November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

All photos taken by me / I took the first photo last September.

Picture this; I am comfortably sitting at my office aka my dining room working very hard on the blog when I receive a phone call from H&M that said something along these lines; We want to invite you to the Versace for H&M fashion show in NYC this November. 
For a second I though: “Where is the hidden camera? am I getting punked?” and if so, could Ashton Kutcher please appear now?. 
Few seconds later, once I realized it was in fact true, I proceeded to check my calendar begging I didn’t have any other commitments on those days and when I realized I was as free as butterfly, the excitement kicked in and I almost spilled all my coffee over my keyboard, which would have blogger a disaster, but when it happened, all I could think of was my trip to NYC.

I am flying there on Monday and I.CANNOT.WAIT.FOR.THE.SHOW … See you in the big apple!!!


Imaginate esto; Estoy en la oficina de StyleScrapbook (osea mi comedor) trabajando arduamente en el blog, cuando de pronto me llega una llamada de H&M para invitarme al desfile de Versace para H&M en Nueva York.
Por un segundo pensé; “¿Donde esta la cámara escondida?” y “Por favor que sea Punk y aparezca Ashton Kutcher”, pero segundos después cuando me di cuenta que era cierto, di un salto de la emoción y casi se me derrama todo el cafe en el teclado de mi mac pero fue completamente imposible contenerme 😛

Me voy a NY el Lunes y juro que ni puedo esperar ni un segundo mas.