Its always exciting when you get to see a new country for the first time, but even more so when its a completely different culture to what you are used to.
I didn’t have much time to see the city as we were invited here for a specific event, but after the organizers took us for lunch, Pelayo and I were driven around some of the landmarks in Baku so we could have a better look of the city…So what do you think? Does Baku look the way you’ve imagined it?

Right now I am sitting at Istanbul’s airport for 4 hours before boarding my flight back home (Thank God for Starbucks, WiFi and loads of Duty Free shops full of unnecessary items to browse for time killing purposes).

Pics of Emporium’s party coming soon! (Maybe tomorrow, depending on how long it takes me to edit 1279893093090 pictures ;P)

131 thoughts on “TRIPS “BAKU AZERBAIJAN”

  1. these are some great shots!hopefully you will make a video about this tripI love all of your videos, they inspired me to make my own :)as always your still my fav blogger <3

  2. that pictures are amazing! Please, take a look also to my blog!, and tell me what you think! ;-)kissesMiriamstella ( from Italy)

  3. Hi I loved your blog, you are beautiful and super stylish, I also have a blog then you pass it to the look, as I am going to be a chubby this issue .. palta always kiss and success!

  4. hola Andy, Baku se ve un lugar interesante, pero para mi gusto un tanto triste, no se quizá es solo mi impresión porque está nublado…besos de México!!

  5. wow, Baku does look much more beautiful and completely different from what I imagined it to look! Now I really want to visit it:)xxSasha

  6. Andy, I'm a fashion blogger from İstanbul and that's really sweet to hear you were in İstanbul! :) I hope you'll come to visit İstanbul soon.. :) (PS. There are lots of Starbucks here!!! :p ) Come here baby, waiting for you!!!! :) Btw, Baku is more great what I thought! It's so nice to show us the wonderful wievs.. :)

  7. Andy, if you come to Brazil someday, please let us know. I want to make a interview with you for my fashion blog, hope you accept it :)Take care dear!Greyce

  8. Baku looks lovely. Not what i expected it to look like, but I don't know what I did expect really! I love the old buildings against the shiny modern ones.Hope your journey home goes well. xxx

  9. Returning home already? It's very interesting the city, the mix of the old architecture with the new and modern. xoxo Karen

  10. WOW it looks absolutely gorgeous there!!!! Definitely now on my list of places to visit!! Have fun :DOliviaxx

  11. Baku actually looks way more beautiful than I've ever imagine..You are so lucky to have the chance to travel so much!Love your look..xx

  12. Sin duda un país totalmente diferente y fuera de los destinos turísticos!Por cierto, me encantan los oxford de Zara que llevas! Me los probé el otro día pero me parecieron muy estrechitos y me molestaban… te pasa lo mismo? Te cogiste tu número habitual o uno más?Besos guapa!

  13. Wow, I never thought it would be so beautiful place. And it seems that you have great fun with Pelayo and more people. We are waiting for the pics. Kisses

  14. I have been Baku for several times.The city is this, what you see:))nice photos,While ı was living in Baku,ı enjoyed much.wish you will spend much time in İstanbul,next time

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