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Fashion Week normally means crazy times and this is how “A day in my life” during NY Fashion week went;

-Woke up really early (Please don’t picture me getting up at 5, it was more like 8-ish ;) 

-I tried to decide which outfit to wear (one which I carefully selected a week before in the comfort of my own home back in Amsterdam).

-Ran to the nearest Starbucks for a latte and a cinnamon bun (You can find them in pretty much every corner in NY, so that wasn’t much of a task).

-From there, I proceeded to: Run to a show, then a presentation, then another show, then another presentation, lunch, maybe 2 more shows after that, then a meeting and then its party time!. (which this season didn’t mean that much party at all, in fact, it was more like dinner and then I was ready for my bed, crazy, crazy week).
Now add the fact that I run this blog solo (No, I don’t have an assistant yet, who said me?) and you can understand why I am so behind with show posts, but lets say I am finally getting organized with them and I am very grateful to have such patient and understanding readers (that would be you), so here goes the first a.k.a the CUT25 (by Yigal Azrouel) presentation, WOOT! 

The first thing I noticed when I saw this was the touches of neon and you all know how I love my neon, which might not be news in the fashion world, but it is still so appealing to me.
Overall it was a good collection, I wouldn’t wear everything, but I wouldn’t mind those amazing necklaces, I want/need all of them sil vous plait, maybe for future Flash Series? ;)

Which were your favorite pieces?


  1. That's quite a good description of a fashion week day. I attendet Fashion Week Berlin in July for my blog and it was like you wrote, except I had breakfast in my hotel. And it took me nearly a month to not even publish all the posts about the shows (which was okay since I managed it to publish them within two weeks) but also the whole footage of video I produced. I think, I have to hire an assistent for the next time or, since I can't afford one, produce less material. ^^

  2. I really love the violet dress with the cuts at the side of the waist. And of course the lovely bright colour are like crazy beautiful.Hope you get better soon. Kisses from Argentina.Nadia

  3. Was cool to read about how hectic fashionweeks are, but I'm still jealous haha Really love the necklaces aswell ! But I can totally imagine wearing that tight black/yellow neon/striped dress aswellwww.tripsandtreasures.blogspot.comnew outfit post : day 2 in porto + Missoni home

  4. Hola!Fue increíble que hayas dado una descripción tan exacta de tu día! Me encantó!Cómo llegaste a vivir en Amsterdam?A mi me fascinaron los zapatos!Un beso!Espero tu respuesta!

  5. Definitivamente suena increible tu dia!! i´ll love to be there.. Creo que me encanta la blusa de corte recto sin manga color duraznoo y sin duda alguna los collares, que si bien no me dejaras mentir, el tejido es muy parecido a el trabajo artesanal de indigenas aqui en Mexico.. Un abrazo desde GDL Andy..PS. me super apunto para ser tu asistente obvioo..

  6. Es una colección bastante interesante, bien geométrica y colorida. Acá en Chile estamos entrando en la primavera (achuuuu…maldita alergia) lo que significa colores!!! me siento taan extraña cuando, por culpa de una mañana nublada, me visto de negro, salgo y bam! sol furioso y yo con sentimientos de funeral. Lo haces muy bien con el blog, me encanta leer y creo que lo haces bastante seguido. Eres mi modelo a seguir.Te invito a visitar mi blogBlog Mandarina

  7. I've fell in love with the dress of the second picture!!!And don't worry if you are late with the posts Andy. With such a tight schedule I don't know how you have time to do everything!!xoxoPatricia

  8. I didn´t say me, I screamed it! ;) Hope you´re flu is over now!I love the collection too, beautiful cuts and colors!

  9. totally agree! wouldn't wear everything, but the accessories are pretty amazing! hope you're getting over your cold :)B

  10. Nice post! Love the shoes in the pics!Bianca

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