October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

It almost seems like making nail art posts is becoming addictive to me, in fact, my nail polish collection is way over the limit right now (maybe I will show it to you guys soon).

Last week I showed you 2 of my favorite colors at the moment -the gold and the silver- but on a random trip to the pharmacy, I stumbled upon this metallic red nail stickers and i went; WOAHHHHH, I need!, so I proceeded to the cashier -very excited- and bought 2 packages (9 euro each)

I arrived home and before anything else happened, I ran to the bathroom, grabbed my nail polish remover, took off my lovely silver polish, sat comfortably on my living room and started to apply my new metallic red stickers. (as if I was a little child who couldn’t wait to play with her new dolls)

I have used nail stickers before and they worked quite well, HOWEVER, this red ones were A NIGHTMARE to apply, they literally took forever, as I had to apply heat with a small hair dryer, then press, the apply heat again, then press again and then apply heat again and then press, over and over again….To make the long story short, I spent Saturday night trying to apply this damn stickers while having the X-Factor playing in the background.

After a LONG WHILE and an unbelievable amount of heat applied to my poor fingers, I managed to make this things stick to my nails, or so I thought because just after I took these pictures, the damn stickers started to come off.

What did I learn from this? As pretty as metallic red stickers look on my nails, its not worth it to waste my whole Saturday night applying them, next time I am ordering pizza and watching a chick flick.

I am off to shoot my first 2 episodes for Monki television, laterz!