In cold Autumn days like these, is when I miss the warm summer days the most….I realized I never shared with you this small clip from one of my trips to Italy this summer, or more like last summer.

I am sitting in front of my MacBook with a To-Do list longer than the constitution, with an extreme urge for a giant cup of coffee and some help and as much as I procrastinated for this moment, maybe it is time to start seeking for an assistant, we’ll see.

81 thoughts on “VIDEO “SUMMER IN ITALY”

  1. You look amazing as ever!!Please feature your photographer/boyfriend in a look since he is a huge part of stylescrapbook as well! just curious :)

  2. Muy linda la muchacha n.n! me encanta como te ves tan natural frente a la cámara Andy! espero con ansias tus fotos de tu siguiente viaje a Asia!! :D wiiii <3BESOS DESDE MEXICO

  3. Me too!!!!! I wish I could be in a paradise with my best friends! But it is beautiful to remember and feel in another way! Kisses

  4. I have moved to Amsterdam to find here a job and work as your assistant would be a perfect solution :D haha, pick me, I can make pretty photos & videos too :Danyway, you look absolutely gorgeous (and relaxed) in this video!

  5. I think with an assistant, you'd be able to breathe easier and enjoy more days like the one in the video. Good luck finding the right person. You'll know when it's time.

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  7. oh, i would love to be your assistand…pity, that i have few more years to complete university….hope you find the best one….you're blog amazing :))

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