I love how crazy and indiscreet this skirt is and at first sight it is not something I would go for, but how can I say no to that pink sunset? ;)

The weekend went by like a flash and I am probably going to spend my Sunday working on the final details for my TED talk. (Yes! I am giving a TED talk next week and I cant even express how incredibly excited yet nervous out of my mind I am!) 

Happy Sunday everyone!

Skirt: Versace for H&M / Shirt: Monki / Coat: ZARA / Boots: Balenciaga / Bag: Alexander Wang

157 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “PINK SUNSET”

  1. I appreciated the total black look combined with this pattern. I think no other possibility was available. However the patterns of the Versace collection for H&M seem so cheap in my opinion.

  2. Great combination! I wouldn't pick the skirt myself, but this works out very well with the black:) Proves you have an amazing sense of style (like we allready knew)!Xx Jorienfab-by-me.blogspot.com

  3. Ik vind die rok nou echt precies iets voor jou! Goed dat je het met zwart hebt gecombineerd, anders is het ook zo vreemd haha. Die schoenen vind ik in elk geval ook geweldig! Mooie foto's!Ik had een vraagje: Hoe heb jij je header gemaakt? Of heeft iemand geholpen? Of…?

  4. Love that jacket!! what size do you have in that jacket if i may ask?i'm usually a small but it feels like i'm dovning in s but i don't know if i should buy xs. /Anna

  5. I've seen lots of crazy combo's with this skirt aleady and though I initially don't like it, you paired it really well. Glad you saw it needed no extra frills ;)xOh'blogbymissoh.blogspot.com

  6. I don't like the skirt…because is too much…and the blouse is too "stiff" …but i absolutely love the boots and the bag :Dhttp://mylifeasgs.blogspot.com

  7. The skirt looks great on you and you wore it so well. I'm excited for your TED talk and hope you do well. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.www.thegirlinredheels.com

  8. Wow Andy your maybe 1 of 100 people that could pull of that skirt. I saw it in the previews months ago and was like WHO would buy that, but congrats you managed it for sure and good luck at the TED talk I am so jelous.

  9. Andy, you look amazing as always! Even though I didnt like the versace for h&m collection that much, I like how you combined this skirt! Those shoes are definitely my favourite part of this look!X, Annieanniewear.de

  10. You look BEAUTIFUL Andy (as usual)!I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY!where you can win a UCB shirt that Gives VOLUME to your Breast and Hips like a perfect PIN UP girl!xxWWW.PRETPENSER.COMWWW.PRETPENSER.COM

  11. I instantly knew it was Versace for H&M the first moment I saw it! True, it is very bold and daring but it's so fun to have a piece like that in your closet to play with! Love the way you've styled it!Cup of Fashion

  12. congrats! TED talk is such a bit thing for you and the whole blogging world! quite crazy since ive watched so many talks for my studies..

  13. The skirt look so amazing on you! You really inspired me by wearing a really outstanding piece and combining it with basic items.congrats with your 4 year anniversary!

  14. Nice outfit, but giving a talk at TED you won my hearts. I love those speeches. For sure I'm going to watch yours as soon as it's available. Cross my fingers!!!www.mymoodmyday.blogspot.com

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