Yay! The first episode I shot for Monki television finally aired! … This time I take you to one of my favorite parts of Amsterdam; “The VondelPark” which in my books, its the small Amsterdam version of New York’s Central park.
There will be few episodes airing in the next few weeks at Monki Television, where I take you to my favorite places in the city. In one of the episodes I will take you inside my apartment so you can raid my closet and even show you how to DIY one of my favorite Monki blouses to make it even more special, so stay tuned!

Total look by Monki


  1. oh Andy, you´re so nice and cute! and i can understand your english!!!:D that´s awesome :Dbut you sound very natural and i hoooope that you will record more videos like this!♥

  2. Great video; very well done on your part Andy :) Also, I absolutely love the outfit you chose for it! It's my outfit inspiration for the day :)<3

  3. that's cool!I love your voice and you look amazing as always!can't wait to see other videos!xoxoxox

  4. What can I say ? Amazing as always! And it's right, the wrong background bores to death or even ruins an oufit shoot!alexandra

  5. Hi Andy, as a blogger mentioned in your last post " you´re an inspiration"and I made a comment on your last post yesterday asking how do you work this out..and you did not answer our questions. Can you tell us please? Is being a blogger your "job" ? Are you a student and you have free time to do that and you get paid for it ? We´re curious because with a "regular job" and tight schedules you don´t have free time to dedicate ourselves to the blog and you seem to dedicate yourself entirely to the blog. It´s just curiosity ,many of us would like to know!. Thank you in advance for your answers! And congratulations!

  6. such a great video!!!! :))love what you're wearing, especially the poncho!!! and the park is really beautiful, i must have missed it the last time i was in amsterdam.. i loved the city so much and hope i'll be able to visit it some time soon again!!!! ^^

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