Yes, I am indeed going bare legged again, but wait! This time I have a better excuse…I shot these pictures almost right after coming back from NY from the Versace for H&M show at the beginning of November, you know, those times when it was still kinda “warm” outside and no, I am not trying to start (as one of my anonymous and very polite commenters said -sense the sarcasm-) a ridiculous barelegged winter trend ;)

I LOVE this bomber jacket and although it was a part of the Mens collection, it was indeed the item that I wanted the most.

Happy Sunday!


Si, voy de nuevo sin medias, pero esta vez tengo una buena excusa…Tomamos estas fotos poquito después de regresar de NY del desfile de Versace para H&M, ya sabes, cuando todavía hacia “calorcito” y no, no estoy tratando de empezar una tendencia ridícula de andar sin medias en invierno (como alguien tan educado/a comento anónimamente en el blog el otro día -¿Se noto el sarcasmo?- ;)

Me fascina esta chamarra, de hecho, a pesar de que era de la colección para hombres, fue lo que mas me gusto y aunque me queda un poco grande, no importa, eso quiere decir que se la puedo prestar a….. :)

¡Que tengan un bonito Domingo!

Bomber Jacket: Versace for H&M / Dress: ZARA / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

156 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “ONE OF THE BOYS”

  1. You look fab!In my country in winter its very common wears tights that makes it seems that we are not wearing tights.So I don't see any problem use them even if it's cold.Kiss from Portugal:)

  2. From the very first glance I knew that jacket would be much sexier on a girl that on Kayne West))))))Great on you!with love from Ukrainehttp://acupofmary.blogspot.com/

  3. Andy, seriously, how can you walk with these shoes from Zara? I love it but I regret every time I wear it. Do you have any hidden secret? Please share it! xoxo…Carola

  4. Hi ANDY, I haven't visited your blog in soo long because of school work and its been killing me!! But I just wanted to say congratulations on your Ted Talk presentation/interview!! Your story is so inspiring and I'm really happy for you. I've been following you since i started blogging back in 09' and i'll always be one of your biggest fans! <3 x,sagalina

  5. Hi Andy!I just love that jacket from the Versace for H&M collection! It's fabulous, althought I didn't manage to buy it. I got two lovely dresses, but not the jacket. Lucky you!:)Beijinhos,A Menina dos Óculoswww.thebubblygirlinglasses.blogspot.com

  6. Looks very cool on you! I'm not that lucky, I'm not even see a piece in the stores here.. very sad. Not even the jewelry..I like when girls wear men clothes. It's amazing because we can wear their clothes looking amazing but they can't wear ours hahaxxx

  7. ha i always check out the mens department everywhere i go ;) nothing to be ashamed of! And you shouldnt let anonymous comments bother you, they are just jealous and if you wanted to walk around bare legged all winter its your choice!! i think you look amazing anyway ;)!!

  8. Preciosa la chaqueta! jejeje es verdad lo de las medias, yo ultimamente lo veo mucho y pienso lo mismo, pero no me puedo creer que con el frio que hace la gente lo haga a posta… UN beso ^^http://blythelifestyle.blogspot.com/

  9. Andy! Andy! Andy! Your TED talk is up on youtube already! I just finished watching Kelly's and yours! GOOD JOB! You did great!!! Two thumbs up for you! d-_-bJust type Andy Torres TED on the search engine if you wanna watch it :) You are such an inspiration! More power to you!!!!Veronica Pantaleonwww.twitter.com/vdpantaleon

  10. I agree that it's ridiculous barelegged winter trend ! Disappearance of tights from fashion that happened few years ago is probably one of the worst separated influence of gay designers ever . Anyway , bloggers promote real life street style , not a catwalk style , write ? I'm glade that you are trying to be honest …

  11. I would never ever think that Andy gets anonymous rude comments,there's someone who doesn't like you?!?!I'm following you from your beginning,have folder full of pictures of you on my laptop as inspiration,but rarely comment because it's a problem through bloglovin.I had to comment this one:) Amazing jacket!I wanted to buy it but it was out of stock in minutes:-S ADORE the look!Keep up the good work,you know we love you;)xxB.

  12. OMG I'm in love with that jacket !!!! Sadly here in Lugano arrived just a few pieces of the man's collection and the jacket wasn't in the shop :(.You're stunninglovewww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  13. Hi Andy!Nice outfit..Where are your rings from?I would love to knoww where did yu get those thin,silver rings,that you wore 3 of them on the same hand!Have a great day:)

  14. Pues aunque sea de hombre queda genial con este outfit! Y que piensen lo que quieran de ir con medias o sin, cada uno puede ir como le apetezca no?Have a nice day (:

  15. jajajaa muy bueno el comment de "sin medias" pero en México es así! que vamos a hacer? jajaja…Nada andy! que si es sin medias sin ellas! y cuando deban llevarse se llevarán! jajajajaa… en lo personal a mi las medias de color natural me parecen espantosas!

  16. you look awesome! and jacket is perfect. How pity that i didnt get the idea to check man part of collection on time…( will take into account for future!=))

  17. Kanye West wore that jacket when he performed in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show :) Looks great on you as well!I've a question! How would you wear a simple sheer tank top (a bright close to salmon pink) on a night out to a club? I have a party to attend to in 3 days and I'm freaking out! I don't have time to buy anymore! Hope I could get a reply just like on my birthday! :)XO,Veronica Pantaleonwww.twitter.com/vdpantaleon

  18. The first though was indeed bare legs??!! but okay in november it was doable. I love that you take pieces from the mens collection I do that to sometimes. Why stay away from the mens collection if they have beautiful pieces that you can wear!

  19. It's the one piece that I loved from the collection, the others were kinda obvious to me. Love the velevet detail of it. Nice outfit. ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  20. It can be a jacket of the Mens collection but look só amazing on you Andy!!!Your style really inspire me :)XOXOhttp://foreverfashion-2011.blogspot.com/

  21. Me paso lo mismo con el abrigo de hombre que tiene las mangas de cuero, fue lo que más me gustó de toda la colección.¡Me encanta el outfit Andy! Guapisima! Un beso

  22. Ciao Andy!A piace quella tendenza in inverno a gambe nude.Look meraviglioso!!Visitate anche il mio blog,grazie!!www.LBmode.blogspot.com

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