November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

Ask and ye shall receive…I’ve had a lot of requests on Facebook asking me to make a post about my favorite sunglasses. The truth is that I own around 30 pairs as they are my ultimate favorite accessory, but the ones on this posts my friends, are my top 7 from my beloved collection of fancy eye wear (Only one is missing and I cant seem to find it anywhere, my best guess is that its hiding inside one of my bags).

But whats up with the ridiculous wig? -You might wonder- Well, reason no.1; I always wanted to have pink hair and reason no.2; I bought it last September and I was supposed to save it for Halloween but since I ended up with no plans but a “night in” watching scary movies, I had to keep it in the drawer just a little bit longer and decided that now it was the right time to use it…Soooo, which one is your favorite?

1. Vintage / 2. Celine / 3. Prada / 4. Miu Miu / 5. H&M / 6. Miu Miu / 7. Lanvin for H&M / T-Shirt: Werelse