Ask and ye shall receive…I’ve had a lot of requests on Facebook asking me to make a post about my favorite sunglasses. The truth is that I own around 30 pairs as they are my ultimate favorite accessory, but the ones on this posts my friends, are my top 7 from my beloved collection of fancy eye wear (Only one is missing and I cant seem to find it anywhere, my best guess is that its hiding inside one of my bags).

But whats up with the ridiculous wig? -You might wonder- Well, reason no.1; I always wanted to have pink hair and reason no.2; I bought it last September and I was supposed to save it for Halloween but since I ended up with no plans but a “night in” watching scary movies, I had to keep it in the drawer just a little bit longer and decided that now it was the right time to use it…Soooo, which one is your favorite?

1. Vintage / 2. Celine / 3. Prada / 4. Miu Miu / 5. H&M / 6. Miu Miu / 7. Lanvin for H&M / T-Shirt: Werelse


  1. hi Andy sorry if u hv answered this question before – but what's the model of ur Celine sunglasses? Is it the wayfarer or the preppy cat eye?

  2. Acabo de descubrir tu blogy me encanta!Yo también tengo una peluca rosa, pedí una a los reyes cuando ví a Scarlett cantando en el karaoke de Lost in Translation…

  3. I love the glittery pair. They're an amazing shape on your face and the glitter is surprisingly not overwelming. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory too. I don't even notice that I'm always in them, until someone mentions it.xoxo

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!!FUNNY PICS!!!Love all them!And what a very big collection!!Kisses from Madrid!HERMANAS BOLENA ARE ON CELEBRATIONNNN!!!!!)

  5. omg lol your hair :Pthis pics seem like a "flash series special sunglasses" :Plove them too xxxxP.S: i love the gif that you made, very fun : )

  6. You look amazing!Maybe try the pink one on your head?Jusr kiding…Please follow my blog..Always follow back…stylefax.blogspot.comstylefax.blogspot.comKisses…

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