Dark purple used to be my favorite color, not so much anymore but when I saw this dark purple corduroy pants while I was in Barcelona, I really loved them and had to buy them.
I have completely forgotten about this jacket, in fact, I think I only wore it around 3 times last fall and that was it, I dont know why, because its really amazing!

Switching the subject completely, I have received a lot of emails asking me about this Alexander Wang shoes, so here it goes; They are amazing to look at and quite possibly my favorite shoes (again, to look at) but they are IMPOSSIBLE to wear and hurt like no other shoe has hurt me before.
So why do I wear them? Well, because they matched my outfit to perfection, but don’t worry, I had a trick under my sleeve and I carried a second pair of shoes around, switched for a bit and then got them back on. I know, its crazy, but thats fashion and I don’t mind, otherwise I wouldn’t to it ;)

Pants: TOPSHOP / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Sweater: COS / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Coat: Storets (old) / Necklace: RiverIsland / Cross bracelet: Fashionology

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  1. Totalmente enamorada de este Look Andy BELLISIMO, de verdad la chaqueta se llevo toda mi atención, me parece fenomenal, que buenas pintas. Aprovecho para FELICITARTE por el proyecto de Werelse y la buena acogida que ha tenido, si estuviera mas cerca comprara una de sus franelas, que buena propuesta, mujeres AL PODER, me encanta, utilizando las herramientas que tienes y aprovechando el momento en el que se encuentran. Te felicito de verdad !! Mil besos desde Venezuela !!http://fromlittlevenice.blogspot.com/

  2. Man, this outfit is really gorgeous to the third! The jacket, the bag, the collar, the jewelry, the shoes, the pants,.. I just love it all! You've really outdone yourself this time and made my day a little brighter with this fabulous inspiration!

  3. Hey Andy!Love <3 Love your blog and looks of the DaY!I know your PaIN, I tried these A.WaNG boots in storE one time and they do HUrT like craZy.Check out my look of the dayhttp://dc2nyconfessions.blogspot.com

  4. No pain no gain! That's how we roll over here too. This is one of our favorite looks of yours. Absolute perfection from head to toe. We are inspired once again :)xxxshoppalu.comshoppalu.tumblr.com

  5. When I was younger I had ones in purple too but a little more light, I love them and I'm thinking of getting another onesThe boots are amazing too. Everytime I see them here I fell in love with them all over again :)xxx

  6. jajaja me encanto el comentario de los zapatos!!! jajaja hago lo mismo siempre que me pongo algo que me duele! jajajajate ves preciosa!!!besitoswww.tastemycloset.blogspot.com

  7. This zhole outfit I think is absolute perfection. The soes are typically fashionable and out of the ordinary all at once, the pants are beautiful, she coat is too amazinf for words and you played so beautifully with the accessories!

  8. OMG i love the coat.. how much did u buy i? and i love the purple pants too.. im absolutly gonna wear my purple pants tomorrow i havent' wear them for over months .. u always inspire me.. thank u.. i love you ! xoxoxo ..Myriam.www.facebook.com/weloveandytorres

  9. Andy, you should really use this jacket much more often, it's amazing and when I think that you only wore it like three times… that's a sin!!! Looking good as always, btw I love the monki chapters!! It looks like you had a lot of fun, xoxo. Alba.

  10. Your outfit is amazing! Love every single piece :) And the color of your pants are really beautiful.Have a great week! XO /JOANASNOTES

  11. ¡Qué bonito Andy! Elegante, discreto, muy estiloso… sencillamente, PERFECTO.Me encantan tus looks, y esté quizá es uno de mis favoritos.Te dejo el link de mi blog por si tienes tiempo, y quieres te pases por él y me puedas dar algún consejo. http://outfitsszone.blogspot.com/Muchas gracias por alegrarme estos días en los que tengo que entregar muchos trabajos de la universidad con tus posts y tus videos.De todo corazón, gracias. ¡Besos! Ire.

  12. I looove these pants…You've created an amazing look..Great job!Please follow me…I always follow back guys..stylefax.blogspot.comstylefax.blogspot.comKisses

  13. Love your outfit! The pants have a great colour! I remember you wearing this jacket last year, I like it so i'm happy to see you wear it again!And the shoe thing.. They're amazing! But totally understand when they aren't that comfortable!Xx Jorienfab-by-me.blogspot.com

  14. I love purple on you, it's such a gorgeous dark rich color. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.www.thegirlinredheels.com

  15. Gorgeous outfit! I have the same Topshop pants, purchased them online, thinking they would be denim. When they turned out to be corduroy I couldn't be happier! I love your jumper and bag as well ..As for the shoes, I keep hearing terrible stories about them, but part of me still wants them so bad :)xOh'blogbymissoh.blogspot.com

  16. the combination of grey and dark purple is really nice! the shoes are perfect, but this is what happens with super cool shoes… they hurt a lot!the look is gorgeous!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  17. i love the necklace … check out my blog everyone x x xhttp://betty-freestylescraps.blogspot.com/http://betty-freestylescraps.blogspot.com/

  18. LOVE THE COAT!LOVE DE COMPLEMENTS!LOVE YOUR BOOTS!LOVE ALL ABOUT YOUR OUTFIT!!!Muy guapa!!Un besazo enorme desde Madrid!HAPPY MONDAY XD!HERMANAS BOLENAhttp://hermanasbolena.blogspot.com/(hoy por fin, las 1as fotos del evento!)

  19. Everything is simply stunning! I especially love your shoes and coat. It's a unique design– I've never actually seen anything quite like it. Gorgeous! xMuch love,Lianne

  20. Haha, I know what you mean. I went for a shopping trip to Utrecht the other day, but before we went shopping we had lunch with friends. I wore sky high heels during lunch, but brought some sturdy boots for the shopping fun. I love high heels, but when I go for a 4 hour walk-around I rather have warm and comfortable feet ;-)But I have to say, those shoes are gorgeous. What's so uncomfortable about them? Is there nothing you can do about it? Are they the right size? It's such a shame!PS. Love the purple trousers.

  21. Haha I really appreciate your honesty concerning the shoes :)I am wearing heels at university today and there are surely more comfortable shoes but sometimes you need them to walk upright on a Monday morning :)Love from Germany!www.artichautchaud.blogspot.com

  22. i love the sleeves of you sweater and the collar-like necklace!! :)and the jacket really is amazing, i would probably wear it all the time if i had it ^^omg, i do it so often with my shoes too!!! :DD but i can't help it, even if they're uncomfortable, they look so beautiful!!! and the location is so well picked once again!!! :)

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