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I said it before and I will say it again; WHAT A NIGHT!

It all started on Tuesday night by the Hudson River on Pier 57. The location was a run down Marine and Aviation building and as I walked inside through a long corridor, I stumble upon a huge room full of mirrors with golden frames and packed with people. I found a few of my friends and as I was talking to them I realized that Jessica Alba was standing right next to us and wow is she stunning or what?!
Then we were moved to another huge room with a golden catwalk in the form of a labyrinth so I proceeded to find my seat and boy was I happy about my spot.

I am not going to bore you with a description of the show, thats why I took so many pictures and shot a video for you, so you could create your own opinion about it, what I will say tho, is that this has to be one of the most amazing events I have been to since I started blogging, hands down.
Versace and H&M definitely achieved throwing one of the most amazing shows + After parties, I mean, they had Prince performing, PRINCE!!! (as in Purple rain Prince ;). Blake Lively, Jennifer Hudson, Linda Evangelista, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Mark Ronson, Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Terry Richardson, Niki Minaj you name it, they were all there.

I managed to score a few pieces from the collection and even tho its not really what you would see me wearing on a regular basis, I intend of having fun with it and twisting it to fit my wardrobe. But which were my favorites? Hands down the bomber jacket, in fact, I fell in love with the mens version (some of you already saw it on my twitter here), but surprisingly, I found myself obsessed with everything with the palm tree print on it, even the mens garments, who would have thought?

When the party was over, I was sitting on the shuttle bus back to my hotel thinking of how happy and how grateful I am to be able to have experiences like this and again, HUGE thanks to H&M and Versace for making me a part of this!!!

P.S- the last photo is certainly not the best quality “Look of the day” pic I have ever posted, but I wanted to show you what I decided to wear for the show.

P.S2- The video is coming later today followed by the pics of the after party ;) 


  1. I'm not so thrilled about the collection. Really few clothes, are close to my taste. But I loved your outfit. Even in this pic, we could see it really well.

  2. I love your outfit! So pretty on you.. I am pretty sure it was a fun night! Can't wait for the collection to hit the store!xx Devi

  3. ahh soo luckyy! gorgeous pictures! HUGE GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG: pari of LITA by JEFFREY CAMPBELL thanks to thisisaMAZE! international giveawayy take partt!

  4. OMG Andy!! First of all: YOu look stunninbg sweeta and second: DAMN I wish I would meet Blake and Chace some day thats INSANE I bet it was a super cool night – AMERICA is always so much more glamour at events than in europe :)xoxo,Luísa

  5. Te envidio!!!Y sabes porque?Porque yo no pude lograr recivir una invitacion para el evento de Rumania…:((De todaas maneras , gracias por mostrarnolos!>:D<

  6. VERY VERSACE!!!Love the colours!And love dresses so much!!Qué suerte poder asistir en primicia a un evento como este!!!Veo que la habitación del Hotel estaba hecha un desastre jajajaja!!Normal, qué nervios!!Deseando ver más cositas Andy!HERMANAS BOLENA mi hermana María publicará un DIY sencillito en nuestro blog a lo largo del día, A VER SI TE GUSTA)

  7. Andy tu guapa como siempre y yo desesperada porque llegue el 17 y ver todos los diseños en persona… me encanto el vestido dorado! es muy atrevido <3 xo

  8. I absolutely cannot wait for the video because it's always so fun to see your experience through a motion perspective! Ahh I'm sure it was a memorable event for you! Such strong and bold looks! Very exciting!Cup of Fashion

  9. Looks fabulous! I like the hair of the models!Personally I wouldn't wear most of the items as well, but I love how H&M always collaborates with designers!Though I wouldn't mind the leather jacket from the collection ;)

  10. LOOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!!I looove the leather studded jackets, the fringey fun dresses, the silver dresses, the studded dresses, the gold dress, the shoesand accessories! ♥I saw what Jessica Alba was wearing yesterday on, and looved what she was wearing! She always looks good! Love her! ♥Oh yes! I looved the men's versace jacket you have! ♥Looove your outfit Andy! You look soo great!!! I loove your lacey top, the skirt and your necklace! ♥Pretty hott. lol.-Eliza :D

  11. Andy!What a night…I'm invited too at the oficial party "Versace for H&M" here in Greece..So in someway i feel the same as you..Please follow my blog!msfashionabledays.blogspot.commsfashionabledays.blogspot.comkisses

  12. this is sooooo beautiful!!!i love all the dress (well, except the one with the fringes and the extremely patterned bluish one :DDD)and that black men's leather jacket is gorgeous too!! :)and your outfit – it's amazing!!!! can't wait for the video!! ^^

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