September 21, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

Pictures by me for ©StyleScrapbook

Fashion Week normally means crazy times and this is how “A day in my life” during NY Fashion week went;

-Woke up really early (Please don’t picture me getting up at 5, it was more like 8-ish 😉 

-I tried to decide which outfit to wear (one which I carefully selected a week before in the comfort of my own home back in Amsterdam).

-Ran to the nearest Starbucks for a latte and a cinnamon bun (You can find them in pretty much every corner in NY, so that wasn’t much of a task).

-From there, I proceeded to: Run to a show, then a presentation, then another show, then another presentation, lunch, maybe 2 more shows after that, then a meeting and then its party time!. (which this season didn’t mean that much party at all, in fact, it was more like dinner and then I was ready for my bed, crazy, crazy week).
Now add the fact that I run this blog solo (No, I don’t have an assistant yet, who said me?) and you can understand why I am so behind with show posts, but lets say I am finally getting organized with them and I am very grateful to have such patient and understanding readers (that would be you), so here goes the first a.k.a the CUT25 (by Yigal Azrouel) presentation, WOOT! 

The first thing I noticed when I saw this was the touches of neon and you all know how I love my neon, which might not be news in the fashion world, but it is still so appealing to me.
Overall it was a good collection, I wouldn’t wear everything, but I wouldn’t mind those amazing necklaces, I want/need all of them sil vous plait, maybe for future Flash Series? 😉

Which were your favorite pieces?