Waiting for 4 hours at Istanbul’s airport yesterday wasn’t a waste of time at all, in fact, the 4 hours I was there went so quickly, maybe it has something to do with the free Wifi and the time I spent walking around all the duty free shops.
I always promise myself not to spend money buying “unnecessary” things, but when I see something I really like, I let myself go for it, specially when the price is decent and how can I not buy this bracelet? (Rumor has it, it brings you good luck and who doesn’t like that?) ;)

114 thoughts on “NEW IN “TRKISH BRACELET”

  1. hi :) ı'm from Turkey. The bracelet name is "devil eye" or "Nazar Boncuğu" and protects you against consideration. İs very popular here. it's look lovely :)I hope you come back to Turkeyxxx

  2. it does bring good luck & it wards off the "evil eye/ spirit." i love how delicate it is! great find!

  3. Wow too bad İ didnt see you in İstanbul!! İ am right here on holiday at the moment!!!! The bracelet doesn;t bring luck when not gıfted!!!! Still a nice bracelet!! Kiss

  4. I love how you can experience different cultures not only through the people and their customs, but also through the beautiful things they make. My favorite part of traveling is finding something that will remind me of my experiences and bring back good memories of the place. Interesting bracelet.Shop Vintage ♥

  5. Hola! Este bracelete es para protegerte del mal de ojo! Y la revista Instyle (US) acaba de publicar que estan super in. Padrisimo!Saludos,

  6. Hi, I'm from Istanbul and it makes me very happy to see you wearing one of our traditional symbols ;) Thrust me from now on you are safe because your bracelet will protect you from all bad things as we believe so ;)

  7. It's a Greek tradition to put a blue-eye on you to protect you against evil eye..We call it "mati"..xx

  8. heeey soy de turqia! tienes que ver aqui,especialmente a Estambul :) puedes encontrar algo mucho mas bonito pero eso es muy bonito,tambien :)besos de Estambul

  9. hi,I'm from Turkey. We called this sembol "Nazar" :) I want to explain you this bracelet meaning. Turkish people believe that this bracelet always protect you from bad things, ideas and people ;) And when we buy a new house, car or etc. we hang up a Nazar bead on it :))It is a charme ;)

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