Wanna peek into my closet? … On this Monki Television episode I take you on a tiny tour around my apartment and most importantly, my closet! ;)
I have to admit that I might not have things colored coordinated but I do have them separated by garment type, it is much more organized and it makes it easier for me to find what I am looking for.
I have to share a little secret, each one of the blazers and jackets hanging in that closet has at least 3 blazers layered under them as I am really running out of space now, but its always such a nice surprise discovering blazers I have forgotten I had hiding under 3 other blazers ;).

How do you keep your closet organized?


  1. I absolutely love your Monki episodes, your so charming and so sweet, it's like how can you not fall in love with Andy hehe :D ♥

  2. Loved the video. Your apartment seems so cozy and really beautiful. I would love to see more of it, and your closet, is really well organized. I always have a problem organizing my closet. I can't seem to make things fit in it, no matter how many closets I use. I recently reorganized it, but you gave me a great idea.

  3. Cool! I have to have my closet color coordinated and by sleeve length or else I feel like I can't find anything.xoxo

  4. I already had seen this video, but I saw it again now haha.I also keep my coats and jackets, one under the other, because of the lack of pace. My wardrobe has 4 doors, one has the winter coats, trench coats. In the middle with 2 doors, are my jeans that I use one hanger to put 2/3 of them, and my skirts I use the clipper . And the last door as botton up shirts, like blazer/sport jackets, some dresses :)

  5. omg lol this is my favorite video of Monki Television with you; firstly because I well understood the video (yea because actually I'm french and I don't well understand what you tell…) and secondly because like you said "this is you lovely home" and you closet are just amazing. I love the first blazer that you showed us, it's very vintage and.. yea just love it :)xxxxx can't wait for another Monki television with you and can't wait for another "look of the day" :Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3<3<3<3<3

  6. Since I were supposed to move to Francce just for liksom 6 months my closet is the smallest one known to man right now! haha. But it seems I might move to Paris in march and stya longer so, I'll have to expand it! :}

  7. My fav Monki video!!You're so lucky to have a room as a closet! I have a wardrobe of a meter and few cm…

  8. woow, very good episode!: )i´m glad that you showed us your apartment (which is really nice!) and your closet : )as I´ve already told you, i love watching your videos for Monki Television, your voice is so nice and you looks like a reeeeally very kind person! : )have a beautiful Wednesday Andy! ♥kisses from Slovakia!

  9. I'v already seen them all at Monki official page..And i'm to say that i'm kinda sad that this is over..I want more videos..You're so funny and i love your tips…The shirt that you made is just awesome..Please follow me..Always follow back..stylefax.blogspot.comKisses :)

  10. andy it's beautiful! I remember the first one I saw about your closet and they are both awesome!xxWWW.PRETPENSER.COMWWW.PRETPENSER.COM <— GIVEAWAY on my blog babyyyy – it's the last day that you can win a PIN UP shirt, that will give volume to your breast and hips! ;)Com'on girllssss :)

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