Don’t be fooled by the title of this post, I would never wear Crocs on the blog – not the actual animal, but the hideous looking shoe – , not that I hate them, I just really really really dislike them, ok I hate them, what I do love is the croc print on my skirt which was actually the back of the skirt, but I loved it so much, that I decided to wear it on the front.
I know, I know, I have been wearing my Versace for H&M items a lot now, but it was the best opportunity for me to wear this skirt without having to wear tights as well, so I took it ;)

I wore this on Christmas day and its probably the first time in my life that I have worn something with a palm and croc print during the holiday season, I just felt so daring -plus it was hot outside- :P

Skirt: Versace for H&M / Shoes: ZARA / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim 


223 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “CROCS”

  1. OMG Andy! You scared me into thinking that you were wearing those hideous Crocs – as in the shoes. Luckily, you meant the adorable crocodile skirt you're wearing. Please don't ever scare me like that again! :) xoxoShoes and Jules

  2. I have to admit that I like this skirt on You, despite my dislike to this HM collaboracion:) And You were in my dream last night;p I don't know why hahah…alkai…

  3. At first when I read the title of this blog I thought… if any one pulls of crocs (the shoes) I guess it will only be you, hahaha. Happy to see that you were talking about a adorable croc skirt instead! Cute.-Janiwww.funfashionfit.comwww.foottraffic.com

  4. You are right, crocs are horrible! A friend of ours just got a pair the other day and I had to hold my tongue – mortified was the emotion but there wasn't even a word I would use to describe the craziness of wearing such shoes on one's feet… their justification comfort – I will say it again – 'I would rather put a campfire out with my face'! Love the skirt – the bag is gorgeous too!http://lovestyleblogging.blogspot.com/LSBxoxo

  5. When I saw the title of this post, I was shocked! But then I scrolled down and saw that it was another perfect outfit. Totally obsessed with your style right now. Thank you for being you and expressing your style in so many different ways. Much love

  6. you look great. love that skirt. I hate crocs too – the other day told a friend that i never put this thing on my kids feet even if they are the most comfortable shoes in the world ;)http://excurlythoughts.blogspot.com

  7. Such a good look andy. What place better to wear these items than Mexico? You look like an adorbale and uber cool school girl, in the good way. Love your blog. ♥-Axellwww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  8. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous and the pattern is so interesting! :) Great blog & thanks for posting your fashion/style!fashionablyembraced.blogspot.com/

  9. amo tu estilo eres mi fuente de inspiracion ala hora de vestirme soy hombre pero cada vez que voy a salir veo tu blog y busco en mi armario algo parecido alo que traes puesto claro con ropa de hombre jaja y triunfo en la calle eres mi idolo siempre te tengo en mi mente en verdad que eres una gran gran blogger y mas por ser mexicana y haber logrado ser lo que hoy eres encerio que eres mi modelo a seguir siempre veo tu blog y me lleno de inspiracion no hay dia que no lo haga eres unica andy por sierto somos tocallos de apellidos jaja me llamo Juan Torres saludos desde hidalgo del parral chihuahua mexico. iloveyou ANDY!!! =)

  10. Okey definitivamente estas en México ¿donde andas Andy? :P, ame la falda! ojala este año tenga la oportunidad de ir a E.U.A para comprar algunas cosas en H&M :P BESOS DESDE MÉXICOhttp://thefantastico.blogspot.com/

  11. Fabulous outfit! ♥ You never fail to inspire and surprise me with your original, amazing and unique sense of style Andy! :)Haha and like many others, I thought you were going to be sporting a pair of crocs too! Although I'm not a big fan of them myself either, I was curious to see how you would style them!The Style Moodboard

  12. love this skirt! the color is amazing. i'd love for you to take a look at my blog if you get a moment, xo, nikkihttp://carry-on-couture.blogpsot.com

  13. OMG Andy… Yesterday I was told you that your outfits are better and better… And I should writte it againnnnn because are FABULOUS!!!! But the thing is that it's difficult to think that your tomorrow outfit will be better… BUT NO! I DEFINITELY KNOW THAT WILL BE BETTERRRRRRRR! Y eso es difícil de superar a este porque me ha encantado!!!BESOS FROM BARCELONA!http://demodayaloloco.blogspot.com/

  14. i like your blog!! :D nice photos!I just started a blog with my girlfriendand i hope you can check it!Hope you like it and can follow us! :Dhttp://august19th.blogspot.com/http://august19th.blogspot.com/http://august19th.blogspot.com/http://august19th.blogspot.com/

  15. Hahahhaha, I almost got a heartattack reading the title of the post, I was like OH NO SHE DIDN'T, SHE DIDN't wear CROCSSSS!And then thank God I saw the übercool skirt with the golden shoes and I was like YEAH, love it!! Oh just wear that Versace/H&M stuff as much as you want, I am still bummed that they didn't sell one piece at the H&M where I live :(

  16. Haha you are funny about your comment about the crocs, I actually thought that they were ugly too until my friend got me a pair this summer. Very comfy and you can put different pins on them to make them tailor made crocs ;) Merry Xmas xoxo

  17. I know this may not seem very nice but I had already seen you on lookbook but I didn't know you were so famous, but then I saw you on Mango's facebook page and in another blog from a french girl and I was amazed. I really like your style and your work! And even if you're famous I think it's always good when people say our work is good. I started for real only a month ago in this blogger's world so maybe that's why I haven't heard about you. Congrats and keep on doing such a nice workxxxLily from http://secretsofa-girl.blogspot.com/

  18. I love the shoe disclaimer! I saw the title and thought there was NO possible way I would see those shoes on this bog haha! I am loving the crocs you do have on though! lovely skirt!

  19. Wow what a fun skirt-love it! It's looks so sunny and nice there-here we're having some very windy weather! Hello from Helsinki!xxxEhttp://dragonflyelisabeth.blogspot.com/

  20. Ha! I actually gasped thinking… hmmmm how's she gonna make Crocs look even SEMI ok. I'm glad you didn't test it out, I too HATE those shoes. But, I was happy to see your adorable skirt, especially paired with those gold oxfords. You look adorable!xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  21. Love the way you styled this skirt!Hope you had a lovely Christmas down in you home-country (or is that Holland these days…). Anyway, enjoy our last week in 2011!XO Charlottewww.thefashionguitar.com


  23. It is nice that you wear Versace collection a lot. I have the feeling many people bought it just because it was cool. I personally dislike almost every item of the collection, but it is nice to see that who bought it really uses!!The Life After

  24. Super cute outfit! The croc skirt looks great with those gold Zara flats too. Jealous of the warm weather you're having :) Hope you're having an amazing time! EF xohttp://theboudoirmemoirs.blogspot.com/

  25. Thank god you're not wearing crocs! haha. When I saw the title of this post I was a little worried…but definitely a pleasant surprise to see the beautiful skirt :)http://thelittletexan.blogspot.com/

  26. love your outfit :)I was first in shock when I read the title, ANDY WEARING CROCS, NOOOO..Lucky for me, it was only the print of the skirt, which I like a lot..xoxo

  27. Uufff you did scared me with that title andy :P "CROCS" AAAAHHHHH >.< My mother has one pair -_- she tries to convince me that they are confortable and shiz, and I like "whateva, they are damn too ugly"

  28. OH! i love this so much, the colour of the shoes yes, but not so much the shoes. and it is daring. you go Andy, you rock!!!!summer-ace.blogspot.comnotcaged.blogspot.com

  29. I think that what you do is the real mean of style! You wear everything you like and in the way you like! Just I consider myself lucky to follow you!! Love the outfit!!staminaproject.blogspot.com

  30. looves the outfit :)the 'crocs' pattern is so awesomethe bag is cooland the shoes is so amazing :)Hello from Indonesia!Titazwww.stylieandfoodie.blogspot.com

  31. very nice outfit andy! hope you are having fun in the new continent! u should post some pictures of your family and friends!xxannaliveonbeauty.org

  32. Oh my gosh what a great skirt at first I couldn't make out the crocs. And I agree with your feelings toward the shoe, I feel the same about Uggs or better yet the Uggly boots. Kisses,Lizette

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