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This year is coming to an end tonight and what a year it was…I am feeling a bit –lot– nostalgic about this because 2011 was so special for me, full of such incredible experiences, trips and new people in my life.
I start every year thinking and hoping to have an even better new year and so far it has happened so once again, here I am hoping that 2012 brings even better things.
I hope you all have an amazing start of the year and the amazing thing about life is that every day, we get the chance to start over, so why not today?


127 thoughts on “THE LAST SUNSET

  1. y sigo sin poder decifrar de que parte de mexico eres hahaha…abrazos desde la perla del pacifico y muy feliz año nuevo…gracias por tanta inspiracion este 2011!

  2. yo tambien te dseo lo mejor Andy, que TODOS tus sueños se hagan realidad y este 2012 sea aun mas bueno!besitos y feliz fin de año!

  3. i wish you the best of luck in 2012!I just want to say i loooove your blog so much. Everyday i can't wait to see your post and it's giving me loads of inspiration. Every time. May your blogging adventure take forever!

  4. Hola Andy!….nose si aún leas tus comments, pero intentaré y no me quedaré con las ganas de decirte que realmente eres una inspiración para mi en todos los aspectos! =) Yo también soy de México y en verdad tu blog y tú fueron de las razones por las que yo decidí lanzarme y crear el mío propio. Creo que tu has ayudado a cambiar el modo de ver la moda, volverlo menos superficial y hacerlo mucho más cercano a nuestra realidad. Me emociona mucho ver tus primeros posts y saber que siempre se empieza poquito a poco, y al leer los nuevos y ver tus fotos, espero ver mi blog así un día de éstos!Gracias!!! de corazón por demostrar que cuando se quiere se puede y aparte mexicana! no buenooo! que mejor! Lo mejor de lo mejor para ti hoy y siempre! Feliz año nuevo!!Alesi pudieras darte una vuelta a mi blog sería increíble para mi!!! acepto recomendaciones y consejos de todo tipo!

  5. Well said, it remains me of a quote i read a while backEach morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. happy new year to you too!wish you the best 2012

  6. Tú sabes que estás en provincia cuando ves un Soriana…lol… te deseo un excelente 2012, me encanta tu blog, sobre todo porque eres de las pocas mexicanas bloggeras que han conocido el éxito internacional, toda una musa.

  7. Estas de Visita por nuestro kerido Mexico???????? ya decia yo que conocia el supermercado jajajajahermoso atardecer,, Buen Dia andyyyy….. un besoatte: Janethdesde Mexicooo XD

  8. Happy New Year Andy!Im mexican too, Im from San Luis and guess what?"I just started this amazign blog that is gonna change your life!" (just like you said in your TED talk jaja) I would love if you check it out :)

  9. Wishing you a happy new year, Andy!What do you think of a ''my favorite looks 2011'' post? I really liked the 2010 ones.I know my english isn't perfect: I'm italian :)XOXO Vio

  10. happy new year andy!!! i wish all the happiness and all the luck in the whole world for you!!!thanx for always sharing your outfits and little thoughts with your readers… your blog makes life a little better… everyday.enjoy your NYE and 2012!

  11. What a wonderful way to start the new year, hoping that it will be even better than the last…Happy 2012 and hope it's full of wonderful things for you!María xx

  12. This year I discovered your blog and you insipired me so much! You have an incredible style, Andy! I wish you a happy new year, and keep doing what you do because you do it very well! Well done! PS. I started a new blog, and you may also like it, so feel free to visit me :)

  13. Beautiful shot! I wish you a fabulous 2012 and I am looking forward to many many inspirarations from you. Cause that's what you do, inspire! xo, Christina

  14. i totally understand how you feel Andy dear;-) i also tend to get nostalgic at the end of the year!! i think you should be very proud of your accomplishments in 2011. i agree that it has been a great and giving year!!hope 2012 will bring you much happiness and even more exciting new experiences!!lovemodepistol

  15. Yes, that's exactly what I have to do… just start it all over! 2011 has been far from perfect for me…Best wishes to you Andy! I hope you're going to experience a lot of amazing things next year as well! :o)x


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