I am pretty much obsessed with these 2 nail polishes at the moment, in fact, I am a little more obsessed with the silver one, or as CHANEL calls it; “Graphite”… I bought them in NY during Fashion Week and I am seriously considering stocking up on the graphite color, which might actually be my favorite nail polish shade I have EVER worn!

Right now I am in Madrid for the premier of the “What should I wear” by MANGO series and I cant explain how nervous I am about seeing me act on a big screen for the first time, oh lord, I hope I did it well :S

133 thoughts on “NEW IN “PERIDOT AND GRAPHITE”

  1. Hola guapa, pues ha merecido la pena ir al preestreno i conocerte en persona, eres adorable, has estado fantastica, auqneu em hubiera gustado que la voz al castellano la hubieras doblado tu..(es lo único)pero vales de actriz también!!.En cuanto pueda crearé un post mostarndo alguna de las magenes que tomamos hoy.Un besazo guapa!

  2. Los dos te quedan geniales!!!^^yo probé el Peridot y la verdad es q me encanta ;)disfruta d tu estancia en la capital pq es verdaderamente asombrosa :DUn BeSSSoOo*

  3. Hola Andy!acabo de estar contigo en el evento de Mango y quería decirte que ha sido un placer conocerte! Eres una mujer espectacular y encantadora :) Un besazo!!

  4. I'm so so so happy to finally met you tonight in Madrid, I had to leave early because tomorrow I have to go to Uni, but I was so happy to speak with you a little, you're so sweet, I'm so happy!!love love

  5. Hola guapaencantada de haberte conocido hoy en el evento de mango, has sido súper simpática y se agradece mucho.besos

  6. Yo prefiero Peridot totalmente.. soy la envidia de mis amigas y a los niños les encanta haha raro no? hahaha Si deberias comprar mas de Graphite si te gusta por que ese es edicion especial :) Suerte en madrid te ira ver

  7. From the moment I saw the Chanel nail polishes I knew that I would like Graphite the most. Till now I disliked Peridot that everyone seems to be wearing these days. But seeing your pictures now, made me like it a little bit. They both look great on you.

  8. I have to admit that I really don't get why the Peridot is so big this season. Everybody's going crazy but I just don't like it. No that it looks terrible it's just nothing special …But the silver one on the contrary is perfect. Silver nails are great. They add just the right amount of funk to every outfit :)

  9. ik vind die goud achtige mooier, maar misschien komt dat door dat je hem beter kan zien op die foto :)en het komt vast wel goed joh!

  10. I love these nails too! Specially the second…and the first :PAnyway, Andy don't worry about that. You will do it really rally well. You know why? Because U are a wonderful women :D

  11. oh, i LOVE metallic nails! (I honestly think it's the best beauty trend ever!)im totally in love with my silver ones!<3Fashion

  12. i love the gold one!! it almost looks like god and silverr!! great color! but i agree the silver one probly looks a lot better and is more flattering for skin colors and stand out more :)xo

  13. I've goy both too and they're pretty awesome!Love tuhe color of the Peridot… sometimes gold, sometimes green.. it reminds me to olive oil :)

  14. I have been using the money all summer and the truth is that I love. Maybe now try gold. I guess the nerves you will be happening for a challenge like this, pretty lucky.

  15. Graphite looks amazing, not so kene on the Peridor one tough, it looks a bit too green I think. I'm sure you did great. ♥

  16. My favourite is the golden one, Peridot. I think it shows more colours than one. In my opinion there is also a green and blue shimmer.

  17. love both colours! I'm currently obsessed with this mushroom colour by Barry M – it's so nice.xhttp://scarlet–

  18. Barry M in UK is releasing gold and silver nail polishes which will resemble the nail-stickers after application. I already can't wait to try them! :) Your gold one here is exactly what I've been looking for!

  19. Hi Andy,Great job on the blog, NY Fashion Week was amazing – it was my first time at Lincoln Center! What did you think of the Betsey Johnson show?xx,Tina

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