Flats, flats, flats, its all about flats for me lately and speaking of comfortable flats, I dont think it gets any better than this…I LOVE wearing high heels, but I also like giving my feet a break and I cant think of better shoes to do that with than slippers, in every fabric and pattern and best of all, they are quite affordable and make a perfect pair of emergency shoes.

Leopard print 1:ASOS  /   Dalmatian print:ALDO  /   Leopard print 2:ALDO

114 thoughts on “FAVORITES “SLIPPERS”

  1. me estoy empezando a enamorar de esos zapatos por tus publicaciones!! me encanta ese tipo de zapato mocasin no se donde los puedo conseguir aqui :(saluditos!! :)

  2. The leopard ones are great! I love ASOS :)Have a look at my blog where you can find pictures of VOGUE's pre-shopping night for H&M in Munich :)www.artichautchaud.blogspot.com

  3. OMG!! I have been totally lusting over them for a week now!! I don't think we have it here in our country (Philippines) though :( I've been seeing a lot of those lately and I absolutely think it's gorgeous! Love your taste forever! <3Veronica Pantaleonwww.twitter.com/vdpantaleon

  4. i like only the simple leopard ones, but i like them so much! it's always good to have a pair of comfy but cool shoes!Mila,THE FASHION CAVERNthefashioncavern.blogspot.com

  5. Amazing collection!!! Will have to check out those leopard ones 'cos they're my favorites xoxohttp://styleitup-eva.blogspot.com/

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