Hey! I am not complaining about this Indian Summer situation we have going on in Amsterdam as we speak, too bad I have been locked up in my apartment due to the worst flu ever.

I am very curious as in why is it that EVERY TIME temperature rises, its exactly when I want to wear my new chunky knits, and there is no human power that can make me change my mind, oh no, trust me, someone tried to talk me out of it unsuccessfully, so while everyone is going around looking all summery, I am walking around throwing a cough every now and then to justify the fact that I was wearing a chunky sweater; I have the flu people, I HAVE to wear this ;)


Me da tanta curiosidad el saber por que justamente cuando empieza a hacer calor, es exactamente cuando se me antoja ponerme mis suéteres nuevos, ah, pero no cualquier suetersito, no, tiene que ser el mas grueso de todos y por supuesto que no hay poder humano que me haga cambiar de opinión.
Veo a la gente pasar en sus atuendos veraniegos, mientras yo voy muy contenta con mi suéter (muriendo de calor) y tosiendo de repente, ya sabes, para tratar de justificar mi atuendo; Gente, tengo gripa, ¡necesito andar con suéter! ;)

Sweater: ZARA • Skirt: Alexander Wang • Shoes: H&M • Belt: MANGO • Bag: H&M

137 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “ZEBRA”

  1. I just love how you played with different tops with this outfit, a great way to play with one look in one day when weather is keep changing.And one more time I want to say that I think your'e the best dresser in the whole world!

  2. "Tosiendo de repente" es lo más gracioso que he leido hoy :)Yo toso en los probadores porque me da risa de felicidad cuando encuentro algo perfecto.Te ves linda.Nos vemos!

  3. I loooove your outfit so much!You're so stylish,you've borned for it!I wish to recover soon and i remember that last year you had flu for about two months!It's impossible to happen again..myonlyflove.blogspot.com myonlyflove.blogspot.commyonlyflove.blogspot.com

  4. Wow, Andy, that belt and necklace look really nice. I tought the belt was just a regular one untill I saw the party in the back, love it. Get well, Andy. I'm also suffering from the flu… ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  5. Nice belt! But the skirt is my favorite piece in this look! You look so damn well that it’s impossible to realize that you’ve the flu. =]

  6. Gorgeous outfit! I'm in love with your new shoes… so pretty! :)I wish I looked like you when I'm down with a cold. In times like these I'm definitely not photographalbe. ;)geht well soon!xoxoAngihttp://www.wonderfulandmarvelous.tumblr.com

  7. oh my dios, es la primera vez que me doy cuenta que en español sweater es suéter :O jaja mi español se avergueza de mi :s besos mujer que esa gripe ya se vaya! chu chu!

  8. I like the look! I love the shape of the skirt and all, but I prefer it without the jumper so we all can see it better. The zebra belt with black is always an "A".Hope you get well soon!!xxx

  9. I love you outfit! You look amazing! I hope you are feeling better now? The weather is really weird in Holland though!xo Laurahttp://styleandsushi.blogspot.com

  10. Jajajjaja creo que a muchas nos ha pasado lo mismo. Vivo en El Salvador y a veces es imposible resistise a comprar sweteres y ponermelos aunque haya algo de calor. A veces ay que sacrificarse un poquito por la moda. Valió la pena tu esfuerzo por que esta lindisimo tu outfit.Espero te recuperes pronto =)Raque fromourfavoritestyle.blogspot.com

  11. I love this especially your hair look so au naturel (: You're having flu?? You must be kidding me, you look fantastic. Anyways, get well soon!htttp://www.stickthinlegs.blogspot.com

  12. Hola Andy! Luces tan hermosa! Es increíble como el outfit se ve tan distinto con y sin el sweater!! Me encantó!Un beso! Que tengas un lindo día!

  13. WOW LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!I love that everything is in dark shades and that you have a neon bag ♥ :Di looove your skirt and love the belt, and your cute awesome necklace! :DI hope you get better Andy. :)-Eliza

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