YAY! One of my favorite episodes I shot for Monki Television has finally aired!. On this episode I take you to my ultimate favorite Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam where they sell THE REAL DEAL and where I try to go as often as possible.
I’ve lived away from my beloved Mexico for a long time so having Mexican food every now and then is just what I need to feel a little bit at home…I hope you like this episode and whenever you are in Amsterdam, stop by “Los Pilones”, you wont regret it! 


  1. I would like tO bE tHerE, tHe MexIcAn fOod Is tHe most DelicioUs…aNd thIs plAcE lookS rEally nicE…. greeting from MexIcO cIty!!!

  2. Amsterdam siempre ha sido una de mis ciudades favoritas del mundo y sinceramente una de las 10 en las que he considerado muy seriamente vivir.Al menos si lo hago ya se a donde acudir para recordar a mi bello México.Te escribe un fan Mexicano desde San Luis Potosí.

  3. No manches!! Qué rico se ve eso! Es lo que más extrañaría si algún día me voy de México… Postea mas videos como estos porfis… son geniales! Ahorita me voy a ver los demás ;)

  4. UGH! QUE RICOOOOO!!! That's how I feel living here in New Orleans!! I miss Venezuelan Food :( I have YET to find a good place to eat it…. xox-

  5. Love all of the episodes so far, but this must be my absolute favorite one! I really wish to visit that restaurant one day, it looks great! Love it when you're speaking Spanish by the way :D

  6. i love all mexico stuff, can you imagine to make some post about mexican living, decorations? I have my flat in mexican style and I like some more isnpiration from you!?

  7. I already see all the videos on Monkie tv! :) i just cant wait to go to amsterdam and go to all those placees and it's very cool taht u are looking for a office good luck with that! :D <3

  8. Me encanta la comida mejicana!! Aquí en Barcelona también tenemos algunos de muy buenos, pero si voy a Amsterdam seguro que no me pierdo "Los Pilones" :)Por fin videos como este! Tenmgo que decir que me encantan :D Ahora me voy a ver los otros que has hecho ;)Un beso!

  9. i love it!you look great!I totally love your voice

  10. No me perderé este restaurante en mi próxima visita a Amsterdam, qué buena pinta!!

  11. Hey Andy!It's so great that you don't forget where you come from…Please follow me…I need your support..Guys i always follow back…stylefax.blogspot.comKisses

  12. That looks very tasteful! Mexican food is delicious, but I almost never eat it! Maybe I have to plan a trip to Amsterdam soon and visit this restaurant! Xx

  13. I love, love, love hearing you speak Spanish. You should definitely do it more often! I have to say that I'm extremely hungry right now.Greetings from Poland!Agnieszka

  14. es bueno saber de que tienes un restaurante que cocinen comida buena de Mexico! ojalá tuviera también un restaurante Filipina en condiciones aqui en Mallorca :)que tengas un buen Domingo Andy!xx

  15. Qué buena pinta Andy!! Admiro mucho de ti la fuerza de haber dejado tu país para empreder una nueva vida lejos de los tuyos… espero algún día tener la misma capacidad que tú!! <3 Vicky!!

  16. when i went with my friends to europe… we missed mexican food SO much because it is everywhere in California! we settled for doner kebabs… the first doner kebab i had was in amsterdam. :)

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