It almost seems like making nail art posts is becoming addictive to me, in fact, my nail polish collection is way over the limit right now (maybe I will show it to you guys soon).

Last week I showed you 2 of my favorite colors at the moment -the gold and the silver- but on a random trip to the pharmacy, I stumbled upon this metallic red nail stickers and i went; WOAHHHHH, I need!, so I proceeded to the cashier -very excited- and bought 2 packages (9 euro each)

I arrived home and before anything else happened, I ran to the bathroom, grabbed my nail polish remover, took off my lovely silver polish, sat comfortably on my living room and started to apply my new metallic red stickers. (as if I was a little child who couldn’t wait to play with her new dolls)

I have used nail stickers before and they worked quite well, HOWEVER, this red ones were A NIGHTMARE to apply, they literally took forever, as I had to apply heat with a small hair dryer, then press, the apply heat again, then press again and then apply heat again and then press, over and over again….To make the long story short, I spent Saturday night trying to apply this damn stickers while having the X-Factor playing in the background.

After a LONG WHILE and an unbelievable amount of heat applied to my poor fingers, I managed to make this things stick to my nails, or so I thought because just after I took these pictures, the damn stickers started to come off.

What did I learn from this? As pretty as metallic red stickers look on my nails, its not worth it to waste my whole Saturday night applying them, next time I am ordering pizza and watching a chick flick.

I am off to shoot my first 2 episodes for Monki television, laterz! 


  1. i totally agree! I tried putting ones on too n it look me forever! by the time I was al sweaty putting them on i went for a shower n it ALL came off hahaah!!!! have a great weekend !

  2. Wow, looks great, love the metallic red color sticker. :DThe first pic, the nail stickers, don't look like stickers. :)Awww, that the stickers came off :/, I would be soo mad, because spending the time to apply them on. >.< lol-Eliza :)

  3. They look so pretty and shiny, for a moment I though it was real nail polish but as pretty as they look they're totally not worth it spending your whole Saturday trying to put them on.XoNicoleThe Owl Girl

  4. haha oh dear, sounds like a nightmare! At least you got great pics first! haha ;) This is why i'm dreading leaving China.. here it's so cheap to have your nails done… doing it myself is going to be mission impossible after being so spoiled! Haha ;) B xx

  5. they do look great but every time i see those foil nail things i just think they're gonna be a faff to try and put on. this post confirms it for me! think i'll stick to metallic nailpolish ….raspberrykitsch.blogspot.comxx

  6. what a perfect color:) poor you, but your nails look amazing:) maybe, it was worth it:)xxSasha

  7. Andy! Me encanta ese color de uñas, es precioso!Me encantó verte en persona en la Premiére de Mango en Madrid, al final no me acerqué a ti, pero decirte que estabas guapísima!

  8. That's why I love the Sephora stickers, because they don't need heat and are the same price. If you haven't tried them you should. I did it some days ago for the very first time and they're more than easy to put on! You only have to apply a coat later to get a result that lasts more.I love the metallic red, btw!xxx

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  9. That's a great color on you, too bad it didn't stay on :(I've never tried the stickers, because my nails peels so quickly with regular polish I can imagine the same outcome as you got. Last night I was sitting there thinking, I neeeeeed to go get new nail polished right now. I didn't, but now I have freshly painted nails. Simple things that make us girls happy!xoxo

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  11. Andy, why you are so beautiful? I know it's so off the subject of your post but damn!Sorry if I didn't read your post it's because I'm really busy but I read everyday what you've written:D lol I'm telling you my life :PPS: I love the color of your nail it so happy and also your first photo <3 <3 <3

  12. Aww that's a pitty. Cause they look amazing. Love the shape of your nails and the red metallic stickers. Although I wouldn't buy them if they are so tricky to apply.

  13. Beautiful colour, metallic red is awesome (currently lusting over a metallic red clutch atm). And a good lesson to all :)

  14. i can image that this is a strong work to make these metallic red nail stickers on your nails…but: it looks fantastic…sad, that's not for a long time!wish you a wonderful day.lovely greets from germanymaren

  15. OH :( too bad, because de color looks really great. I use stickers sometimes and it was always easy to apply and lasted for a while. Maybe it's the brand :/ Better luck next time :) *

  16. Despite the difficulties you've had to put them on, theses stickers have a fab colour, it reminds me of the Dorothy shoes !Maybe try another brand for nails stickers, they normally apply better and don't come off before a week at least !xo from

  17. wow it seems a story!nice nice nice post!xoxo

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