October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

Once again I am getting ready to go to the airport and I have to admit, that this is somehow becoming a routine in my life. 
In fact, I am so used to it that I have been recognized by the duty free shop assistants on numerous occasions, not because of my blog, but because I normally tend to hang out there to kill time before my flight and spend money buying unnecessary things, which somehow seem necessary when you are at the airport.

This time I am off to Azerbaijan for the opening of a new multi-brand shop called Emporium, in fact, I wont be the only blogger there and as far as I know, Yvan will also be there.
I have to admit that I have no knowledge whatsoever about this particular part of the world, so I am incredibly excited to have the chance to see it and experience it. 
As usual, I am traveling alone, so documenting the whole thing might be tricky but I will try my best!

See you in Baku!

Leather pants: ZARA / Shirt: ACNE / Jacket: ZARA / Necklace: Monki / Shoes: ZARA