After the Versace for H&M show in NYC last Tuesday, H&M sent me this EXCLUSIVE dress worn on the catwalk.

This little red dress is an exclusive piece from the Versace for H&M fashion show, in fact, only 2 of these were made for the show in NYC, thats it, there are only 2 red versions of this dress in the whole world and guess what? One can be yours, yes, YOURS!
This red dress will not be sold in stores, only the purple version will, which means that you will own a ONE OF A KIND, how cool is that?

So, by this point, you must be wondering; What do I have to do to win this?

-Leave a comment letting me know which party would you love to wear this dress to.
-Dont forget to leave your name and email address so we can contact you in case you win.
-You can only leave 1 comment.
-The winner will be chosen randomly.
-The contest ends on the 16 of November (before the Versace for H&M collection launches)and the dress is a European size 38.




  1. I would wear it at the party that will celebrate the end of 10 years of University (2 degrees + Ph.D.) to celebrate freedom from study and entry into the real world.My name is Giulia Pagliari.My email is: [email protected] for the opportunity!

  2. Ich würde es an meinem Geburtstag im Dezember in Kombination mit einer Lederjacke aus der Versace for H&M Kollektion tragen :)I would love to wear it on my birthday party in december with a leather jacket from the Versace for H&M collection :)♥ [email protected]

  3. That's amazing! Two dresses in the whole world! I wold wear it to a party, red is appropriate even for a Christmas party. But, I would also wear it during the day with black tights and black ankle boots and a blazer. I already picture it! Ha ha! Love, Raluca Toader [email protected]

  4. I would wear this fabulous dress to the launch party for my new community news website. I have worked so hard to build it from the ground up and I would love to have an amazing dress like this to wear while sharing a big personal accomplishment with all my friends and [email protected]

  5. buaa todavia estoy a tiempo de participar :) me encantaria llevar este vestido a una fiesta donde va el chico que me gusta, le podria dejar asombraditoo.- por cierto el otro comentario no se poneee asi que lo pongo de nuevo :[email protected]

  6. Ik zou dit jurkje waarschijnlijk elke dag willen dragen haha, maar most likely op het eindexamen gala aan het eind van dit schooljaar wanneer ik eindelijk mijn gymnasium diploma (hopelijk) op zak heb :) Sanne [email protected]

  7. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  8. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  9. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  10. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  11. I'd wear this amazing dress on my boyfriend's and mine 7th anniversary party this December in a fab restaurant.xoxo Maramara_metselaar(at)

  12. Lo llevaría en una ocasión especial, como una fiesta muy importante. Eso sí, si la fiesta es al aire libre, mejor que sea en verano, porque más vale no poner nada encima del vestido. En caso de que fueran en invierno, mejor que sea en un lugar cerrado, para no pasar frío ;)Nombre: Laura CastejonMail: [email protected] beso guapa y gracias por el sorteo!!

  13. I would wear it at any party my goodness! But the first one on the 25th of December, mostly the night of the 24th. I have a big dinner party with my huge family and we all dress with our bests and with the dinner finished and presents given, we finish the night with an after party! So it would be the great time to wear this little red dress:)I love your blog Andy, I am glad your style never changes, most blogs I follow… Change their style to a pretty bad one always! Marina [email protected]:)

  14. Sadly I don't think I have any parties planned… Christmas?! New Year's Eve perhaps? But the best thing is that if you have this dress in your closet, life's a party already without the need to actually have a _real_ party. = I want that one :)Sara, [email protected]

  15. I would wear for a New Year's eve in my cold Edinburgh city. I'd rock the look with a pair of leopard wedges for a comfy time,my black leather jacket, fur collar and golden jewelry.Perfect outfit to welcome a new exciting year.Rita [email protected]

  16. I would like to use this dress for my fashion blog that is about to leave, and that greatest blessing that my first blog photo is wearing the dress flattered by the famous Versace by H & M, ITAndy.good luck to my ;)[email protected] AnDy.

  17. I'd probably wear this dress for a party with my friends or for a date with the boy that I like. I like it so much! When I saw this dress i said ohhh, it's so beautiful! Where I live, the Versace & H&M collaboration isn't avaible in the H&M store…I'm italian, I hope that there aren't errors! [email protected]<3

  18. I already posted a reaction, but a much much much better occasion had been anounced to wear this dress to! My father and mother have decided to get married since they have been enganged for over 23 years! I would love to wear this dress to their wedding/weddingparty! [email protected] martens

  19. When I think of red and winter, I automatically think of the holidays. How awesome would it be to wear this dress with a pair of sparkly heels and statement earrings and rings to a christmas party?!I would die for it.Jessica [email protected]

  20. Ohhhh my God Andy!!!!!! this is amazing, I read you since long time ago and you rock girl!! I would wear this beautiful dress for my own birthday party on febrary, I want to use something unique like this dress. Thank you [email protected]

  21. HI ! beatiful dress ! i love H&M , but now with versace it's the best thing i've ever seen ! I would wear this dress to the party for the new year ! and maybe to a party on the beach this summer, the color of the dress it's perfect !Lucrezia :) NAME : Lucrezia PiccinatoE-MAIL: [email protected]

  22. Wah almost 3000 comments .. now that's huge !!I would like this dress to go out to celebrate mi diploma (after 6 years.. for something that was suppose to last only 2 !!!) so it need to be well celebrated !!and that dress is just the perfect thing to go out !!And then i would wear it much more this summer … because here winter is about to BE THERE !Katherine Leroux

  23. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  24. I would love to wear this at my son's 1st birthday party this coming Nov 27, 2011.. We believe that wearing Red in a family birthday parties are auspicious and this dress would just be perfect for it! Whoever win this is one lucky gal!Gynne [email protected]

  25. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  26. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  27. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  28. I am from Moldova , and I guess it will be a great honor to represent this dress at one of parties here . I think It will be one of a great coming party the name which I'll tell If I win this dress, of course I'll show photos to everyone on my blog ! Victoria , [email protected].S. It's very kind to make someone happy !!

  29. I would love to wear this amazing dress for my graduation party in december! It will be a special day for my life and this dress would be so perfect! In Italy red is the colour for graduation party <[email protected] Natascia Perugini

  30. Hello Andy!!that dress is stunning, I would like to wear that on my 26th birthday this coming december, I'm planning to celebrate because it's my first birthday in other place and I think I can rock that dress.XBAM L.

  31. Oh Andy the dress is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing such an amazing opportunity with your readers! :) I would love to wear this dress on New Year's Eve, which is when I will be reunited with my wonderful boyfriend after doing long-distance for 6 months! I think it would be a wonderful occasion and an amazing outfit to impress him with ;) [email protected]

  32. I would wear this dress on my 21st birthday, which by the way is this coming friday! In Brazil, where I am from, I was legal at 18, so I'm getting double-legal now that I'm in the US, and that for sure deserves a new [email protected]

  33. I would wear this unique dress at my birthday party on the 11th of next month, along with some great handmade accessories. …hope I'll get the chance to wear this ;)Eda – eda.zarife[at]

  34. I would wear this dress to multiple occasions and each time I will dress it up with different accessories! Christmas-Eve Party: I'll pair it up with my favorite gold pieces and my faux fur mufflerGraduation: I will wear this with my Asos polka dot tights!!The options are endless… I adore the style of this dress.Caroline [email protected]

  35. Hey! Aun no me decido en que podria usarlo,encuentro cada vez mas formas y lugares…pero me encantaria utilizarlo con algo sencillo, para que luzca totalmente el vestido, algo clasico.Mi lugar perfecto seria en un concierto de la sinfonica de Bellas Artes para terminar con un paseo por el centro de la Ciudad de Mexico,acompañada de mi camara y finalmente con un cocktel en el ultimo piso de la torre [email protected]

  36. I would wear it to different Christmas parties (at school, at home, with friends etc). The red color reminds me of Christmas a lot. But actually later I would wear it just in summer to dress up a little bit – such a cute little red dress :)Helena [email protected]

  37. Amazing dress!!I would wear it for New Years Eve :D, here in Venezuela we don't have four seasons so I would definitely wear it, is sexy, red and VERSACE what else I would want in a dress ;D?Good luck everyone! ^^

  38. I would love nothing more than to wear this dress to the party of the chic who stole my boyfriend…nothing feels better than wearing a dress girls are dying to put on and guys are dying to take off. This dress would be my [email protected]

  39. As I am kind of a classic girl, I'd love to wear this dress for a party in Buenos Aires as I believe that wearing a red dress is a must do in Argentina! (or I'd choose it for a party where I could meet Joe Perry haha;)Dominika, [email protected]

  40. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  41. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  42. This dress would be perfect for my eighteenth bday. An exclusive dress for an important day for me. I want to feel special. Edda

  43. Oh woow.. What an honor that you give it away to one of us! :DMy Name is Stephanie Voskamp and would definitly wear this adorable dress to my prom in december! (I know, its different in Switzerland)Btw, Im half Dutch & your living in Amstedam.. :D wohoo.. do you speak Dutch?Thank you Andy, that you started your blog years ago.. Its so inspiring to me! Because of you Im interested in Fashion and started blogging myself (at the moment break and renewing ;) )xoxo StephanieEmail: [email protected]

  44. Lo usaría para la fiesta de Año Nuevo y atraer el amor para el 2012 o para la boda de mi tía I would wear it for New Year's eve or my aunt's wedding


  46. Where wouldn't I wear this dress?! So lovely! I would wear it to my sister-in-laws wedding, my cousin's wedding, and my brother-in-laws wedding. 3 Weddings in 2012, and I would not mind wearing the same dress to all of them if it were such a lovely dress as this!!

  47. me encanto el vestido y es rojo un color que casi no utilizo pero me gustaria probarlo y ami me gustaria usarlo para cuando cumpla 6 meses cn mi novio ya que dijimos que festejariamos en grande ya que es medio anio (: mi nombre es Giovanna Gonzalez Garcia y mi correo es: [email protected]

  48. Hola Andy, esta chulisimo el vestido, a mi me gustaría usarlo en la boda de mi hermana pequeña, que es en marzo, me haría sentir mucho mejor, ya que se va a casar antes que yo, y ni siquiera tengo pareja :$ en fin besos y gracias!Sarai [email protected]

  49. I love love love this dress! It's kind of what I was looking for my ex-boyfriend party on December 14. Haha! If I don't get it I'll definitely wear the purple one.Good luck to everyone!Felicidades por todos tus éxitos, Andy! Me alegra que se recompense a quien se lo [email protected]

  50. Whaaaat? How come that dress isn't in stores? I would buy it in a minute :)I would wear it on New Year's Eve. I need all the glam and party I can get that night, since I have to forget the fact that I have an exam on the 2nd of January [email protected]

  51. i would totally wear this at my birthday party in 3 weeks, showing it off to all my friends ;) for the new year's party i would style it up glamourously, as i will host a 20s cocktail party… and it's my size :)greetings from germanySophia [email protected]

  52. oooo gorgeous!I would wear this dress to celebrate my two years anniversary with my boyfriend! We are in a very special moment and planning to move in together!! It would be the perfect touch and would make it even more special!!Gabriela – [email protected]

  53. this year Paris is my destination for new-years eve. which is actually pretty amazing. especially because the place i'll celebrate, the eiffeltower, is the background of the picture! the dress would make this evening [email protected]

  54. Hi, Andy!First of all, let me tell that i absolutely adore your blog and i follow it religiously:) You are my fashion idol, no doubt!I have been looking for the perfect dress for a Christmas party I've been invited to and this one seems to be the perfect one =DLove, [email protected]

  55. i would love to wear this dress on new years eve. it's going to be the first new years eve I am gonna spend with my boyfriend. we are in a relationship for almost 5 years now and we never spend this night together!! so I am going to wear this dress that night so my boyfriend will only have his eyes on me :)name: pa [email protected]

  56. Thank you for this amazing opportunity Andy! This special dress should be worn and accessorize with with my special one, that is my boyfriend. =) I would wear it to the countdown party to 2012 in NYC. Hopefully, me and my boyfriend can make it. If not, we'll have an amazing countdown party in Nashville. weng [email protected]

  57. i would wear it for new year's eve or my birthday party since they are very close ;) or may be for the second month of our marriage which is next week =)) one time is not enuogh for this dress i guess ;)Ceren Yalcincerenyalcin [at]

  58. Hi Andy,I'm a french reader, and i'm in Erasmus in Spain in Vigo. I planned to spent New Year's Eve in Barcelona and i'm very excited about it since i've never been there. This dress would be perfect for this special event, i think it would blows everyone's [email protected]

  59. I would wear this beautiful dress on a party where i want to impress with my dress :) and have a good time. Wherever i want to look great (in the same time classy, sexy and stylish) and be an eyecatcher.. i think it would be easy with a dress like that. [email protected]

  60. Hey Andy, I'd be a fool not to try… enven though i always lose at this!I'd be wearing this dress to my cousin's wedding, and i'd look stunning i'm sure! (the dress would be doing all the work for me):)Anyways, here are my name and email adress: Marine [email protected] crossed!

  61. Hi Andy,Firstly, I LOVE your blog. I'm reading it for about 3 years now. I would wear this gorgeous dress for my 6th anniversary party (engagement dinner, actually), Christmas party, NY's eve etc. I would get a lot of wear out of this dress. :)Jasna [email protected]

  62. Incredible dress. Would wear it for my boyfriend when he gets back from the other side of the world in January. Haven't seen each other for months so it would be a nice surprise me standing in the airport in this most beautiful dress welcoming him home. Sandra [email protected]

  63. i would wear this stunning piece for my super fashion new year's eve in LONDON!!!! it's one of my favourite pieces in the whole collection!!!it's also my size!!!! i really can't believe it!!!kisses from Giuliafaerie_eriu(at)hotmail(dot)com

  64. I would def wear this on my bachelor after party! Which will be soon cause I just graduated. Wear it with my fringe, curled hair, red lips and my suede black pumps! I'd be ready for it! Xo

  65. I love this dress!!! <3I would wear it on Christmas dinner with all my friends!! When we change presents, laugh a lot and dance all night in a 80's disco! Its simply lovely and fun to do this, and with that dress i will be very very happy!Thank you beautiful Andy Carla Ferreira, from Oporto, [email protected]

  66. OMG!!!!!It's the dress of my dreams: my favourite color is red, my size is 38, I love a lot Versace (Gianni Versace was born in Calabria as me!!) and i absolutely wont this dress for new year's eve!! probably every day I would use this amazing dress! for me is perfect with a pair of heels black and gold and with a pochete vintage in the same colors! omg it's too fantastic!! elysa [email protected]

  67. Hola Andy!!!Te escribe una gran fan de tu blog desde España!!Este vestido me parece ideal para las próximas noches de navidad. Es una época socialmente muy intensa para mi. Me la paso de evento en evento debido a mi trabajo y las reuniones familiares y de amigos son constantes. ¡Barcelona tiene una ritmo imparable!Este vestido sería perfecto para impresionar a todos en unos cuantos eventos! Paola Martí[email protected]

  68. hi andi! if given the chance to win this dress, i'll wear it on our christmas party or on my first date with someone special. as i am NBSB (no boyfriend since birth), i am still waiting for my prince charming and it would be very nice to wear this dress on that date. :)Tamara Niña Pleñ[email protected]

  69. I would wear this dress everyday for like the next year ;) Being from SA, like 1 trillion million miles from an H&M, let alone a one of a kind Versace dress I would be the envy of every girl and some men at the office.. So an office party for one it is!! With lots on jealous, fashion loving collegues drooling over my red frock sent directly from heaven. (AKA Amsterdam) Taryn [email protected]

  70. I have been looking for a sexy red dress for my wedding! not for church, but for the "afterparty"!!and his dress would be just perfect!!

  71. awww es HERMOSO!! lo usaría tanto como pudiera jajaj pero ya que tengo q elegir una fiesta…lo usaría para una fiesta/posada que realizamos cada año desde hace más de 10 años..yo soy del d.f, pero vivo en cancun, asi que mi familia no está aquí..sin embargo desde que llegamos a cancun (hace 14 años) mi mamá encontró muy buenas amigas,después se hicieron comadres y azii ya sabes como es…y desde entonces cada año nos reunimos, no importa qué y hacemos nuestra posada de navidad,piñata,fruta,cantamos la procesión,pedimos posada,intercambiamos realos y azii es una fecha y fiesta muy especial, ya que todos ellos se han convertido en parte de mi familia y no se me ocurre una mejor oportunidad para lucir y compartir un vestido tan hermoso que con mi ahora inmensa familia :')Livia Ferná[email protected] @liviaafzgraaax andy :)

  72. Bruna Mello Salesi would wear this amazing dress..that is soo elegant but also very happy…to a carnival party(a tradition in brazil)…but not any carnival party..a chic carnival…and i would also buy a great mask to go with it..i would be the star of the party!!FOR SUREBruna Mello [email protected]

  73. Bruna Mello Salesokay…so this is an amazing dress…i would use it to a carnival(the most important party in brazil)but not to go on the streets to a chic carnival party…were i would also buy a great mask to go with it too…and a lovely shoes…that would be amazingBruna Mello [email protected]

  74. With a dress like that I would be wearing it on more than one occasion. I would definitely wear it to my staff Christmas party and then I would have to wear it again for Valentines Day and maybe my birthday at the end of February too! :)[email protected]

  75. This dress is absolutely stunning! I would wear it in June when my husband and I attend his dental fraternity black tie function in Vienna and then to our anniversary dinner when we stop in Paris. I have the perfect Christian Louboutin shoes to wear with this!!Cheers! [email protected]

  76. Thanks so much for having this giveaway!I would love to wear this dress to my mom's birthday party on Dec 17, she doesn't know we're throwing her one haha, it is also a christmas party too so the red would just be perfect! :) name:Janetemail: [email protected]

  77. Now that's one gorgeous dress! I don't usually wear dresses too often, but this one.. wow :) I would definitely wear it for this year's Christmas party. The festive light red would surely make me stand out! :)Maaja [email protected]

  78. The man that I love and I live 1500 miles away from each other. We only see each other as often as we can (twice a year). I would love to wear this for a date out when I visit him so he can think of me in it even after my return home.

  79. OMG! love,love,love,love it!!!!And my size? Seriously???!!!!!Actually the perfect occasion would be my anniversary (I'm pretty sure that my guy wouldn't wait till the end of the night after seeing me on that dress <3 )I would also consider it as the perfect NYE dress,with some leather leggings and chunky booties (like Littas) for [email protected]

  80. I'd wear this amazing Versace dress for a party with myself.have u present this:"i feel beautiful and fine and tonight none can be better than me! so i'm out there,even in a normal evening around the city, but me and my dress are enjoying ourself!! and you won't stop us!!"'8) you can enjoy at a party when you fell you wanna have a party.feeling fine with ourself is the better dress to wear…but this dress could help so much! <3a sip of fashion [email protected]://

  81. I would wear this with a leather jacket to an upcoming concert that I'm planning on going to, and to my workplace's Christmas party.Joyjoienesque[at]

  82. When we got engaged, we decided to eloped and get married in London. Our family never forgave us. We are planning a 10 year 'renew our vows' party/ reception-that-we-never-had for all our family and friends and this dress would be the perfect statement for the [email protected]