Seeing these decorations all over the city is making me SO HAPPY and that is exactly why the song goes something like; ♪♫ Its the most wonderful time of the year! ♪♫ …You gotta love Christmas and now I am off to perform one of my Christmas traditions, apart from baking cookies and listening to Christmas carols on repeat until my ears explode of Christmassyness. My sister and I started this tradition when we were tiny little toddlers and to this day we still do it, but what is it that we do? drum roll please……We sit and watch home alone 1 and 2 over and over again, we just love it too much.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?


  1. I've just got back from Amsterdam describing my experiences in three words: I loved it!Your pictures remind me of the very nice " poffertjes,small pancakes " they've had on the Leidseplein,jammie!We found ourselves a very cute place through short stay amsterdam. They had a nice clean house for us with romantic view on the canals.maybe worth checking it out for your next trip,not too expensive either!

  2. Andy!! Hace aproximadamente dos semanas que no estuve entrando al blog… en realidad… estuve alejada de la pc!! Por más que sea tarde comento este post… divinas fotos… como quisiera por una vez poder pasar una navidad en un lugar así!! Aquí en Argentina, en mi ciudad, por lo menos, hay espiritu navideño se adorna pero no en esa magnitud!! Están precioso!!

  3. First, Amsterdam is beautifulSecond, I watch Home Alone 1 & 2 on the holidays as well. Nostalgic.Third, I'm a fan of your blog, I visit it everyday and I would like to congratulate you for the great year and I'm hoping for the best for 2012!

  4. I too watch Home alone 1 and 2 over and over again along with A Muppets Christmas Carol. It makes me so happy! When I was young, I gave turle dove ornaments to my family members!

  5. I love little Christmas stands in my town. All the lights and merry music. I like the nice food and the glow of happiness!

  6. I always drink some hot punch and watch "Love actually"…i love that movie soooo much! Though home alone 1&2 is also among my favourites :-)

  7. I could write this post myself hahaMy sister and I always watch the movies because we always did when we were kids too. Kevin McCallister is never enough :Dxxx

  8. Hola Andy!! Hace mucho tiempo que miro tu blog pero es la primera vez que comento, pero tenia que decirtelo: con mi hermano tengo exactamente la misma tradicion!!!! Todos los años tenemos que mirar estas peliculas, yo lo hize hace dos semanas ya, :) Te deseo una feliz navidad desde Francia!! Karine

  9. beautiful pics! it must be amazing there! i was in Vienna on Wednesday and the Christmas Market is also incredibly beautiful there : )home alone 1,2 are our traditions too, it´s something that cannot missing during christmas time : )have an amazing weekend!♥

  10. You what, my Christmas tradition is almost the same too, I have like a selected list of my favorite Christmas movies and I watch them over again for the whole month of December. and Home Alone 1 and 2 are in that list as well. How can you not love that movie, then again i've always been a huge Macaulay Culkin :)..but now my favorite movie is A Christmas Vacation, I adore the Griswolds :)

  11. Awww such beautiful decorations! I wish I was in Amsterdam right now. I'm jealous!Yes, I have some Christmas traditions too. They include baking for sure, while listening to Christmas songs. And I love watching Home Alone 1,2 or even 3. It's also a tradition to watch Christmas movies.

  12. hey, i am coming to Amsterdam from Israel in 10 days!! right after Christmas…:(but ill be there in the Silvester:)its so cold out there, right? i have notingggg to wear so worm!!.. hahaid like to here from you some tips for places to shop:)XXTal

  13. Wow! Love it! I was in Amsterdam exactly on the place on the 2nd pic like 2 years ago and now I miss it so much! Amsterdam at Christmas is just magical xoxo

  14. Last year I was in Amsterdam during the Christmas time. The city with all those lights was looking amazing.!And OMG… the wafels with chocolate…:)

  15. This is so pretty <3 I was where I lived was as cute as Amsterdam! I watch all the old Christmas cartoon specials that I used to love as a child…that's my tradition <3

  16. Wow, they really go crazy with the decorations! My sister and I have a similar tradition, but with The Santa Clause. Although we also watch Home Alone.

  17. Are you serious? It is just what I am doing my every Christmas watching home alone 1 and 2, it really has this christmas spirit) and now I made my bf watch this with me ;)

  18. Me encanta tu tradición…al vivir lejos de mi familia suelo decir a mi chico que para mi no es navidad si no veo Solo en Casa… ;) beijinhos e Feliz Navidad!

  19. Dear Andy,Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, better than any birthdays ever existed. As for traditions, the songs just makes it complete everytime… Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year!Sincerely,Rebecca

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