155 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “MAGIC LIGHT”

  1. HI ANDY

    i love your blog
    i`m studying to become a fashion designer and i want to create a tumblr or a facebook only dedicated to my love and passion por fashion what can you recommend me?


  2. Hi Andy! I've been reading for a few months and I absolutely love your style (your blog is among my fav tabs on my tab bar ^^)I live in Singapore where it's summer all year round and I hardly travel in winter so I'm completely clueless about what to pack for my trip to Italy in December. :O Could you perhaps show us some essential/'fool-proof' pieces that you'd actually wear this winter?? Lots of love from SG!

  3. I really like your style, there's always one special item that jumps into the eyes! really fantastic combination for the cold weather these days! and all your bags and shoes are amazing! i'd really like to have your closet!

  4. sooooo jealous!!! i wish i had this awesome life u do have… anyhow, i wish u all an awesome week – starting soon- and all the best as usual!and come and visit us and let us know what u think, we are new and so we are still full of possibilites!besitos

  5. I love it how the orange skirt pops out. How did you do your hair? It's amazing, so chic! Did you use that donut thingy and wrap your hair all the way around it? XOXO

  6. Wow, you look amazing. I have to start like these shoes, but I can't! :x Anyway I love you, your style ans of course your blog :)xoxo.

  7. Un Look divino. Me encanta como combinas la falda mini mostaza con el resto del outfit..las botas increibles!!Su.www.sulikesclothes.blogspot.com

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