I have no words to express how cold it’s been this week, or maybe its my Mexican blood that makes me feel 1000 times colder than everyone else. I don’t know but if the news is right and this is expected to be the coldest winter in I don’t know how many years, I am preparing a master plan to escape Holland during the winter, so see you in Australia, or maybe Brazil or how about the Maldives? ;)

Bag: Proenza Schouler via Runin2 / Leather pants: H&M Trend / Sweater: ZARA / Leather Jacket: H&M Trend / Boots: Alexander Wang


  1. ahah i know what you mean, it is getting cold, indeed! but you'll never feel warm enough if you wear just that, a leather jacket it's not enough! you need a woolrich parka or something like that, for me it's the only thing that can keep me warm when it's even -10°C !kisses,MilaTHEFASHIONCAVERN.blogspot.com

  2. I LOVE those Alexander Wang boots…and those leather pants. I have been considering nabbing some for awhile – if these are from H&M then maybe they are the right price point for a pair. xxLynsey Michellewww.law-of-fashion.com

  3. Come to Australia! I'll help you plan a trip around the place! Perks of working for tourist information in Sydney. PLus everyone knows we have the best New Years :)

  4. I am Mexican too and have lived in Canada for long time, and I've never been colder in my life than January 3 years ago in Amsterdam. On the plus side I am sure there's lots of fabulous coats to keep you warm and a good enough excuse to buy them all!BerryHaute

  5. You should come to Australia, they're saying here that it's going to be 'the hottest summer ever'! LSBxoxowww.lovestyleblogging.blogspot.com

  6. ohh, this cold weather is horrible!i can´t feel my fingers every time when i come home from school! :Dhope that the cold winter brings a lot of snow, so it will be a really nice winter and Christmas time too!: )P.S.: your outfit is ppperfect!♥have a nice rest of week! :)Laura from Slovakia

  7. Me encanta Andy!!!! Yo estoy mas que enamorada de el cuero esta temporada!!!! y Tu double leather de este outfit esta lindisimo!Te invito a mi blog y si te gusta seria un super HONOR que me siguierasBesitos desde El SalvadorRaqueourfavoritestyle.blogspot.com

  8. You should consider South Africa! Beautiful and hot during the European winter ;)Check out my blog tommorrow for VOGUE's pre-shopping night in Munich for Versace & H&M! :-)www.artichautchaud.blogspot.com

  9. hahaha! I think it's just your "Mexican blood" that makes you feel 1000 times colder than everyone else :PThat would be great if you will go to Australia for the winter (: Anyway, I adore this sweater and this leather pants. But I'm wondering if this is a fake leather or not because I want buy one like this… xxxxx

  10. love your hair girlllll xxHUGE GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG: pair of LITA by JEFFREY CAMPBELL thanks to thisisaMAZE! international giveawayy take partt! xxwww.moustachic.comwww.moustachic.comwww.moustachic.com

  11. you put a great outfit together with the new bag. i love, that you choose to wear plain colours like black and white to to colourful bag. great pictures. xx mhttp://thisishowwerule.blogspot.com

  12. Come to Brazil! You will love it! Come to Rio de Janeiro it is amazing!!! (You will never see a city so beautiful as Rio), Brazil Brazil Brazil!! :)P.S. I love your blog, you should talk more about México!! I'd love to know :D

  13. QUÉ BONITAS LAS BOTAS!!!ME ENCANTAN!!Y EL JERSEY DE OCHOS TAMBIÉN!!!Estabas muerta de ganas de estrenar tu nuevo bolso eh??¿Le gustó a tu madre?Un besito Andy!!QUE PASES UN FELIZ MIÉRCOLES!!!HERMANAS BOLENAhttp://hermanasbolena.blogspot.com/(hoy mi dormitorio sigue de puertas abiertas!)

  14. Leather on leather looks great on you, I love the Proenza Schouler bag too. I love that it has an edge factor, but still it's modern-esque. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.www.thegirlinredheels.com

  15. or how about dubai or kuwait , we have a hot weather all year long not far from the mexican weather we do see cold days but like 4 days a year :p any way love you and love all your looks , love from kuwait

  16. Definitely come and visit us here in Australia! Western Australia has beautiful beaches! Melbourne and Sydney offer great shopping :D Where I live in Melbourne, it's famous for lane-way cafes and vintage shopping :D

  17. good morning andy!the winter is gonna arrive but as i see u are already in the need of warm clothing!i love the outfit as well as the blog. i`ve been reading it for a while! wish u an awesome day!misspeligro.blogspot.com

  18. I know the feeling. This cold is not fun and certainly not conducive to looking fashionable. London I'm afraid isn't much better. Were all wearing thick woolly clothes here. I might myself that Zara jumper of yours since it looks so good on you.Love the blog, Andy. Franzixxhttp://franzistylenomad.wordpress.com/

  19. the bag's looking really great!!!! :)and i love the layering in this outfit and also the black and white contrast!!! ^^lucky you that you can still wear a leather jacket, here in austria i have already gotten all the winter jackets out of the closet!

  20. Hehe lucky you… I'm dreaming for some cold weather hehehe… but we always want what we don't have right ?!If you come to South East Asia let me know if you want any tips on where to go and what to do as I know the area and all the IN places pretty well :)ps. great outfit!http://fashion-gourmet.blogspot.com/

  21. Hey Andy..You look gorgious with this outfit!I looove yous style…Please check out my new post the Versace for H&M party..I was there…please follow me…msfashionabledays.blogspot.com

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