Yes, yes, I am wearing neon yellow sneakers, in fact, I’ve spent an awful long time searching for “The perfect pair” of neon yellow sneakers and yay, I found it!

I normally wear high heels, I am used to walking in heels and lets face it, I have learn to bare with the pain that comes with wearing heels, but I decided to give my feet a break and I am on a quest to find awesome flat shoes which I can wear as often as I want and trust me, this wont be the last time you see this fluorescent babies on this blog ;)

P.S- The atmosphere in Amsterdam was beautiful yesterday, the weather was amazingly warm for this time of the year and the brown and yellow leaves were covering the floor, so we had the charm of the Autumn but the weather of the Summer and I figured that a video might capture that magic and of course, you can see my look of the day in motion, hope you like it! ;)

Shoes: NIKE (Men) / Skirt: Alexander Wang / Shirt: H&M Trend / Blazer: ZARA / Bag: Dolce & Gabbana / Bracelet: Fashionology.nl

185 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “NEON COMFORT”

  1. This outfit is amazing! I never though that neon sneakers would go very well with a black pencil skirt. I love how this outfit is sporty but casual at that same time. Great! outfit Andy.XoNicole

  2. Hola AndY!! Hace rato que no comento… antes igualmente tenía de nick Sofi… así que hay cambio de nombre… sos una afortunada de la vida… de vivir en un lugar tan hermoso y poder vivir de la moda… respirar moda, escribir sobre ella, vestirla!! TE FELICITO!!!! Besoss.

  3. I post a comment because i think u have to see that: search "marie agnat" on facebook, she lives in Tours and she uses ur photos!Sorry for my english !

  4. Hi Andy! first of all I should say that ur such a big inspiration for me, ur amazing, I mean it! I'm following ur blog now for 2 years and always thought why don't u tell us your story, I mean your moving to Amsterdam and all stuff around that… I can tell ur not share a lot your private life… but this point in your life is so relevant, you can be a leader from my point of view. It sure will help and encourage so many readers to follow their passion, to fulfill their dreams… to win over their fears. we're all afraid from new beginnings… I think that so many young readers of yours will join my request…

  5. yes!! i love when i see fashionistas sporting the nikes, and such an awesome pair at that. always necessary to let your feet breathe after days & days of wearing heels!

  6. I think taking a break from the heels we wear is a must before we're 60 with bad knees from our fashionable younger days! lolThese sneakers are definitely a bright way to turn heads as well!Love the whole outfit as well as the neons!!<3 Vegahttp://vintagecomplex.blogspot.com

  7. Hola!! El Neon se viene con todo! Hoy justo vi una chica con unas zapatillas parecidas a las tuyas y me puse a pensar mucho en esta nueva moda!Te ves muy bien, usando todos los estilos, te ves increíbles!Un beso, que tengas un lindo comienzo de semana!

  8. I need that bag…I posted about it this summer, it's gorgeous,If I get lucky this week with a little work project of mine, I may treat myself!

  9. Gosh love your neon yellow sneakers, they are so so cool, I'm in loveYou have great photos everytime, love it tooKiss kiss.*Johttp://joandcompanystyle.blogspot.com/

  10. Your photos of Amsterdam are beautiful :)Love the Nikes; desperatley want a pair of Nike hightops myself :)xohttp://georgiamcghee.blogspot.com/

  11. lovely shoes ! Do you want to follow each other ? :)) My blog is new, i need some support! :) Following back 100%.www.muzaiki.blogspot.com

  12. could anyone tell me please what the name of the song was? i really liked that. please help me!!!anyway Andy I still like your style but these seakers are just not my cup of tea.xoxo

  13. I'm a bit dissapointed :) I love your look, sunnies are amazing, your hair looks great, the top, blazer, skirt, good! But not the sneakers…it's something that is only for sports… well, i think so :) But I still love you Andy :) No matter what shoes you are in :) You are so sweet, so loveable person, you have so great sense of style :) keep going :)KissesSandra

  14. Wow, love your outfit and the neon!!Nice neon sneaks, I love your top, skirt blazer and LOOOVE YOUR BAG, SOO NICE!!Love your rings too. :)Wooow, Amsterdam, is soo beautiful in the Autumn look ♥LOOOVE THE VIDEO! :D You should do more, it's fun :D-Eliza :D

  15. Hey Andy, beautiful outfit! i love the bag and blazer..and your hair is so nice!<3 Anjahttp://anjasfashionblog.blogspot.com/

  16. Am happy that you write back the brands items that you are wearing the fashiolista list is cool but it's not every time the same same :) How ever I love the sneakers nice choice ! x Dorotheehttp://www.desperatelyseekingpegase.com

  17. keyhéI'm really a fan of this look, it changes a lot and it's cool to see you in Bascket, green is beautiful and I love the skirt. This look is both class but really cool!XO See youhttp://hiispyrebel.blogspot.com/

  18. damn i definitely like this :) the sporty shoe trend is something you easily pull off and neon just makes it so much better:D Have a good day Andy xD<3xoxoHolly

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