All photos taken by me / I took the first photo last September.

Picture this; I am comfortably sitting at my office aka my dining room working very hard on the blog when I receive a phone call from H&M that said something along these lines; We want to invite you to the Versace for H&M fashion show in NYC this November. 
For a second I though: “Where is the hidden camera? am I getting punked?” and if so, could Ashton Kutcher please appear now?. 
Few seconds later, once I realized it was in fact true, I proceeded to check my calendar begging I didn’t have any other commitments on those days and when I realized I was as free as butterfly, the excitement kicked in and I almost spilled all my coffee over my keyboard, which would have blogger a disaster, but when it happened, all I could think of was my trip to NYC.

I am flying there on Monday and I.CANNOT.WAIT.FOR.THE.SHOW … See you in the big apple!!!


Imaginate esto; Estoy en la oficina de StyleScrapbook (osea mi comedor) trabajando arduamente en el blog, cuando de pronto me llega una llamada de H&M para invitarme al desfile de Versace para H&M en Nueva York.
Por un segundo pensé; “¿Donde esta la cámara escondida?” y “Por favor que sea Punk y aparezca Ashton Kutcher”, pero segundos después cuando me di cuenta que era cierto, di un salto de la emoción y casi se me derrama todo el cafe en el teclado de mi mac pero fue completamente imposible contenerme :P

Me voy a NY el Lunes y juro que ni puedo esperar ni un segundo mas. 

139 thoughts on “TRIPS “NYC FOR VERSACE+HM”

  1. Hi Andy,first of all I wanna tell you how much I love the way you dress. You're amazing!I'd wear it for Brazilian new year's eve party!!! Red is love, so I'd start the year full of love! At the Country where all the people wear white this day :)after that I'd wear this at my Graduation Party :D [email protected] MoreiraPortugal

  2. wow! that's really amazing! i wish i could go too! but i'mm definitely going to VERSACE for H&M 's opening here in HK. :) have fun, dear!<

  3. Hey congrats on the invite!! I am pretty u will have a blast! I cant wait for the stuff to hit the stores myself… Its soooooon!! Yayyy!Xx DeviHttp://

  4. Wow! Big surprise :)CongratsI've always wondered when you bloggers are invited to fashion weeks, openings, to colaborations in NY, Paris, London etc do you have to pay your Travel allowances, acomodation, flights, etc or they provide you.If you do, means that you must be to swimming in money to be a succesfull blogger :P haha just kidding (ok not that much but at least you have a better job than the rest of us hehehe)Well I'm just curious, how you do it?Anyway well deserve it I love your blog!! :D


  6. Good luck and hopefully we will see you in our H&M outfit;) It was nice meeting you in the

  7. Have a great time in NYC!Sooooo jealous!Your life is amazing and you deserve this, I mean, you are a really cute girl,very talented and with a great personality!xoxo Vio

  8. Ahhh I'm stoked for you! The collection is so bright and amazing. Can't wait to see your recap on the visit.xoxo

  9. Awww that is amazing. Look how far you've come now even the big brands notice you. In the mean time I love those invites they are so colorful they remind me of my school folders back in elementary school, but probably more expensive haha. Anyway some pieces are amazing from what I've seen others are more for just a runway look I think because some of the patterns…well there's no way you could really wear them in public unless maybe your a fashion blogger. : / Have fun in NYC.

  10. Andy!! oh my god!! Enorabuena, me alegro mucho, hace un mes que te estoy siguiendo y te estan pasando cosas incleibles, espero que todo siga igual =)! Un beso muy grande desde Fuengirola-Málaga(España)

  11. QUÉ SUERTE ANDYYYY!!!UN VIAJE A NUEVA YORK!!!NO ME LO PUEDO CREER!!!Y qué forma más increíble de enviarte la invitación!!espero que te lo pases genial, preciosa!!!Un besazo enorme desde Madrid!!———————–WHAT LUCK ANDYYYY!!! A TRIP TO NEW YORK!!! CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! And what an incredible way of sending the invitation!! I hope that you spend it to yourself brilliant, precious!!! VERU BIG KISS from Madrid!!HERMANAS BOLENA

  12. this is amazing!!! how nice!!! you will have a great time, travel a little bit and enjoy the states, the big apple and the show itself! enjoy it andy! and if there's a spare time, visit our blog and let us know what you think!!! we are excited for you lady!!! suerte!!!besitos

  13. Oh Andy, that is SO COOL :) ! I think the scarf you received will look very good on you ;) ! Have fun and snap some great pictures for us ;) !!!

  14. Qué guay Andy!! disfruta mucho en NY!! me encantó el video de ayer en Vondel Park para MONKY, ha sido un descubrimiento a través de Chiara y la verdad que sois mis bloggers favoritas! un besooo. Lucía (España)

  15. oh, andy, I wish I was you! :(I wish you all he best in NYC and I think you'll "rasturiti"(croatian word for kick theirs asses :P ) hope you'll have great time! :)http://tilleve.blogspot.comcheck out my fashion blog, there's new post! xoxo

  16. I'm so happy for you! Love to read your notes. btw… You shoud find someone who would take photos of you in NYC and all the places you go to, it would make your blog much better! <3

  17. Hey Andy!Congratulations for this invitantion..I'm invited too here in Greece for the exclusive party "versace for h&m"..And in some way i feel the same as you..But're luckier…Please…please follow my blog: msfashionabledays.blogspot.comkisses

  18. This is wonderful. Your life is great, Andy! And the weird thing is… I grant you every single bit of it. I don't feel jealous or something, you are just such a nice girl with a impressive personality and you deserve every bit of your success!

  19. i KNOW that this collection will be something .. exiting!All of the best,in my opinion,bloggers are now in Japan, only you missing.BUT know you will give us something different!- VERSACE FOR H&M!

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