Its time for another Monki Television episode! (How I wish these episodes never ended) … This time the task was to find some goodies to DIY one of my favorite Monki Blouses so I went on the search for them to my ultimate favorite fabric shop in Amsterdam… Lets see we can find! :)

If the video on the post doesn’t load, you can watch the episode ➙HERE. (I don’t know why but the video works and then it doesn’t and then it works again :S)


¡Es hora de un nuevo episodio de “Monki Television”! (Como me gustaría que nunca se terminaran)…En este episodio me pidieron que encontrara algo para un proyecto de “Hazlo tu misma” y decidí modificar una de mis blusas de Monki…¡Vamos a ver que encontramos! :)

Si el video no se ve, puedes checar el episodio AQUI. (No se por que el video de repente sirve y de repente no :S)


  1. Haha, omg we are the same person in a fabric store! I go crazy too, most of the time I just bring everything home and starts sewing, I adore it! Love these cute Monki videos! You're lovely :)

  2. Andy, I saw your talk on TED and I must say it was an incredible lecture. Very, very inspiring! I completely agree that people are hungry for inspiration. In fact, I consider myself like that.I identify with everything you said, actually, I recently started a blog. It was very interesting what you said about "making your voice heard", "brands that my readers can afford" and "put your personality across". I agree with you, I really think it's all about that.I was your fan before and, now, with this speech, I am much more. Congratulations on your determination. You are an example that we should go forward and we never give up our dreams. Thank you for all the tips and inspiration. They were all very important to me. You are truly amazing.Kisses from your brazilian reader that, by the way, is "just starting this amazing blog that is going to change your lifes". Did I get that right? haha | @dressmysoul

  3. i've been in amsterdam only once and the only shop i shopped from was monki! really loved it!great video!xx

  4. woow the shop is really awesome! whats the adress of it? cause next time I'll be in amsterdam I really have to go to this shop.By the way, you should make some DIY posts again, they were really inspiring!!xx

  5. the video didn't work to me too… Never mind, I watched it on :) Anyway, I was wondering if you will show us the DIY that you made… I hope so! :Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  6. Buenos días Andyyyyyy!!!!Que de videos subes!!!HOy enseñamos nuestra nueva colección!!! no te la puedes perder!!!Un besazo enorme!HERMANAS BOLENA¡¡hoy en primicia, adelanto de nuestra nueva colección!!

  7. Andy!! Now that the new 5 Mango It Girl nominees are up, what do you think about them? Camille Co is representing for my country (Philippines) and I am so proud of her! Tell us what you think! Who's your bet? ;)<3,Veronica

  8. I love this video of yours…Andy, you have to make your own video more often..We love watching you :)Guys visit my new blog..It's a different fashion blog..CHECK IT OUT!and DON'T forgot to follow me ;)stylefax.blogspot.comKisses ;)

  9. Andy, pensé que era mi computadora la que no me permite ver los videos pero ya probé con varias.No hay alguna otra pag donde pueda verlos?Un beso!

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