I have been searching for a cool pair of leopard pants for a looooong time and this might not be the perfect pair, but gosh are they comfortable! And I would know, I did the “squatting all over my hallway” test and I succeeded without getting a gigantic crotch rip ;)

I have been spending a long time wrapping Christmas presents, I love it so much and I get all creative with the paper and the ribbons (in another life, I would have a “Let me wrap your presents business). Im getting so excited about the fact that  Christmas Eve is just 3 days away!!! In which part of the world are you spending the Christmas holidays?

Pants: ZARA / Sweater: Stylein / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Boots: ACNE

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  1. LOVE THEM ! but i dont quite like the studded details on the pants though.. I think you'll find the perfect leopard jeans from Joe's Jeans ! they're not too expensive but they're just nice ! here's the link : http://bit.ly/tjvOeU (I swear it's not spam Andy ! :)

  2. Qué lindas fotos Andy! Espero que pasés una lindísima navidad! Yo la pienso pasar aquí en Costa Rica con mi familia :) Nada mejor que la familia para navidad verdad?

  3. I'm gonna spend christmas days in China to visit my family and later in Seoul and my tho (vietnam) – also to visit family and friends. Christmastime is the time of the year when I travel most, but normally I have like five flights – this year just 3. Maybe I'm flying to Paris for Silvester – so excited (:

  4. Hahahahhaa, you are the funniest,did not even know that do the skinnypanttestsquat existed untill I read this post today!!!!Well then I know what to do when I think I have the perrrrfect pants, do the (skinny)panttestsquat first to be sure ;)Lot's of love for todayCiao bella

  5. Hermosos los pantalones!!! quiero unos así! tengo muchas combinaciones en mente n.n ¿no vendras a méxico para pasar la navidad? n.n!!!FELIZ YA CASI NAVIDAD ANDY!!BESOS DESDE MÉXICOhttp://thefantastico.blogspot.com/

  6. He estado buscando unos pantalones así desde hace mucho, los ví aquí en Zara pero no pude comprarlos antes de irme de vaciones. Espero y vuelva a toparme con unos así.Que estés bien, saludos desde Méxicowww.akireisthinking.blogspot.com

  7. Amazing pants! You look stunning. And I love wrapping Christmas gifts, even though I haven't wrapped so many this year, cause I'm going to give homemade baked goods to my friends and relatives for Christmas. I'm super excited too! I'm going to spend my holidays here in Greece, but I'm not complaining. I like it! :)

  8. great outfit! I'm excited for christmas too even though I probably won't be getting any gifts. I'll still be enjoying it though, up here in Canada :)http://lavie-amonavis.blogspot.com

  9. I just love two-watches trend. So great if you have someone you love or like a lot in a different time zone and you don't want to wear these huge two-time-zones watches. :) Thanks for the inspiration – as always! Xmademoiselle-lala.com

  10. Me encanta tu look, es sencillo pero te queda de maravilla, la combinación es perfecta, me lo apunto! Yo también he publicado un post con print de leopardo, ¿te apetece pasar y me das tu opinión?besoswww.rosabueso.blogspot.com

  11. hahahaha I'm glad you didn't rip them, they're too cute! I'm surprised they're more of a denim styling, I love it.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  12. Amazing outfit!The pants look amazing with the black clothes! You just think in evereything!!!Merry Christmas :)XOXOhttp://foreverfashion-2011.blogspot.com/

  13. I so love the little studs on the pockets of your jeans! They are so cool! Looking great as usual dear! xohttp://chicstayathome.blogspot.com

  14. this looks is soo nice on you..soo pretty..and i love your jewerlly collcetion aa in love with your watches..Mi_Mixmi-miworld.blogspot.com/

  15. As much as I love christmas, I cant get myself in Xmas cheer cause few days ago died our ex president Václav Havel ,who was one of the greatest person ever,and we have 3 days of state mourning , so this year Christmas may be different and melancholic..

  16. so lovely andy! love this pants and u look so great! :) I'm spending christmas time going back home for Christmas in my village near Barcelona! :)x

  17. Great outfit! I love your pants!And well, I'm spending Christmas in Holland with the family. Travel from east to west to visit everybody.Have a great weekend!!xo Madeleinewww.madstyling.com

  18. Honestly this pair of pants may not have looked good on other normal ppl!!:p but with u, any thing looks awesome!!! Btw i also love love wrapping gifts!!Merry Christmas!! Have an grt week!!

  19. Lovin' your outfit! Actually tried on the darker version of these pants and I regret I didn't buy them 'cos they're not in stock anymore.I'm flying home tomorrow to Czech Republic. Can't wait! :) xoxo

  20. great look!! love the jacket!I will spend my Christmas with my family in my town near Barcelona. This year I won't go to any disco or party as I am pregnant (8 months!) and it's impossible!!I don't know what I am going to wear hahaha!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  21. are you flying over to mexico to spend xmas and new years eve or yre you gonna stay in amsterdam?i also love wraping presents, this is one of the coolest things from xmas after unwraping presentS!enjoy this beautiful wednesday!xoannaliveonbeauty.org

  22. Me encantan los regalos…y más ver la cara de la gente al abrirlos!!!Yo me iré a Madeira (Portugal) a pasarlo con la familia… esto de vivir lejos de la familia es lo que tiene…Navidad es epoca de regresar al nido :)Beijinhos

  23. love the pants I am currently in the search of a good pair in snake print…I'll be spending the Holiday in Los Angeles even though I am currently in Mexico :)Besos guapa!Lizette

  24. omg!!! those pants are incredible!!! i actually thought that they are normal leggings from first sight but these are so much better!!!! the "crotch rip test" :DDDDi'm so excited aout christmas too and i'm spending it in switzerland with my parents!! ^^ just a few more days to go and i can't wait to give everyone their presents!!! :))

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