I wanted to say that Autumn is my favorite season, but then I remembered that ever since I left Mexico I really cherish the warm summer days, so I guess Summer and Autumn are right there on top of the list, but then again, winter looks so pretty with the snow right?
Choosing my favorite season is kinda hard, I guess all seasons have their charm and the best thing about Autumn for me has to be the colors of nature, specially when the trees start turning yellow, red or orange.

I left home very excited about shooting at the forest because of the color of the trees, but as soon as I stepped outside, it started drizzling and my hair became a frizz nightmare, oh well, the show must go on…Have an amazing week ahead and remember that before we know it, it’ll be Weekend again and Oh-I-cant-wait-to-tell-you where I am heading next Monday! :D

Sweater: ZARA / Boots: ACNE / Bag: Dolce & Gabbana / Hat: Vintage / Bracelet: Hermes


  1. Alguieeen me podria decirr de quieen es la cancion del videooo!! no la encuentro en ningun lado (._.) Can anyone tell me the name of the singer/group of the songgggg in the videoo!!!!

  2. Adoro este look, y me acabo de enamorar de esos pantalones.. Por que son pantalones, ¿verdad? :)¿Donde los encontraste? un besooo ^^

  3. I love the summer because you can wear shorts and dress for exemple without tights. What it's right for me because I guess that it's very annoying…However the color of the autumn are beautiful :)And sure tour are very pretty

  4. Andy you're gorgeous!! Love your smile!Can you help me? I'd like to know how to put the fashiolista widget at the end of the post! thanks for your help!xoxoGretawww.inmodaverita.com

  5. You can't even tell you hair is frizzy! I love the mix of the sweater with your leopard print.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  6. Me encanta demasiado este outfit! Super comodo y perfecto para el friito sin perder el estilo.!Raqueourfavoritestyle.blogspot.com

  7. I love this outfit. The mix of leopard print and burgundy is something I've been thinking of doing too.I have the same problem with my hair in Autumn and Winter.. I think is the thing I hate the most besides the cold weather.xxx

  8. Autumn is my favorite season too! When this season is here, the romantic is here. It's really beautiful, the color and everything :)The 4th photo is so lovely, we can see you and the nature, the color of this season. I really love it <3Oh yeah I was wondering why your hair is like that; now I know :P I can't wait too to know where do you will go next Monday :DWhat camera do you used for these photos? Isn't a "Canon eos 7D"?P.S: please, may you write your text a little bigger?…

  9. you look awesome :) I like the sweater very much, such a nice colour, and it looks very warm too ;) looking forward to seeing where are you heading next week! :)http://fashionfairyblog.blogspot.com

  10. Beautiful outfit! I was wondering, do they still sell those camera bags you designed? If yes, do you know where?xoxowww.thefashionsatellite.net

  11. oh, love the contrast between bordeaux and leopard pattern. It is pop of color, simply and stylish. Love it :)check out my fashion blog, new post up soon :)http://tilleve.blogspot.com

  12. The sweater is amazing! I wish it was cold enough to wear it on this side of the world;)http://fashion-gourmet.blogspot.com/

  13. your outfit is just sooo beautiful – can't get over all of the details!! the hat, your sweater and its colour and then these shorts together with everything – it looks amazing!!!! and the hermes looks gorgeous in action ^^i've got the same problem with my hair as soon as it's too moist outside :DDD well, then you just have to go with the kind-of-curly natural look ;)

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