December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

The day is finally here and I am giving my TED talk in about 4 hours. Am I nervous? Heck yes I am! In fact, I am more nervous than I expected to be, but I’ll be fine….I have been anticipating and stressing over this for almost 3 months and its crazy to think that a talk that will only last 9 minutes can play such a big role in my emotions.
The truth is, this is HUGE and so important for me. I have been so inspired watching TED talks for over 5 years and I cant believe that I am giving one today, it is so surreal! … I wish my mom was here today to see this, I am so nervous and could really use a speech from her to calm me down right now.

Wish me luck!!!!

Sweater: ZARA / Pants: ZARA / Shoes: ALDO
 / Coat: ZARA (last year) / Necklace: Fashionology.nl / Sunnies: H&M