These pictures were taken during the heat wave 2 weeks ago, I would not attempt to go bare legged with the temperature as it is right now, probably around 11 degrees (which for a Mexican girl like me, feels like 5 degrees).

That was probably the last bit of Summer we had, but I am kinda looking forward to the Autumn as Christmas is only 2 months away and that HAS to be my favorite time of the year! (I wonder if playing Christmas Carols at the beginning of November would be premature? :P)


Estas fotos las tomamos hace 2 semanas cuando el clima en Holanda enloqueció y nos llego una ola de calor que parecia que estábamos a medio verano, ¡Que felicidad!, desgraciadamente el Otoño ya llegó con todo y ultimamente estamos al rededor de 11 grados (Que para una Mexicana como yo, se traduce como 5 grados :S)

Debo de reconocer que estoy algo emocionada por el Otoño y mas por que Navidad es en 2 meses(¡mi epoca favorita del año!) y me pregunto si sera muy prematuro empezar a escuchar canciones Navideñas en Noviembre, pero confieso que siempre lo hago y desde que estaba chiquita le rogaba a mi mama que pusiéramos el arbolito de Navidad a mediados de Noviembre (seguro que en cuanto mi mama lea esto, le va a entrar la melancolía). -¡Te amo mami!- 

Dress: ZARA (old) / Denim shirt: ACNE / Boots: ACNE / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Sunnies: Vintage

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  1. you are the best!!! sorry, but I hate chiara, it is trivial! in your eyes we read the passion, your attitudes make your look much more alive and real than cold and chiara trivial! do not know if you publish this comment if you do not, you'll understand, but know that I will support! you're the best! :)

  2. i absolutely loving the colors..the reads, pinks, oranges….i also like your necklace and accessories. check out my blogwww.theabsolutemost.com

  3. awsome look andy, i am in love with the colors of the back round and your dress everything is perfectxx Milenahttp://milenasblog.blogspot.com/

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  5. Hey, Andy. My fav part of the year is the día de muertos. It is so anachronic and pretty authentic. Ive been folowing you for something like 2 months and surpisely found friends that have been following you fore more than 2 years…wow!Anyway, thanks for all these. If you ever wanna take a walk on my (and other friend's blog), please click on http://www.lanuevaescuela.tvMuaaa!

  6. Tu vestido es hermoso y seguro tu mami te super extraña y vos también a ella!!Aqui en Paraguay casi todo el tiempo hace caloooooooor, el invierno en poquito y con 20 grados celsius ya sacamos el abrigo; esto es bien simpatico debido a que en algún momento tenemos que usar nuestras ropas de invierno jijijiji!

  7. at the end of august I was at the beach with my sister's Ipod in the ears and she had all the bing crosby' White Christmas album in it! ahahhaha! it's never too early when it's about listening to xmas carols!

  8. loveee your outfit!!te entiendo las mexicanas somos taaan friolentas!, nada como el clima calido de mexicowww.aroundlucia.comwww.aroundlucia.comwww.aroundlucia.com

  9. OMG! Qué fotos tan hermosas!Amo los colores! Y la calidad es impresionante! Parece fotos de revista <3! Y tu outfit super cómodo y chic! Hermosa Andy, me encanta tu estilo! Besos desde Venezuela!

  10. I do the same thing, jaja but not so early, I start singing the carols the day of Thanksgiving, I'm such a Christmas lover! Love your dress and you boots, and also the sailor vive of the outfit!♥ from Garment Travelinghttp://garmentraveling.blogspot.com/Anjuli

  11. LOVE YOUR BAG!xoxoxohttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.comhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.comhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com

  12. I love your dress and your necklace!And you couldn't have picked a better location for the pictures! I love the color of the fallen leaves. They are almost the same color as your dress. One of my favourite locations of your photos!

  13. Se de que hablas vivo en Polonia y los inviernos son crueles :C.Tienes en Holanda mas amable :D, hoy despertamos con 0 grados… ME ENCANTAN TUS BOTAS

  14. When i saw your photos before reading your comment in was kinda freaked!But i'm ok now…You look gorgious AGAIN!Please FOLLOW my blog; myonlyflove.blogspot.com

  15. Christmas is your favorite moment of the year? OH MY GOD! Just like me :PYou are and you will be always wonderful. Love ya! xxxP.S: Like everyday, your look is amazing ;)

  16. Beautiful pictures! I love the denim shirt!OOH, I love Christmas too! Yesterday when I was listening to 'Last Christmas' my mom said to me: What are you doing? It's already October. :)

  17. You look fantastic! I've just recently bought similar denim shirt, and i love it! You gave me an inspiration how i can style it with :) I got a bit concerned, when i saw the first photo and your bare legs, i thought "now, see will get sick again :/", watchout for yourself, darling, don't get cold! We all wish the best health! Kisses!SandraEnter my first jewelry giveaway ever!! :)

  18. this is very lovely outfit Andy :) that dress looks wonderful…I miss those higher temperatures already! :Dhttp://fashionfairyblog.blogspot.com

  19. I don't think it's premature…I do the same! :D to be honest I already bought the first bottle of Glühwein for my home. I can't wait for the holiday spirit and the cold which makes everything so much more cozy :)xoxo

  20. You look beautiful! nice necklace ;)I always start listen to Christmas Carol in November and I don't care if it's to fast. I love Christmas, especially preparation! This atmosphere is amazing <3

  21. No! it would be great! Carols :D !! I cant wait!! And where I live is freezing..Mornings are the worst! :/ and I love the bracelets!

  22. En mi casa el árbol de Navidad se ponía a principios de diciembre y mi madre no lo quitaba hasta el 18 de enero!En Madrid aun hace bastante calor(a primera hora no,pero a medio día…)Un beso!Martina

  23. I love this look soooo much, Andy! Everything is perfect – your jean's shirt, your dress and boots, the background! awwxx Leila Bellahttp://leilabellz.blogspot.com

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