Its my last day in NYC and it might seem a bit odd that I am posting the video that we shot for SmartStudio in Frankfurt but it just came out and I really wanted to share it with you guys! 
I hope you like it and you find it useful whenever you are visiting Frankfurt.

See you back in Amsterdam tomorrow!

P.S- LOTS of looks of the day from NYC are coming  after this :D


  1. It's a very nice idea to show us the best places or shops in the main city of the Europe.I like your natural personality in front of the cameras.Go Andy!

  2. Love! the video, I see that you had a lot of fun doing this video and visiting all those cool places. I absolutely love the first outfit that you try it on. Can't wait to see more pictures from NY. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG, can't believe you drove through my neighborhood in Frankfurt :D I really hope you enjoyed your stay, and I know from experience that the cocktails at "Trinkhalle" are really yummy :)

  4. LOVE IT ! This video is amazing and funny ! But it made me wonder how you can afford all your clothes because being 5 bags of clothes at a time, in a shop that looks expensive, wow – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  5. Looks like an amazing time! Loved all your outfits from the video! Have a safe trip back to Amsterdam! I can't wait to see more photos from your trip to NYC Fashion Week! <3

  6. Hi andy :)you are really symphatic :)I'd like to know if you're able to speak german or not? I always thought that people from netherlands learn german at school…xx from switzerland :)

  7. very nice video Andy, you are so cute in it! :) and Im very very looking forward to seeing more pics from NYC :)

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