y te deseo muchos éxitos mas y gracias por compartir con nosotras todo!besosLara

  85. I've watched it yesterday and it was very inspiring and at the same time very practical. Thank you for sharing your experience!And by the way, I ADORE your blog!!

  86. ¡Me ha encantado tu charla Andy! Y ¡además he entendido todo! jeje Qué envidia ver cómo te desenvuelves en inglés ¡de mayor quiero hablar inglés como tú! :)¡Un besuco y a seguir triunfando!Elsa

  87. Hello Andy!!! I Agree with everything you've said! I started my blog back in 2009, I'm from the Dominican Republic and I would be glad if you can take a moment to see it!Congrats and A lot of Success!BesosSager

  88. Congrats Andy! I loved your talk. You never fail to inspire me. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do, you're beautiful and talented.<3 xoxo Holly


  90. Congratulations Andy! Great speech!As u said: I'm inviting you to check out my blog, I would love to know your opinion:)xoxoKasia;)

  91. It's been not so much time that I've been reading your blog but I find it really interesting. I also follow you on Youtube because Videoblog is something that is passionating me these days. Watching this video made me want to blog more and more and above all not letting it down.I am making a blog with 2 friends of mine and we are trying our best to be noticed as we like fashion and writing, but we came to realize how it is difficult to get comments or noticed, but seeing you explaining how you came to become this famous is pretty much impressive and inspiring to me! I'll keep reading your blog and watching your videos for sure! Thanks a lot for your advices!Shug'A'Very from Incognito

  92. you did a great job! it was so inspiring and exactly what I needed to hear right now! you are fantastic!C

  93. I am a persistent follower of your blog since last year and I use to check your blog almost every day but without posting….Today, after this awesome video I finally decided to post. Just to highlight how much I like to read you, your style is gorgeous but your closeness to your readers is even better.Wish you all the best! And continue like this….you will get so far!Congratulations from Spain,Ana.

  94. Very informative and inspiring! Really love your blog and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I'm happy that you've persisted in making your dream come true!

  95. Andy, That was such a great speech! You shouldn't have been nervous at all! Don't worry… you couldn't tell. I just knew from past posts or tweets or something. Great job! :)

  96. This speech in the movie is sooo useful. On one hand, these tips are so obvious and easy to get but on the other hand when they're said, I see how I must remember about them everyday of my blogging. I have my blog for over two years now but I'm no further to your sucess. Thank you for making me believe again that dreams may come true. :)

  97. Hi Andy, I've been reading your blog for a while and I just want to say that it has been very inspirational. Thanks for doing what you do! Congrats on speaking at TED, you totally deserve it!

  98. Hi Andy, I always read your blog but rarely comment but this time it worth it! It is the first time that I see a speech from a blogger who doesn't talk only abut fashion, collaborations and success; you really transmit your passion and it is wonderful to see that there's still someone who took the best from experiences and don't think to be a star and act like this.x

  99. Andy, you're amazing! You're a great inspiration for anyone, especially for those of us who are afraid to follow their dreams. Your blog is awesome, you have a great style and you're such a sweet person! I lovelovelove your blog :) Keep posting, you're fantastic!- xx, Matildaps. I live in Helsinki, Finland and I feel like you should know that you have a great number of followers here too!

  100. Buenisimo el video Andy! Me encantó la charla! Saludos desde Argentina! Espermos alguna vez tener el honor de contar con tu presencia en el fashion week de Buenos Aires!

  101. I agree with roberta comment: "I admire you soo much Andy.. really, i think that in the area of fashion bloggers you are the only that use, not only style and fashionable clothes, but also heart and brain.. So, continue to surprise us, you already do that great!"I love you Andy' your'e my biggest inspiration!

  102. Andy! Me encantó tu speech! Totalmente inspirador… Gracias por compartirlo. Eres genial y por tu constancia te mereces el éxito que has construido… :)

  103. Me encanta todo lo que has dicho. A veces pueden parecer cosas obvias pero necesitamos que alguien nos las recuerde. Y, es toda una motivación que parte del exito de los blogs, como el tuyo, sea que eres tú mismo.Felicidades! :)Un besito

  104. Hola guapísimame ha encantado tu charla, super inspiradora, encantada de conocerte mejormuchos besos

  105. Andy! I love your speech! It's been amazing, I've seen it twice and I can't stop watching it cause it's awesome! Never give up this world because you're great!!! Keep struggling to become better and better every day! I admire you!! you are the best!!! xoxo

  106. Increíble discurso, esto puede ayudar a mucha gente a seguir adelante con su blog y me fascina escuchar tu historia como la de cualquier otra gente, que ha conseguido lo que se proponía desde el principio sin echarse en ningún momento atrás. Tiene mucho mérito.Enhorabuena, y gracias por los consejos (:Take Care!

  107. Felicidades Andy, y gracias por la charla, me ha servido para coger algunas ideas y reforzar otras que yo ya tenía, para aplicar no solo al blog de moda que tengo como hobbie, si no también al blog en el que trabajo a nivel profesional y laboral. Para cuando el próximo speech?

  108. I admire you!! This was such an inspiration especialy when you said that people will forget you if you don't post almost every day and in this blogosphere it is so true!So thank you for reminding me what I'm here for :))

  109. Andy, as you're a super well known blogger, I used to check your blog every couple of days to see what's up, what you're wearing, where are you travelling to etc., but after watching this video I felt really connected. It was simple, personal, down to earth, professionaly given and last but not least- motivational. I loved it!

  110. Andy!!! Estuviste genial!!!!! He visto el vídeo como 5 veces… Dominaste los nervios de maravilla! Estamos súper orgullosos de tí!!Mañana hago un post en mi blog sobre tu charla, y también colgaré el vídeo! Sería un honor para mí que te pasaras!Un beso fuerte y KEEP ON ROCKING!! 

  111. Amazing video, very inspirational!U encourage me for some things that i might not do without ur speech about university!xoxo

  112. Andy el sabado tengo que hacer una prsetacion algo parecida en Varsovia lo que me asusta del caso es que sera en Polaco, lo hablo muy bien me da terror cometer un error o no pronunciar bien un palabra, noooobueno me acordare de como lo has hecho :D

  113. Tienes mucha razon cuando dices que te sientes muy orgullosa de haberlo hecho bien porque has estado genial Andy!!!Tomo nota de los tres puntos y de la frase, que sin duda encierra un mensage muy motivador!Besos preciosa

  114. Congratulations. I really liked what you said and the way you said it. During your talk, we can feel what you've learned during those 4 years and also you determination. I was impressed.

  115. Oh wow! You really did a great job!And the look of your PowerPoint is so sweet :)I've heard those phrases as well, "You won't make it in the fashion industry' but your a such a good example that one should keep chasing her dreams.I wish you all the best for your future!And don't forget to visit my blog, it will change your life ;)Love from Germany,Dominique*

  116. excellent, andy! great job! you are so talented in speaking in front of peoples! you are so natural, i like your personality.lovely greets and a wonderful tuesday.maren

  117. Pretty awesome and inspiring! (I think I'm going to start commenting at least the first time I visit your blog each day jaja :))) )Thanks for telling us you amazing story which let me spechless!Now I know we must not give up even things turn complicate!Thanks again, you deserved all of this happening to you!The best for you.YOU'RE MY FAV BLOGGER OF ALL THE WORLD:)

  118. andy, i'm so prund of you make it finally,you make me motivated to do my work day by day.yes…i believe ur words, be yourself.regard, ur hong kong reader, fannie ; )

  119. Andy – You are absolutely amazing & a real inspiration :)I'm an Indian style blogger and when I just started, things just didn't seem to work. Slowly however, things turned around and my network is building everyday. Keep inspiring not only bloggers but lots of people world over.<3

  120. You are awesome Andy! You are such a big inspiration! I'm in a very hard bussiness sector myself, I want to make it in the music industry. Not as a musician, but as an organisiser. This tips are very helpfull for me and you remind me that I have to stay myself en be confident about myself, I can do this, I just have to show people! :) Thank you! :)

  121. Very catchy speech and you don't look nervous at all.Congrats on your first big talk… hope there will be loads more to come :)

  122. wow Andy this Ted talk was Amazing thanks so much for been yourself you are a rolmodel for all of us kisses Virgitcheck out my Giveaway on my blog

  123. you did a super great job! I started a blog 4 month ago and thanks to your speech because you give some great advices and tips! and by the way, your blog was the first one I followed, I just love your style!greetings from germany xxx

  124. Congratulations, Andy!! You did an amazing job!!!! To be a part of TED talks is such a fantastic opportunity, I'm so proud of you, and everything you said was so true. Excellent work!!! xo

  125. omg .. You are so awesome .! it must have been hard for u to come up as a e blogger .. all the best ,.! and it does not seem that were nervous at aLl .!

  126. I admire you soo much Andy.. really, i think that in the area of fashion bloggers you are the only that use, not only style and fashionable clothes, but also heart and brain.. So, continue to surprise us, you already do that great! Congrats

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