VERY touristy but VERY fun! … Whenever you are in Amsterdam, doing a canal boat is a MUST and believe me that seeing the city from the water is a whole different experience. However, If you find yourself reading this from the other side of the pond and Amsterdam seems a thousand miles away, click on todays episode and I will take you on your very own and personalized canal ride ;)…ENJOY THE RIDE! 

P.S- The winner of the Versace for H&M giveaway is coming later today, drum roll please!!!! 


  1. Oh, how I love to see Amsterdam through your eyes! I always hope to see you whenever I'm there. And I'm really curious for the winner of the giveaway! xxx

  2. I share this video in my facebook, I hope you don't mind :) it's so beautiful, I am going to Amesterdan very soon and I really want to see you walk in the streets with your amazing style :) Kiss from Portugal*

  3. I love the canals there too! My favoutireplace though is not in Amsterdam. Is a little vilage in the borders with Germany that is really like being in a farytale!

  4. loving these episodes andy! I was in Amsterdam two years ago and it's true… you know better the city if you take the boat :D besitos guapa :* what do you think about my fluffy sweater?¿ :p

  5. always great videos!Check out my blog

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